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I am somewhat slow off the mark in greeting the new calendar month, yes. Being so busy with the day-to-day and the creeping sense of an ongoing Quiet War Against Democracy As A Concept as we've now finally been seeing it in recent years and months...

Anyways, we're here in August 2017 Gregorian Calendar now...
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Tonight, CTV - one of the privately-owned TV networks here in Canada - aired Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I have to wonder about the timing, given the last three months in the real worlds. How long ago would the scheduling choice for this particular night have been made?
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The books we read all use a calendar system that puts events in the timeline on either side of the Battle of Yavin from A New Hope. I am becoming increasing convinced that the characters themselves are not using any such calendar-dating convention within the events of their lives.

What are some workable alternatives?
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Madness that keeps trying to sabotage our recovery from it.

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I had an opportunity, thanks to the local library, to lay hands on the above-named epistle, nearly fifteen years after first publication. The first new Saint story in over a decade, assuming we count the adaptation of a movie script that, after the same author got done his novelizing job, was almost thoroughly eviscerated of any references to the novels and short stories that inspired it by the time it reached the movie theatres. I think perhaps one Biblical quote that tied into The Last Hero managed to survive the filming, but I digress.

Some spoilers to follow... )


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