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Good morning, and good luck.

1. As an exploration of depictions of the divine to start this morning, and of indigenous perceptions of divinity...

2. RIP Stephen Furst, of St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5 fame.
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So this is growing ever more horrific. I say again: we should not have to endure living in a world where Global Evil Conspiracy Theories are actual facts proven/provable by credible journalists.

And there's a Canadian connection, in Victoria, BC. AggregateIQ by corporate name.

The people who try to organize such conspiracies ought to be serving time. Though, for what and under whose jail system...?

A further note: I would count the Guardian's people uncovering this info as a good thing. It's now out in the public realm, where we can figure out what useful things can be done about it.
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Maps in Victoria I
Originally uploaded by dwight_ew
One of those boxes you see at city street corners everywhere, the kind where the electronic guts of a given intersection's traffic signals are stowed away but still easy to reach.

Someone in Victoria had an interesting idea about putting these boxes to more than one use at once, I thought.
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Nanaimo - Lois Lane
Originally uploaded by dwight_ew
Don't let the date fool you. I took it while I was out west this past summer. I just didn't get around to uploading it until this weekend. Anyway...that question you're asking?

Yep. That name. In a subsection of Nanaimo's downtown known as the China Steps. Not quite sure how it happened, although I'm sure it did so before Siegel and Shuster happened upon National Periodical Publications.

As for the bookstore/coffeehouse off to the side, Clifford's Wake...I hope it's still in business. I'd like to drop in again some day.
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Now, Ottawans who happen to be seeing this picture right now, tell me true: don't you wish we were getting stuff like this from City Hall?
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Seems like the last couple of months were full of travel and visuals...

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I've been noticing you lurking in the cornfields north of the Queensway connecting Orléans to central Ottawa here and there, but never did I imagine how brazen you'd become on Vancouver Island in recent years until I saw with my own eyes and photographed with my own camera.

Now I know.

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I just posted some of my photos from my travels over at my Flickr account. Go click on the sidebar link.
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About to hop on the MV Queen of Cowichan to head back to Nanaimo. I met three people whose work and company I enjoy, whom I'd like to say "hello" to again when next I pass this way. More to follow later...

Nanaimo II

Jun. 26th, 2008 05:02 pm
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It's a good thing to visit this town. You learn a lot about history, commerce, people, even a bit of architecture.

Nanaimo's not quite as old as Ottawa in the eyes of Euro-Canadian historians, although it's had a couple of extra names over the last century and a half since the British claim to override the First Nation of the area's hold on the neighbourhood began as far as I can tell. It was originally built on coal - yep, back when we all thought it was worth a Hell of a lot more than it is now, in more than one sense of measuring something's worth - although it took on a life of its own for other reasons once the coal reserves right under the harbour and a couple of nearby islands were tapped out and the tunnel networks flooded over time. The first building set up by the Hudson Bay Company is still standing on Front Street, although the shoreline's been made to retreat somewhat over time.

Whether climate derangement puts paid to all of this over the next century is an open question.

The newer skyscrapers aside, I like the look of the downtown neighbourhoods. A more affordable version of San Francisco, in some respects.

Hoping to put up some of the photos on my Flickr account soon.

In Nanaimo

Jun. 26th, 2008 02:43 pm
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I got into town day before yesterday and I'm in one piece.

More to follow as I'm able.


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