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...and had an encounter with a grasshopper - has to have been at least a month since the last time I saw one in the neighbourhood! - and three bunnies. "Bunnies" as in "actual very young rabbits". If those three almost had heart attacks running away from me and my lawn mower, I can confirm that they were not alone in that. Seeing them running away...?

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While waiting for the bus to go to the day-job this morning, I saw a rabbit. Closest I've ever seen one in my neighbourhood. I didn't pull the camera out, didn't try to chase the rabbit...just let the beast go their way as I stood there.
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Had my first bee sighting of the new season. Tiny little thing, but seemed self-evidently a bee for all that.
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Noticed a friend of mine from several writing workshops appearing on CBC News, but not for the writing work he's normally known across the country for. No, this time, he joined the ranks of the prey of the Parliament Hill Bird! Yikes!
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I saw my first ladybug and first housefly of the new season. Spring is indeed now underway.

Time to figure out my allergy response for the season, I suppose...
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Anyone recognize the species?

Mystery Moth
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Seen outside the door this morning.

Wabbit Twacks
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If you're the kind of person who shudders at the sight of crustaceans, don't click.

An amazing sight...
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As I type this, I've just overheard mention on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning about a beaver roaming around a bike path somewhere in the city...?
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Saw this tonight:

I suspect this was in the northern part of Orleans, as in "north of the Queensway", along the riverbank. But I'd like to be sure. Any additional info from any sources?
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The back yard got visited by at least one raccoon this morning. Possibly two, since the second sighting presented with a forepaw being carefully favoured as if injured. I did not try to find out if there was an actual injury by hands-on examination, as I've heard and read enough stories to want to avoid the Nicoll Effect. Pictures were successfully taken despite battery run-down in one camera and a jamming of the film spooling apparatus in the other. (Didn't seem to be my morning for good luck with wildlife photography for reasons unclear to me.)

After this came the Cleaning of the Goldfish Barrel. It took about an hour with help, and the fresh tap water (Non sequitur?) will need about 8-12 hours to cure properly before the Tenant may be safely returned home again for another 6-12 months.

This afternoon will involve some shopping downtown. More on that later today.  
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Not sure how to react to the revelation [ profile] daytonward provided with this posting, in which he comments in passing on Jaws' upcoming 35th anniversary.

Let alone the surprise I got when I plugged "LOLShark" into Google for an image search.

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Some quick points for the afternoon:

I'm reading Dan Gardner's Risk at the moment. I've got a sense that I'm going to have to give this book on how we try, succeed and fail at making sense of risk and figuring out what to fear at what points in time...well, it's going to need at least three re-readings to make sure that I understand it all. Possibly more. Based on Gardner's work as an Ottawa Citizen columnist, I also suspect that it'll be worth whatever effort's necessary.

The main emotion this story on the second moose to die in the Ottawa region in the last two weeks or so leaves me with is just plain sadness. I've only seen live moose maybe twice in my life so far, most of the sightings happening in Ottawa if you can believe it. "Sense of wonder moment" did not begin to cover either of those occasions. We need "moose corridors" in this town!
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I've been noticing you lurking in the cornfields north of the Queensway connecting Orléans to central Ottawa here and there, but never did I imagine how brazen you'd become on Vancouver Island in recent years until I saw with my own eyes and photographed with my own camera.

Now I know.

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I'm taking today and a chunk of tomorrow to draw pages for Local Hero. I am growing increasingly pleased at my sense of progress, and yet frustrated at a number of technical and technological issues. Nothing new, true, but the venting's always therapeutic(if occasionally contrary to basic marketing principles...which have long driven me half-certifiable).

Something unusual I saw on St. Laurent Blvd. this past Thursday afternoon, in that I so rarely see such things at any distance in Ottawa: geese. Just standing there on the lawn in front of one of the strip malls lining that street, looking at all the traffic on wheels running this way and that, numbering about a half-dozen in toto. Very good for that sense of wonder aspect of the soul.

I can't say that I think it does much for their health -- I know it doesn't do much for mine as yet(but with the new hybrids and alt.fuel cars coming on the market, maybe that'll change to the better) -- but I liked seeing them there.


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