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Did anyone on my friendlist read an Opinion essay in today's hardcopy edition of the Ottawa Citizen by a Stefan Dolgert of Brock University arguing the case for Canada acquiring nuclear weapons?

Update - 29 Aug 2017:  A friendly acquaintance on Facebook found the link for me:
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Why am I not comforted by this news?

Not a great way to start my morning. Or anyone else's, I suspect.
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Up here in Canada yesterday, we had two speeches I would consider noteworthy and related in ideals somewhat. The first by our global affairs minister Chrystia Freeland here in Ottawa-Gatineau, and the second by Barack Obama in his visit to Montréal.

I can't help but feel that something's changed in a permanent way here.
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I went to the event described in this article:

I couldn't not go. Not with the news of acts of vandalism across the city, and the ongoing concerns about the US political situation that many see as one of the triggers of these crimes. It helped me with my anxiety issues for several good hours.

I hope that I was of help to others by being there.

Something I was reminded of this morning, via the CBC's Sunday Edition. You won't agree with all the choices of the authors on that list and that's right and proper, but maybe it'll start a discussion of equally helpful alternatives or additions.
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I woke up at 430 AM EST this morning.

Admitting this: I'm scared now. For myself, sure, and for my country as well, but there's a lot of other people headed for Trouble long before it gets around to aiming at me. Some of you on that list are also on my friendlist here and have been for years. I want to help you, but I'm not sure how I can right now.

I suppose we'll figure it out as we go, but in the meantime...still here.
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It's a rare occasion when I find myself in disagreement with Rick Mercer, and even then, he usually makes a certain degree of sense.

This time, though, Scott Vrooman speaks more sensibly.

For 2016

Dec. 31st, 2015 10:20 pm
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I'm stealing time away from assorted relatives upstairs to put these things to the web, for however long that lasts.

It seems to me that while others here have been doing the work of getting the creative side of their lives into a condition where they earn part or all of their living from it, I've been increasingly pushed to the sidelines. To watch those others succeed at building their dreams to whatever degree possible, while I just focus on surviving. Yes, there are the hobbies, which could count as skill-building in their way. Glad to have that underway. I certainly have a number of friends with which to commiserate, to share in schemes with, to cheer on in their own efforts. I am grateful for that. Always.

Grateful also for the family I spoke of at the top here.

Not sure that this counts as a full-bore Resolution. It probably doesn't. More of a "keep working on it and see where the effort takes you" deal.

I want to get back to putting in that creative work.

Some will say that I haven't really stopped. The money has dried up, true, but some of you will point to various things you've seen and heard and read from me as evidence of not really having stopped. Which will make sense.

It's a matter of perception. And perception counts for much.  
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So this got my attention today while I was looking for who-knows-what at the library:

Certainly, I have my own continuing issues with software updates. And changes to the Transitway and O-Train networks. Different issues in each case, mind you...
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1. Nice to see Agents of SHIELD moving at a quick pace. Long story, and I want to discuss it further later.

2. Not nice to see all the payphones stripped out of the Rideau Centre. There's two left in the Bay store attached to said shopping mall, and the Customer Service people at said mall advised me to take it up with CRTC. Not sure what happened between them and Bell Canada to allow it to happen, but I do not like it. I may have a cell phone now, but I can't count on always being able to afford access to any cell provider's network.

3. Which reminds me of my ongoing concern about the push of all levels of government do I phrase this? "Ensure that citizens need to have internet access for as many services as possible"? Maybe that would do it?

Feeling a little like Skye from Agents of SHIELD in tonight's installment. No one wants me as a specific person dead, mind you...
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What's happening there is not going unnoticed.

Personal opinion: I strongly recommend that the people in charge in Beijing not overreact as the government of the day did in 1989. There's not much I can do to stop such a choice from being acted upon, but I can still make my disapproval of such an overreaction known.

If it happens.

If it doesn't, mainland China might gain much as a consequence.
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Matthew Hays names one of mine in the Guardian.

He's not alone in putting a name to it. You can find others scattered across the several news services of the planet. But there it is.

Also, that 39 % of the popular vote in the last federal election he wrote of? It translates to 24 % of those Canadians eligible to vote overall. 40 % of the citizens eligible to vote...did not do so.
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Wherever on whichever of those islands you call home: I just saw the latest weather reports thanks to [ profile] tammypierce.

Wishing you all caution and safety. "Call" me when you can.
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I fear for everyone from Oklahoma City to St. Louis tonight...and this item's part of why:
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I got the word from Terri Osborne within the last half-hour or so:

The site's already crashed once thanks to the rush of people looking to see the word from Peter himself. The fact that Peter was able to file the report himself with whatever help he needed and got gives me no small amount of hope for future developments, however dire things seem right now.

Wishing Peter the best for the future, in any case. A rotten way to wrap up a year...


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