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I watched this last night. Seemed like it has something helpful to say on the subject of that particular mix of envy and sadness you can sometimes feel when seeing work you consider better than your own...and I've been in that emotional state more than once across the decades.

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I understand the Red Wings are moving out of Joe Louis Arena, which is then scheduled for demolition. The successor name is currently set to be named Little Caesar's Arena, after the US-based pizza chain.

This does not sit at all well with me.

Come on, Detroit. You know what the right name for that rink ought to be.

Gordie Howe Memorial Arena.

Don't mess this up. Please.

Yes, I'm grovelling here.

Update: I'm reading about the petition already underway on this issue. Thank you kindly. 
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Note to Warner Bros.: If you're going to put "" on the license plates of Gothamites' cars, trucks, buses, etc. in your movies, maybe it might be a good thing to actually have a site for people to visit using that URL?
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About two weeks ago, I learned something I should've known two months earlier.

On a shopping trip for clothes to the southern reaches of Orléans, I got some of what I'm still looking for and decided on a whim to see what might be on offer at the local Henry's Photography shop. It's been there for at least ten years. I bought my first two digital cameras at that shop near Tenth Line and Innes. Assorted other supplies, like portfolio display "books", batteries, peripheral gadgets and so on as well over the years.

Guess what? The store had been closed up and stripped to the walls two months prior.

Maybe I should have seen it coming after Wallack's closed up their Orléans shop right next door last year. The two shops being next to each other, as well as being across the street from the local Staples, were convenient to my purposes for over five years.

Now? Both gone. And if I want new gear from either one, I'll be hopping a bus downtown again, as I used to do before 2002.

I could blame myself for this, but to what end?

If the two chains decide to try to return to Orléans, I suggest this: Orléans Town Centre Mall. The one with the movie theatre on the second floor of the main building. Which is right across Centrum Boulevard from the Shenkman Arts Centre...which still hosts the local campus of the Ottawa School of Art. I suspect that the combination and proximity will be good for all three organizations.
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Some of you may be interested...and I'll be interested in advice the photographer didn't mention for lack of time.

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I don't do this often enough.
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We've been lucky here in Ottawa. We have the Bytowne, the Mayfair's first digs in the Wyoming Park section of Old Ottawa South(IE: the part to the west of Bank Street), as well as their new digs at the Orleans Town Centre mall out here in my part of town. We've managed to save some of our old cinema treasures from wrecking balls.

There are people in South Korea less fortunate in this regard.

I'd be interested in suggestions on how to remedy this.
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Got some stuff I want to clear out of the basement. Some of it's not-so-old SF collectibles, some of it's other books of greater and lesser note, and so forth. Bottom line...

[Poll #1532438]

If "no", could you recommend an alternative venue?


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