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Still. Not. Normal.
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So this is growing ever more horrific. I say again: we should not have to endure living in a world where Global Evil Conspiracy Theories are actual facts proven/provable by credible journalists.

And there's a Canadian connection, in Victoria, BC. AggregateIQ by corporate name.

The people who try to organize such conspiracies ought to be serving time. Though, for what and under whose jail system...?

A further note: I would count the Guardian's people uncovering this info as a good thing. It's now out in the public realm, where we can figure out what useful things can be done about it.
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Some articles that you might want to look at.

First, the redoubt-building going on here in Canada (buried in a long profile on Murdoch's sons...and why would any sane Canadian government want this family setting up a doomsday retreat here?

Then two items from NPR that speak to motive:
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Devyn Barrie for asks: When it comes to police (in Ottawa), whose jurisdiction is it anyway? And it took a beaver on a freeway to get them asking.

From CBC's Sunday Edition: Michael Enright on the Gumpians vs. the Trumpians.
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What I originally had here was a facetious, detail-obsessed comment on the title of this article. Because I live in Canada, though not in Cape Breton...

What I want to say now that I've read it in full? That's something else.

I have friends who want to stand and fight, friends who feel a need to get ready to flee, friends who are uncertain of what to do next, and I know a few people who think the new management in Washington is Just Fine with them, too.

My government at present views the new management as a complication they have to try to cope with in order to get to better days for everyone on both sides of the border. At least that how it looks to me right now. I don't know that they understand what they're dealing with yet. They were ready to work with just about anyone else *but* the people now in the White House...
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James Laxer goes into some detail into where he thinks DT-45 is headed. His suspicions don't bode well for international law. Even assuming that he's right about said plans going beyond just blowing up the whole infrastructure with a definite goal in mind.

Interesting that Prof. Laxer's got a blog of his own.


Feb. 14th, 2017 10:44 pm
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Yeah. The big story just broke about DT's team being in contact with FSB in the months leading up to 8 Nov 2016. New York Times.

Avalanche time.

Justin Trudeau may be glad to be well clear of Washington right now.

And on such a note, I am going to try to sleep.

Good night, and good luck...
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In reply to an essay by psychotherapist Felix Vikhman on the situation in Washington published by The Walrus:

There is one small complaint I have about the closing paragraphs of that prediction for the futures of many of the White House staff during the Trump years: it is not just one nation now entrapped as Trump's emotional hostage.

It is the entire human race.

For those who have ensured this outcome for us all, I do not know that I will ever be able to forgive that. If we survive it.
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So...on Facebook, the Southern Poverty Law Center is referencing a Wall Street Journal article (behind the latter's paywall online) attributing the Inauguration spew - er, speech - to alt-Reichster Stephen Bannon's keyboard. Confirmed in the WSJ hardcopy?
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...and yes, Hidden Figures was a Damn Fine Movie.

I was both educated and entertained as a direct consequence of watching _Hidden Figures_ tonight. It is my pleasure to note that, at Silver City Gloucester (as I still call it despite Cineplex and Scotiabank plastering the latter's name all over the building), the screening room in which I watched was filled almost to bursting. Maybe 10-15 seats left empty.

Two things about other matters whilst I further marshal my thoughts on that subject:

1. Mark Hamill's let the Trumpster loose again. Enjoy or not, as you will.

2. Frank Jacobs has noted "a masterclass in accidental nation-building" in the matter of San Escobar. Interesting, as a consequence of Poland facing similar issues as the USA, Hungary, the Philippines, and so on.
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Planning to watch Hidden Figures at the cinema tonight. Not for nostalgia, but to learn something I didn't know before about who helped build what we now have in the worlds we (hope to) live on.
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The ultimate answer to “government is useless”

I may quibble on specific details, as an informed Canadian might, but I have no quarrel with it as a whole. I present the link for discussion in what I hope will be an informed way.


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