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Just how busy was that sector in May 2256, anyway? When Adm. Anderson sent out the "red alert" call in "Battle of the Binary Stars", he was able to get 10 other ships to show up within the space of however many hours...
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Ian Gould, my partner on the Local Hero comics project, pointed this one out to me this morning:

Useful or not?
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1. This is from September 2016, but I note this for curiosity's sake. I didn't know our Mint did coins for other countries, nor did I know they were in the transit token game, and that where Toronto's moving away from them, Winnipeg's moving towards them.

2. Hoping the documentary this discusses - made by the same people who did Helvetica - gets into the main cinema chains, not just the repertory movie houses.
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The first place that ever sold me Mac gear was the Mac Group. Back then, they were a second-story walkup in an office building off of Gladstone, near the city's traffic management centre and the O-Train tracks. I still have that machine.

They're apparently gone now. Three moves later, and the website's gone, the phone number is "this cellular number is currently unassigned" and their Facebook page has been left fallow for two years, apparently.

Last I visited them, they were in a second-story walk-up off of Nelson near the Rideau Library.

I miss them.
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So...back when I went to animation school, the college had a lab attached to it stocked with Commodore Amiga 2000 machines as its workhorses of choice. They had what was then a full suite of software tailored to the work we were doing. Scanning, clean-up of the artwork, scriptwriting, and so on...we could do just about everything that could be done with computers in animation back then on those machines. Having Commodore go to pieces two years after I graduated didn't help much, so I found myself staying with the office work and courtroom art contracts I'd fallen into to pay the bills of the moment.

So I find this article on Ars Technica today. I am both pleased to see the operating system and new machines using continuing today...and sorry that I wasn't able to get into being part of the continuing user base back then.
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Remember this comment from a year and a half or so ago?

I'm still looking for a Discman-style gadget.
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...the Dreamwidth crossposting mechanism, specifically.
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The ultimate answer to “government is useless”

I may quibble on specific details, as an informed Canadian might, but I have no quarrel with it as a whole. I present the link for discussion in what I hope will be an informed way.
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Yeah, this is something the people who make the gadgets I find Useful should be concerned about. Just saying.

There are consequences that go beyond unemployment rates and election results.
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I bought an OfficeJet 7612 last year because (a) it was on sale and (b) it had a scanner that can handle 11 x 17 art boards. The colour printer was a bonus to me.
I just started experimenting with having my printer ink cartridges refilled by a third party rather than flat-out replacing them in expectation of future need re: the C+M+Y cartridges running empty soonish. If I start having problems as a consequence of the details of this BBC story, that OfficeJet 7612 will still see usage for scanning art boards. But I won't be happy, and I won't want to buy another HP product.
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...and I still want one of those old Discman-style radio/CD-player combo devices. Yes, the headphone wiring's a pain when it comes to radio signals as the headphones age, but I find it's a pain I can live with.

Either that or give me a legal way to unlock the FM radio chip on my current cleverphone. Or both, frankly.

I'm tired of tech companies trying to move on from selling me what I want and need.
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Seeing the completion of the CN Tower live on TV as a child was as big a deal to me as the launch of the Apollo-Soyuz mission or the Montréal Olympics' opening ceremonies.

Noting Spacing Toronto's coverage on the 40th anniversary...
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For Black Panther?

Wakanda's languages being built up, like we've seen with tlhIngan Hol in the Star Trek worlds.

Yes, I expect Wakanda has more than one locally-evolved language. Certainly, they've picked up words from other African languages over the centuries. And being a coalition of cultures that take pride in knowledge, many of even their most traditionalist tribes make certain to be fluent in multiple tongues. Yet it's been long-established that there is at least one language the Wakandans truly call their own. And reality in linguistics being what it is, history and logic suggest there should be more than the one.

For Agents of SHIELD and its collection of related titles?

A guide to the organization itself. Current writer Marc Guggenheim has Coulson recently claiming that he works for Washington, mere months after Mark Waid portrays him as insisting that the "H for Homeland" more accurately means "Homeworld". In Civil War II # 0, Brian Michael Bendis reminds us of the organization's United Nations connections.

Outside of their own series, we have at least one of their agents, Mockingbird headlining her own book. (About damn time!) Both Captains America titles, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, have ongoing relationships with the organization. Howling Commandos of SHIELD recently wrapped up some of the adventures of their supernatural interventions via the STAKE division. Black Widow has an on-again-off-again work relationship with SHIELD (currently "off", but don't expect that to last forever). The organization shares the Triskelion complex in New York Harbor with the current incarnation of the Ultimates...and on it goes.

(Don't get me started again on their Helicarriers and "Battlecarriers". Not right now. If you've seen my Pericles Project folder on Flickr, you know how much enthusiasm I can pour into that topic.)

We need a handbook to the organization itself. An "Agent Orientation Manual" if you will. No need to get into the minutiae of clauses of international treaties and internal regulations that should govern SHIELD, but something that nails down the current "broad strokes" of its history, current prominent personnel-characters, technology, operations, adversaries and methods.

For Alpha Flight, now pent up in the pages of Captain Marvel?

A better understanding of how what began as a government-run superhero team tied to my home country became an international planetary defence force. That seems to be slowly unfolding. I await developments with interest.

More as I mull it over.

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The Pelling Lab is based out of the University of Ottawa, and they may be able to save you some grief in terms of downsizing when it comes to stuff that uses electricity if you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Details here:

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I've seen some weird ones myself around Ottawa-Gatineau. So this sampling from metro Toronto doesn't seem too bizarre.

How about where you live?

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Looking at this for a few minutes...

It gets me thinking about the logistics for location VFX work that would be needed for some of the projects I hope to see on the big - or small - screen before I die. Classic version of Northguard, as originally created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette, with the story set in Montréal, maybe. Or, going back to Marvel for a moment, a story featuring the classic Canadian-made Alpha Flight set in Ottawa or Toronto or Vancouver (or, hopefully, some combination of the three cities). Or any version of Captain Canuck...

The filming restrictions in play in NYC for Avengers' purposes, or in Washington for use in The Winter Soldier, would be applicable to some extent here. Ottawa being a national capital, with all the issues that go with that, you couldn't not expect some of the same hurdles ILM and their partner/competitors had to deal with on those productions.

I may revisit this train of thought. Not sure where to take it yet. 

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Some friends of mine in ByMUG will be pleased with this.

Future stations and ships will, one suspects, have their own "sweet spots" for such projects.
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Rain. In January. Again.

So I still got stuff done today.

Driveway shovelled.
New external hard drive.
New (used) cleverphone.
Groceries bought.
Library business squared away.

Oh, and I finally got the Hadfield autobiography today. Since I got it at the used bookstore attached to my local public library, that might count as a "cheat"...?


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