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Considering how Pyongyang occasionally makes noises about how mainland China is a "bad ally", and the fact that Beijing's a LOT closer to NK than the USA and Canada are...mainland China isn't a patron anymore. They're an extortion target.
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So I'm finding myself reading this retrospective/interview with Hugo Weaving on his career to date. Some comic book movie-watchers pay attention to a particular item re: The First Avenger.

Much respect to Mr. Weaving, and the Skull's first apparant MCU demise did seem ambiguously staged by design.

But maybe it's all the comebacks and "last stands" his character's comics counterpart has made over the decades since being revived in the 1960's, particularly the one in the latter group staged by J.M. deMatteis, Paul Neary and company in the 1980's. Frankly, I am feeling increasingly cheated by every revival of the Skull in the comics. The latest "How would the Skull take the "what would you do about Hitler if you could time-travel to his childhood" question and turn it on its head?" plotline now running in Steve Rogers: Captain America...even more disturbing in its way.

Anyway. I think I'd prefer to leave Weaving's performance in The First Avenger stand as its own thing.

Just a thought.
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I bought an OfficeJet 7612 last year because (a) it was on sale and (b) it had a scanner that can handle 11 x 17 art boards. The colour printer was a bonus to me.
I just started experimenting with having my printer ink cartridges refilled by a third party rather than flat-out replacing them in expectation of future need re: the C+M+Y cartridges running empty soonish. If I start having problems as a consequence of the details of this BBC story, that OfficeJet 7612 will still see usage for scanning art boards. But I won't be happy, and I won't want to buy another HP product.
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Under books, Cool Beer Labels by Belson and Speeg. I'm not a beer drinker, but I do pay attention to stuff about design.

Public consultations by the City of Ottawa re: future transit infrastructure plans. Useful for those of us watching the LRT expansion process.

Stupidity in DRM: Kitty litter boxes. Yeah, really. If you thought DRM in toner cartridges for printers and for coffee machines was a pain...?

From Daily Kos: the backstory of the SR-71. X-Men fandom will have a particular affection for this design, since for several decades one of its offshoots was the signature aircraft of that superhero team.

More on other stuff later...
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I don't know that I want any of them. Kobo, Kindle, whatever.

Hardcopy still works for me. Power outages, DRM software tucked away "under the surface" to bite at an unexpected moment...why should I give up paper books for those kinds of troubles?

Yes, I recognize the irony or cognitive dissonance of expressing such a sentiment on a weblog. That aside...
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And all of a sudden, my Friends and "Friends of Friends" pages are back to the formatting I originally chose for reading them with.

Not sure how or why it happened. Or how long that'll last...
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Do not switch the formatting of either my Friendlist or "Friends of Friends" pages over to the "New and Improved" style without my consent.

<i>I did NOT give any such consent.</i>

How do I switch back? CAN I switch back the formatting?

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CBC reports on a particular set of examples of such behaviour here in Ottawa, connected to the Ontario provincial election in progress at this writing.

Much as I disagree with at least one of the candidates targeted by this, it's still an act of rudeness. It's neither kosher nor halal in my view.
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You might remember my comments the other day about Mr. Putin claiming the Internet to be a CIA plot.

Something came up towards the end of this particular set of interviews conducted by Anna Maria Tremonti for The Current on CBC Radio One that got me wondering: could the European Union - like the Internet - simply by existing, be deemed by Mr. Putin as a threat to his ambitions for what he believes should be Russia's future?

(Fair warning: as the bulk of that audio is devoted to exploring anti-Semitism's usage as a political weapon in the currently-disputed regions of Ukraine, it seemed proper to the production team of The Current to open that particular segment with an excerpt from one of Adolf Hitler's recorded speeches.)
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You put both feet in it the other day, I hear.

Everyone who cares already knows that the Internet started out as a DARPA project.

DARPA, as in the US Defense Department. You remember the Pentagon, right?

Not CIA. Granted that they've been getting their share of benefits out of the Net's existence, same as you and me. (Well, me, anyway.) But it didn't start with CIA, however much you and they may both fantasize about how history might have been.

Ah, and the Guardian just put me in mind of real reasons for making noises like that.
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So this is going to be an ugly shock for those who still find the service of value and those who were hoping to get it back or expanded someday.

I don't currently live in one of the urban neighbourhoods that still gets "right to your door" service, and now everyone who still has it is about to lose it.


To put it mildly.
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Hearing one of your calls on my smartphone when I am trying to budget my phone usage time carefully and get dinged for incoming calls is a good way to earn my emnity.
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So back in August, I wrote this:

Today on CBC Hamilton, I read this:

I'm getting more worried.
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...may condemn the rest of us to helplessly watch it play out yet again.

So runs my concern about our federal government's...evolving(?)...position regarding the Roma in general and those from Hungary in particular. This CBC article may bring some needed clarity to what I'm worried about.

You may also want to cross-reference the following terms in your preferred search engine:

Joe Fiorito

Mr. Fiorito is a columnist of some note with the Toronto Star, for those just arriving at this LiveJournal for the first time. He has earned his reputation in my eyes. Some of his recent columns for that paper have covered related ground.

I suspect some reading this will be inclined to scold me for insufficient devotion to bigotry. Too damned bad, as I intend to go on in that way.


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