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I rewatched Atomic Blonde on Friday night. It made a bit more sense on the second viewing, which was good. It's not only a whodunnit, but a how- and why- as well as being a period spy/action drama. Not sure that we need a sequel to it, but that's an argument we can have in the comments.
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Another long weekend over and done.

Didn't get a lot done to be honest. Some shopping errands, some photography, checking in with several friends...oh, and saw Atomic Blonde at the advice of several of you on Saturday night. Not a bad show.
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I took a vacation day today. Mental health reasons, shopping reasons, family reasons, exercise reasons. Not going into the details of them, just making note that the reasons exist.

I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. I had fun watching that for a lot of reasons. Sure, it's mildly annoying that this is the third version of the character to hit the movie theatres in the last decade. But since it firmly locks this version into the MCU, and for a lot of other reasons, I can be good with it.

In fact, I am very good with it. Some of those reasons for that mood?

Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag.

(Feeling sad that Dwayne McDuffie didn't live to see that.)

Seeing Midtown High reworked as a specialty high school dealing in science and tech.

(I still felt uncomfortable with some of the high school stuff being no different from my day in the real world. *sigh* )

Spider-Man being part of the fabric of the Borough of Queens.

The first big twist midway through the show.

The surprise ending. Was NOT expecting that.

(Not the Avengers angle. The thing after that. Come back after you've seen it yourself and we'll talk about that.)

This is not a complete list of the good stuff.
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Saw Wonder Woman today. Good movie.

The one minor annoyance? Seeing the current-as-of-today US Treasury Secretary's name listed as an "executive producer" in the end credits (but not the main-on-end credits).
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Tonight, CTV - one of the privately-owned TV networks here in Canada - aired Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I have to wonder about the timing, given the last three months in the real worlds. How long ago would the scheduling choice for this particular night have been made?
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About the first: I'm not making any of those. Because I don't know if I'll end breaking them, whether by accident or necessity, before next year is out.

About the second: I'm going to close out this year by finally seeing Doctor Strange tonight. It's the last movie I've yet to see by design this year, having taken care of Rogue One the other week.

So those are some of my plans for the foreseeable future.
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Yeah, I saw it. I think this is going to be another good one. Leaving it at that for now, but if you want to get into specifics in the comments, go for it.
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My thanks to John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, Bob Greenberger, Karl Kesel...and there are others as well. But those four got the ball rolling back in 1986 and without that, the movie wouldn't be today.
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Perception was kind enough to upload a case study of their work on Batman v Superman this week. That case study includes a map of the Metropolis-Gotham region as envisioned for the movies DC and WB have been making.

That map clearly does not hew to the maps of the two cities as published in the comics over the last couple of decades. Granted, the production team had the right to plant the two super-cities ten miles and a harbour apart from each other. Speaking for myself alone, I'd hoped that Byrne's Six Boroughs as originally drawn up for Metropolis in 1986, as well as the islands of Eliot Brown's 2000 map of Gotham could've made the cut.

Oh well...this is its own thing to begin with.

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Mr. Scheurer is one of the people who worked on designs for BvS. Apparently, he had a big hand in the look and feel of the "Snyderverse" version of Gotham City.

You might want to have a look.

Thanks to for the pointer.

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Apparently, a WHOIS search quickly reveals some anonymous domain-squatting going on here. WB has grounds for some legitimate annoyance here, if I may venture a non-lawyerish opinion on the subject.
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Note to Warner Bros.: If you're going to put "" on the license plates of Gothamites' cars, trucks, buses, etc. in your movies, maybe it might be a good thing to actually have a site for people to visit using that URL?
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Yes, I saw the movie on Friday night. Much to my pleased surprise, as I suspect that the 2D-formatted edition would be playing to an already packed house for the 520 PM showing I wanted to attend. Apparently, in this day and age of advance ticket sales over the web, being the first one at the box office to show up and buy a ticket personally can still count for something.

I think I want to wait a couple of days before posting the bulk of my thoughts on the film.

I will say this: they remedied one of my concerns raised by one of the trailers. Ross' video presentation to the Avengers? The one with the "Casualties" figures? With "23" cited for Washington, the Battle of the Triskelion in The Winter Soldier? In the finished version I saw in the cinema house, it was "Civilian Casualties".


More and hopefully deeper thoughts later in the week. And I intend to go back for at least a second viewing.
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I saw it tonight.

Comments in detail... )


I'm probably going to do another post later on, dealing with more trivia-minded issues...

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There was this on Wired.

Not the first time it's been done. The newspaper comics of the 1970's did it. So we know where Zack Snyder's getting some of his inspiration.

I just wish they'd stick with Eliot Brown's map in toto for Gotham, like they decided to stick with John Byrne's Six Boroughs for Metropolis in Man of Steel. As it is, we've seen from photos taken at location shoot sites that they cribbed the location names from that map, and are using a modified map of Detroit for Gotham to plant those names on.
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Yeah. I saw it.

I'm sold. And I have to wait nine months for the VFX server farms to finish delivering the visuals.

Good thing there's Ant-Man next week.
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It was a good day yesterday.

A walking tour of Vanier as part of the Jane's Walk urban exploration project, followed by my first viewing of Age of Ultron.

A very good day.

More to follow.
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Tried posting this to [ profile] lsh_chat a moment ago, but got this message: Error - Client error: Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached.


This argument's making the rounds today:


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