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International Day of the Girl. Ada Lovelace Day (as computer tech historians will tell you). In the USA, it's apparently National Coming Out Day per

Busy day.
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About that pro-CBC rally here in Ottawa-Gatineau today? I went. On foot, from parc Jacques-Cartier to Parliament Hill. Across the Alexandra Bridge, which I once would've been ready to swear would never happen.

Then I got reminded that others present at the rally had walked all the way from Montréal.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I got nothin' on those Montréalais.

(Noting also, some of those walking tours by various First Nations' groups in support of their own causes who walked further from more isolated places...)

Glad I got the exercise, though...
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I signed this petition tonight. It might not mean anything to the people on the Hill making these decisions, but it seems a good idea to support the preservation and expansion of the service.

Yes, we have the internet and we have private couriers. But they don't serve all our communications needs, nor should they be expected to. The post office serves a useful niche for many of us even now, and it's good to keep our options as a nation open.

So I signed that petition.

What I wrote: "Because people who have the service still need it, and those who don't have the service want it as well."

Not eloquent, but that's what was in mind at the time.
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I have renewed my subscriptions to the print editions of Spacing and The Walrus. Both publications, I recommend highly to anyone reading this weblog.

I am considering other forms of constructive action to help rationalize a reversal of the service cuts.
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You'll probably see me with camera at hand over at the Knox Presbyterian Church this afternoon. There's a couple of events at the Ottawa International Writers Festival I've agreed to cover today, and I've got to get out the door shortly about that.

See you later...


May. 28th, 2012 10:31 am
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Today, in the States, it's Memorial Day.

Here, in Canada, it's a normal day. And yet it's not.

Out of concern over a large number of provisions in Bill C-38, affecting everything from environmental law to free speech protection, from preserving police forensic investigation capabilities to the reach and scope of the CBC; from fairness in Unemployment Insurance rules to the health of our national archives...I plan to "black out" my home page on June 4th as a participant in the Black Out Speak Out campaign.

I'm not quite sure how I can extend that to this Livejournal yet, but I hope to find a way.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.
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That's what the weather was today here in Ottawa. Not much snowfall, and the sunlight dominated the day. All eleven hours, eighteen minutes of it.

(Yes, I keep track. It's useful for mental health maintenance measures. Like light-boxes serving double-duty as makeshift sun lamps. Also, for fanatically tracking the progress towards Spring 2012)

Meanwhile, there's a bunch of stuff Kepler's been digging up for humanity. Nice to have that info to file away for future ongoing research and exploration.

On the other hand, we've got this thing that's starting to look more and more like an organized attempt at voter suppression-style election fraud during last year's federal election being investigated by Elections Canada, the RCMP and CRTC. Some of you have already been discussing this elsewhere online.

We've had public protests complaining about it in Vancouver already, and Parliament Hill is next up tomorrow at noon.

(No, I won't be there. Got a day-job now and I want to keep it as long as I can. But good to see the self-organizing lack of apathy amongst my fellow citizens!)

So. Just a bit spooked, I suppose?
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Been noticing certain newspapers selling editions in Ottawa on a kick of doing front-page attacks on this project of the Ottawa Public Library in concert with the CBC:

Seeing as all the Right News Services seem to want us citizens trained to hate/fear this "Human Library" thing?

I'm sold on the need for it. And on the hope for its success.
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Go read this.

Then start digging through the links therein.

Update: The motion discussed at the top of that link passed by a ten-vote margin, if memory serves. So there's that much out of the way. I fully expect Canada's Not-So-New Government to ignore it simply because it was an Opposition-sponsored motion, and they don't like the content of it anyway. But the vote is on the record now, at least, and there's no "memory-holing" of it to be done.

Meantime, I'd suggest you keep on looking in on anyway.
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Something I sent off to CBC Audience Relations tonight in my role as an activist-fan:

I want a third season of _Intelligence_ to be part of CBC's 2008-'09 viewing schedule. Despite what the ratings appear to suggest, it is one of the best drama offerings in the CBC English-language television slate these past two years. This series would make a strong counterpoint to _The Border_ and the opportunities for cross-promotion are considerable.

NB: I'll be posting this message on my Livejournal weblog to make my feelings known to the public at large around the world; Like many other viewers, I know full well the success _Intelligence_ has had to date in international syndication. It would be good to see _Intelligence_'s international fandom also be well-served by CBC.
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Last October, I went out to the Byward Market to help out with something that the Make Poverty History people were organizing. A bit of activism mixed with a Guinness Book of World Records attempt. I'll add some pix of mine from that event later to this posting.

Turns out we succeeded in the Guinness Book attempt. Equally important per the link: there's still a fair bit to be done to fix the problem that got us together for that particular event. More on that anon as well...
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I was going to do some self-promotional blogging again shortly.

More ranting after the cut... )
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One of the first things I did when taking on the gig at Comics and Animation Canada was design a couple of logos. Took a bit of doing in CorelDRAW, but it was worth the time, I think...

How about you?
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Justin Beach recently passed along word of a petition re: the CBC that I think deserves a moment of thought.

I'll let Justin explain it...and if you agree with his thinking on this issue -- also mine own -- take a look at this link below:

More on other topics, including comics books, tomorrow.


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