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...for Dreamwidth users in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Naturally, it's called [community profile] ottawa_gatineau
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D'you suppose we could get at least twenty people interested in a Canadian Music community?

Neil Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kashtin, Tanya Tagaq, Metric, Bruce Cockburn, New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, Rush, Stars, Coeur de Pirate, the list goes on...

Putting the question out there.
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Any communities here on Dreamwidth you'd care to recommend to me?


Apr. 5th, 2017 10:16 pm
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Noticed the existence of this community [community profile] astronomy, which seems to have lain fallow for about 4 years. Those of us with a shared interest in such things might want to kick the tires, so to speak, and find out which other Dreamwidth users might be interested in reviving the conversations...?
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Some of you regular readers already know of my work with Spacing Ottawa documenting the backstories of the street names of Ottawa. CBC's got an installment of Cross-Country Checkup on Radio One this upcoming Sunday that we will all want to listen to.
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Are there any such groups hereabouts?
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Question: given the recent move of the Livejournal servers to Moscow, shall I shut down the Ottawa Fandom Community on LJ? Or try to migrate it to Dreamwidth?

Alternatively: There's some additional activity there, but the last time anyone other than me posted there was 2012. So, if anyone who's planning to hold onto their LJ account wants to keep it going, I'll transfer ownership.

Maybe [personal profile] ed_rex?
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I'm afraid I closed that community blog down a couple of weeks ago, per discusssions with the current executive of Can-Con. Between Facebook and Twitter, the organizers seem to be getting everything done via Social Media that they need to right now.
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You'd think I'd know better, right?

Anyway, I decided to set up a new thing for fans of Canadian-made TV shows: [ profile] cancontv.

Doesn't matter if you live here, so long as you like at least one show that's been made here. Looking forward to seeing those of you interested...
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There's been lots of ink, bandwidth and blood spilled over the millennia on this question, but this video makes for an entertaining attempt at an answer, yes?

And as a watcher of several comic-book continuities for the last three decades, this question has perhaps more relevance than even your average watcher of international politics. ;-)
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Fair warning: this looks to be bandwidth-intensive.

If you're willing to be patient with the load-up, and you're interested in animated mapping exercises, recent NYC history and geography and/or civic politics, this bit of linkage courtesy of the New York Times will repay your patience handsomely.
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Some of you will prefer Corel for your vector graphics stuff(as I mostly still do), some will cleave to Adobe Illustrator.

Occasionally, though, I've found myself playing and experimenting with Inkscape, and if you're also doing so, you might want to drop into [ profile] inkscape_users to ask your questions or offer solutions. Only two of us here as of this posting, but that can change.


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