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Noting that today is the 100th anniversary of Jack "King" Kirby's birth.

If you've enjoyed any incarnation of Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the original X-Men, the New Gods, Mr. Miracle, owe it in part to him.

Thanks again, Mr. Kirby
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Been trying to get back to illustration practice, but maintaining focus these days is difficult outside of the day job. And even there, focus is a continuing issue. Maybe tomorrow night?
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I watched this last night. Seemed like it has something helpful to say on the subject of that particular mix of envy and sadness you can sometimes feel when seeing work you consider better than your own...and I've been in that emotional state more than once across the decades.

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As a past courtroom artist, I find this article on more than a tad intriguing. I know that journalism in general is facing some challenging times (in positive and negative ways) and yet - perhaps because of several of my favourite fictional characters - I've long felt an affinity to that profession, whatever I'm actually doing to pay my bills at the time...
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And we've lost Chuck Berry and Berni Wrightson so far this weekend, among many others whose lives I know far less of.

Update 19 March 2017: Add Jimmy Breslin to that list. :-(
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Inspired by watching Legends of Tomorrow on TV. Pencil sketch.
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I admit to being out of practice.
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...I want to get back to drawing. Pencil, pen and ink, digital tablet...take your pick. But I want to get back into practice for at least some small part of the day tomorrow, along with everything else I'm expecting and expected to do.
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...I'm still open to taking commissions for illustration work. More so now than ever, in fact. Contact info in the sidebars of this LJ or on my profile page.
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For now at least. I understand somewhat better now why the makers of the family snowblower machine prefer that we not run it during rainfall immediately following a snowfall. Thankfully, the understanding has not required the destruction of the snowblower, but I'm going to give the machine another once-over later on today to make sure that the slush does not make further trouble for the rest of the machine in future usage.

Despite taking a new contract at an old job, I'll still be looking for better opportunities in the meantime. None of the alerts I've subscribed at Workopolis, Monster, or elsewhere will be cancelled. I simply can't afford it.

I hope to make time for further practice with my software and at the classic drafting table in the weeks ahead as well. I've got to get back in the game, not necessarily to become a rich(er) artist, but simply a more competent one. Again.

The details in those two paragraphs are general, broad-strokes goals for the next few months.

More on other matters of interest later...
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More practice time with Manga Studio today. Actually feels like I'm getting somewhere with this. It's slow, but that's alright.
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When you’re doing a review for a book that’s mainly about the artwork of a movie, things become a bit difficult. Not impossible, mind you. Just difficult. The reason for this is partly because you may not know how much of your audience has seen the movie in question at the point your review is expected to see print or “go live”. It’s an unavoidable issue.

So before I continue, good manners require this question: is there anyone in this audience who (a) hasn’t seen Star Wars VII yet, and (b) cares to see it without being spoiled about plot details?

(((waits for audience to respond to these questions)))
Possibly Spoilers After the Cut )
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"Marvel Movies" version here. Explanation in detail on the Flickr page at the other end of the link.

Thor - Pencil Test 1
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I bought a new scanner/printer combo device today. The price was just about right, or right enough. It's going to be difficult to find a table I can set it down on, though, once it gets in the house.

The reason I bought the thing? It's capable of scanning an A3-sized art board in one pass. I've had an Epson Perfection 1260 for over ten years, and it's still reliable. But if I want to scan an 11x17 art board into the computer, I need at least two passes, sometimes as many as four. And then "stitch" them all back into one document in PhotoPaint, Photoshop or whatever else is usable.

And when I saw this thing in Staples - yes, I know, more money for the Republicans, sadly, via Bain Capital...for which I will have to atone - I just snapped. No more. No more. I want proper tools to do a proper job. Even if they are already out of date.

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Amidst all the office work, photography, writing, house chores and so on...I got back to the drawing tables, paper and digital, today. For practice. Since I was able to get the updated Manga Studio recently, the acquisition tripped a circuit in my brain.

It has been months since I could even think of drawing again on a daily basis.


More on that another day.
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Thanks again, Greg. This time, for pointing this thing out to one and all. Something I need to keep bookmarked. Same goes for anyone else looking for this kind of work, even though I'm making trouble for myself saying it.
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This has been gnawing at my brain for a while now. If a classic Kirby-style Helicarrier is as long as a Nimitz-class CVN, what should the innards look like in a "Master Systems Display"-type cutaway, such as you'll see on the TNG/DS9/VOY-era Star Trek shows?

So I took scans of Eliot Brown's work - other people had put them up years earlier - and started running with them.

The dorsal radome encasing the "island" needs work to make it symmetrical, and there's a lot of work after that to get it to the level of an Okuda or a Hansen...


Note to Disney/Marvel legal staff: If you'd rather, I'll take this down. I hope you'll leave it be, as I need the mental exercise of this project.
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[ profile] tom_leroux helped me rescue my old Algonquin Animation/CBOT (CBC TV Ottawa) courtroom art demo reel VCR tape from permanent obscurity this past week. I've been hoping to get screencaps from my old courtroom artwork for CBC from that tape for years, so that I can set up an online gallery/archive.

The cases I worked on were from the mid-1990's, mostly in Ottawa with one side trip to Smiths Falls. It was an eye-opening experience regarding criminal law in particular and the justice system in a more general way. At times entertaining, at others disturbing...but a learning experience worth having.

More as it develops...
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...I thought I'd clip something from one of Kris Anka's process sketches for ImagineFX magazine back in 2013 to show what I hope Jessica Drew will get to wear at some point in her newly-revived solo series.

Spider-Woman redesign by Kris Anka

For that matter, I'll be interested to see if the current fuss triggers any activity over at Project: Rooftop.


Jul. 10th, 2014 11:00 pm
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Okay. Got the bulk of another piece of work for Spacing Ottawa done. Not sure when it's going live, but I'll post here when it does for anyone who's not already got that website bookmarked for regular viewing. Which I hope most of you are doing, but not necessarily for my ego's sake.


Got some more illustration time in today, with actual pencil and paper as opposed to Manga Studio. I need to make regular time for both sets of tools. This is going to be absolutely vital in order to get comfortable enough to start working on scripts on a continuing basis.

Yes, I'm also still looking for a regular day-job. Managed to file applications on several positions today, which is a good thing.

More as it develops... 


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