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So this is growing ever more horrific. I say again: we should not have to endure living in a world where Global Evil Conspiracy Theories are actual facts proven/provable by credible journalists.

And there's a Canadian connection, in Victoria, BC. AggregateIQ by corporate name.

The people who try to organize such conspiracies ought to be serving time. Though, for what and under whose jail system...?

A further note: I would count the Guardian's people uncovering this info as a good thing. It's now out in the public realm, where we can figure out what useful things can be done about it.
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Having said an earlier, not-as-well-thought-out version of this elsewhere publicly:

People not voting just plain terrifies me now.

I've heard arguments why I'm supposed to think it's a good thing that not everyone who can vote does, and I do not buy into it anymore. If I ever did. We've been slowly and steadily getting our act together on this front in Canada - thanks to Harperism (however perversely) for more quietly showing us the consequences of not voting - over the last ten years, and if we manage to make it to 2019 without being either annexed or blitzkrieged or targeted for social mindset hacking by outside parties, I want to see that trend continue for the better. More participation, more informed participation. Not less. At every level of governance where voting is done.

Not just in Canada either. Worldwide, wherever democratic practices are undertaken in earnest.

I understand if you can't vote, due to illness or supression tactics or worse. But I want you to be able to make the choice. And willing to act on it, when your chance comes.
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To the US citizens on my friendlist, and to those US citizens lurking here reading in silence, I ask this:

If you haven't already done so, and are legally clear to do? Please, vote.

Others have made better cases, here and elsewhere across the internet as to why you should. I'll leave off my own preaching.

That said?

Good luck and good night.
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I voted on Friday night.

Then I went to see Paul Gross's new movie Hyena Road, which was - as expected - disorienting. I don't know that it'll compare to the greats of the genre, but I did get a sense of what the latest Afghan War's been like for Canadians serving in the middle of it. Which, aside from making back the money spent on it, was all that Gross really wants out of it. I figured if I didn't see it ASAP - premiere night, as it turned out - I wasn't going to have much chance beyond that. I've mentioned before that Canadian movies tend to get short attention from our movie theatre chains, and fully expect this to be no different, even though it should be.

Hyena Road, people. If you've got violence-trauma triggers, be warned. The fight scenes are bloody. But I do believe it's worth the time and money to see at least the once.

Come to think of it, not being patient was exactly why I voted at the advance poll on Friday after work too. I just didn't want to cope with any more pressure to vote "strategically". One acquaintance has accused me of maintaining "purity", but I can't trust a party that turns its back on several of its best contributions to Canadian life to avoid the inevitable false accusations of terrorist sympathy. And those accusations were trotted out by the incumbents anyway on other excuses.

Anyway. A more positive note...

Today, I listened to Chris Hadfield's Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can for the first time, having picked up the album at Compact Music yesterday. As you might expect from Hadfield, there's more of a country/folk vibe off the album. You may consider that either ironic or totally expected given that this was the first ever album with the vocals recorded Up There.

There's a certain exceptionalist satisfaction I get from that. Admitted freely. It took a Canadian to do this. No one from anywhere else thought of it.

And now I'm headed off to see the 6 PM showing of The Martian. I bought, read and enjoyed the book after looking at the first trailer. I figure they've got enough good raw material to work with. If my brains are working properly after getting home again, I'll let you know what I got out of it later tonight.

Later, all!

And for the Canadians reading this? Please vote. I don't need to know for whom, I don't need to be able to approve of your choice(s) before or after the fact. Ever.

Just vote.
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He keeps it short and on point.

Can't say that I have a problem with the thinking behind it myself. But the current Prime Minister does, it seems.
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For whatever it's worth, I voted today. Not sure how it's helped or made things worse, if either of those at all.

I guess we'll see.
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I wish you all wisdom, peace of mind and heart, strength of mind and heart as well, and finally I wish you all the best of luck with whatever comes next after the referendum today.
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Well, this is interesting.

Wondering how Elections Canada would manage it for ours. Have we yet had an astronaut "upstairs" during a Canadian election?
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We've got a boundary-reworking in progress.

If you're a Canadian citizen, you may want to go have a look at this.
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Courtesy of Rick Mercer, CBC and YouTube:

I pray you: heed this. Whether you're 18 to 25 years old...or older still.

If you haven't already heeded the advice? Do it tomorrow.
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...and it was by turns entertaining and predictable. It was the Ottawa-Orléans debate sponsored by the local chamber of commerce at the Shenkman Arts Centre, of course, and I'm wondering if I couldn't have better spent my time doing something else in retrospect.

The format, the lack of all the candidates running for the office - paradoxically, it was the NDP candidate who didn't show up for this one, while two other events planned for earlier on got cancelled by Harper's man in Orléans refusing to attend - on the stage...the containment and vetting of questions from the voter audience...not entirely satisfying.

I have to admit: I left early. Not the best show of respect I could have given, true, and yet I don't feel we as voters were respected in the first instance.

No, two wrongs don't make a right.

I may come back to this subject later. Possibly with photos added.


Oct. 13th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Keeping in mind that tomorrow is Federal Election Day up here in Canada, and it's coming for our American kin in another two weeks and change...well, this avatar seems more than sufficiently apropos to the occasion. up.

That's the entire spiel, people.

Just show up.


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