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I watched this last night. Seemed like it has something helpful to say on the subject of that particular mix of envy and sadness you can sometimes feel when seeing work you consider better than your own...and I've been in that emotional state more than once across the decades.

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1. This is from September 2016, but I note this for curiosity's sake. I didn't know our Mint did coins for other countries, nor did I know they were in the transit token game, and that where Toronto's moving away from them, Winnipeg's moving towards them.

2. Hoping the documentary this discusses - made by the same people who did Helvetica - gets into the main cinema chains, not just the repertory movie houses.
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I miss the variety of designs for the mood icons I used to have at LJ.

(Which reminds me that I've yet to finish fixing some video and image links.)
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I revisited earlier tonight. It said there that 108 cities were laid waste by those city-killer ships in the first movie. Here's what I scribbled down from that rotating globe/timeline:

The list is under the cut )

I suspect that we have an incomplete list, due as much to my lack of attention as that of the designers of the site. Perhaps more mine than theirs.
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When you’re doing a review for a book that’s mainly about the artwork of a movie, things become a bit difficult. Not impossible, mind you. Just difficult. The reason for this is partly because you may not know how much of your audience has seen the movie in question at the point your review is expected to see print or “go live”. It’s an unavoidable issue.

So before I continue, good manners require this question: is there anyone in this audience who (a) hasn’t seen Star Wars VII yet, and (b) cares to see it without being spoiled about plot details?

(((waits for audience to respond to these questions)))
Possibly Spoilers After the Cut )
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Watched that movie at Landmark Orléans 10 last night. It was a good show all around. The production team stuck pretty close to the spirit and broad strokes of the novel, allowing for "show, don't tell" doctrine to work out properly. The hard science was used as written. Performances were pretty darned good.

Oh, and I want to buy schematics for the Hermes, the Ares habs, rovers, MAVs, etc.. Please?
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I bought a new scanner/printer combo device today. The price was just about right, or right enough. It's going to be difficult to find a table I can set it down on, though, once it gets in the house.

The reason I bought the thing? It's capable of scanning an A3-sized art board in one pass. I've had an Epson Perfection 1260 for over ten years, and it's still reliable. But if I want to scan an 11x17 art board into the computer, I need at least two passes, sometimes as many as four. And then "stitch" them all back into one document in PhotoPaint, Photoshop or whatever else is usable.

And when I saw this thing in Staples - yes, I know, more money for the Republicans, sadly, via Bain Capital...for which I will have to atone - I just snapped. No more. No more. I want proper tools to do a proper job. Even if they are already out of date.

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Stumbled across this via earlier tonight:

Interesting stuff. Figuring I'll be taking another look-see later in the weekend.
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I can see it taking two years, but ten?
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Under books, Cool Beer Labels by Belson and Speeg. I'm not a beer drinker, but I do pay attention to stuff about design.

Public consultations by the City of Ottawa re: future transit infrastructure plans. Useful for those of us watching the LRT expansion process.

Stupidity in DRM: Kitty litter boxes. Yeah, really. If you thought DRM in toner cartridges for printers and for coffee machines was a pain...?

From Daily Kos: the backstory of the SR-71. X-Men fandom will have a particular affection for this design, since for several decades one of its offshoots was the signature aircraft of that superhero team.

More on other stuff later...
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So I attended a lecture he gave at the National Gallery on Monday night. Recommending that you read Brynne Campbell's commentary on the event over at Spacing Ottawa.

More on other stuff later...
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It's cold outside, and the wind's adding its own "voice" to the chill. There's snow winding its way through the Ottawa-Gatineau skies, but barely enough to even notice. Not enough to add to what's on the yards and streets and fields of the cities. The clouds are dominant, but here and there, they thin out enough to remind one what's on the other side of the atmosphere from us at this time of day.

I'm fiddling with Adobe Illustrator, trying to see if I can design something vaguely resembling a police officer's badge right now. On the iTunes "radio" is CBC Radio One for Victoria. The Ottawa feed is rerunning stuff from Q, stuff that I'm not even interested in right now. The reruns on The Current - including an interview with designer Bruce Mau and a self-described cyborg out of Toronto who's got himself rigged to "hear" colour since he can't properly see it - were more interesting by far.


There's something I want to do more of this year. I'd like to earn more of my honest wages from it. Desire, though, is not resolve. Nor is hope.

And these last couple of years in particular, I've had the growing sense that if I do too much to draw attention to myself on that score, I'll be asking for unwanted and undeserved Trouble.

In answer of the anticipated question: no, I don't know what would constitute "doing too much...on that score". If I did, I could do something useful to remedy that sense of dread.

But I've got a sense that - for today - I don't have to worry about that. No evidence, just intuition. So I'll play with Adobe CS4 for today.

More later on...
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Rummaging through the Ottawa sections of the Skyscraper Page Forums for topics of interest.

You might want to rummage there too, whether or not your city has a section there. There's some fun to be had by science-fiction-minded architecture and design fandom...
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Seems like a good idea, yes?
Also, given that the comics version (Universe 616, specifically) is already tied to the UN by treaty...and CinemaVerse-Coulson was trying to open back channels to that organization before Glenn Talbot prompted him to enact the Odyssey Protocol...
A poster idea after the cut... )
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So I've been making a few of these things.

Platypus of Action

Weird that the three most recent should show up larger than the earlier two, but I expect that was a mistake of mine in the process of saving files from Adobe Illustrator. At any rate, enjoy if you're so inclined.

Yes, I might be persuaded to do commissions.


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