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I hope I get to see this statue in person before I die.

From the Toronto Star YouTube channel:

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Fair warning: this looks to be bandwidth-intensive.

If you're willing to be patient with the load-up, and you're interested in animated mapping exercises, recent NYC history and geography and/or civic politics, this bit of linkage courtesy of the New York Times will repay your patience handsomely.
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Had an interview today, checked some leads at the library, got caught up on news and gossip around the Web, and I'll be at the Shanghai Restaurant tonight for the comics jam.

Not sure what tomorrow's plans are, but something will happen anyway.
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Saw this one getting some bandwidth from [ profile] drawn_ca and [ profile] coudal this afternoon.

Anyone here know if it works and plays well with the "Mountain Lion" edition of OS X?
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...I've still got some stock left for anyone interested.

The price list I posted a few weeks back still holds, and I'm willing to entertain discount arrangements for people willing to buy multiple items from it, subject to product availability.

Looking forward to hearing from whoever's interested!
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Here we more time!

I'll be back at Rob McLennan's latest instalment of the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair this Saturday.

I've got a list of what I'll be selling here, if you're interested. Hoping to see lots of friendly faces on Saturday!
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...because I've got dental bills to pay down and gifts to buy!

You've seen some of my pencil sketches and ink work if you've looked at the Flickr and Picasa galleries linked over on your right. I'm offering a chance to commission an original sketch!

Name your character or portrait subject. Penciled or inked, your choice. Price will be dependent on which medium and what size you want the sketch drawn on! Sketch card, 8.5 x 11, 9 x 12, and 11 x 17 are all options here.

How about it, people? Help me out here?

Contact me at "williams(dot)dwight(at-symbol)gmail(dot)com" with the subject header "Commissions", and let's get talking!
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Some interesting hints and tidbits in the pages excerpted there...

And I expect there's more goodies waiting to be read in the finished book.
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A few people on my friendlist might be professionally interested in these linkages.

This posting led me here.
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And I got home from the book fair a couple of hours ago.

It was a good session. Actually made back my table fee. Even better, sold a couple of copies of Kagemono: Flowers and Skulls, as well as a couple of Local Hero # 1. Wouldn't have minded moving a few more Ashcan Samplers, but that will come in due course.

Tired now. Good kind of tired.
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Just to refresh your memories: the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair's "Spring 2012" Edition is today!

Hoping to see you there!
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Got this link from [ profile] coudal: the evolution of a widget in Iron Man's armor "HUDware" for use in The Avengers.

This is one of those things that got left out of the Art of the Avengers coffee-table book, along with the console art for the Helicarrier sets. Stuff that I'd have liked to see more addressed - you can blame this attitude on my being an Okudagram fanboy! - but they didn't have the page space or the page count for.

At least, we have the article on the web. Anything else along these lines I'm missing?  
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Ed Sizemore guest-blogs at on brush pens.

Any of the other artists reading this want to chime in the pens in question?
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Last night I was at the Ruby King to host the first-ever Orléans-East Ottawa Comix Jam, as announced in previous postings here and elsewhere on the net. It was...quieter than I'd hoped or expected, but the results were good from them what did show up. Those will be posted later this week, and links will be put up on this LJ to point you all thereto.

Today, it's Human Rights Day. So, I went to the gathering on Elgin Street at the Human Rights Monument, backpacked, mini-suitcased and hauling my camera for good measure. Not the biggest crowd there ever was, and a lot of concern over multiple governments' behaviour was made known.

Still, it was good to be there. It may not be treated with the same respect as Remembrance Day, but - as with Peacekeepers' Day - it's good to get into this particular habit.

More to be said on assorted topics later on...
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Filing this from Patty's in the ByWard Market at the moment.

I've got a few more things in the works for, the next of which will be focused on Besserer Street in Sandy Hill and will hopefully go live this week. More on my contributions to that blog as they develop!

On Friday night, I'll be at the Ruby King Restaurant running the first-ever Orléans-East Ottawa Comix Jam. This has been the subject of earlier postings here and elsewhere. Cartoonists and animators - from amateur to professional and all shades in between - from everywhere east of St. Laurent Boulevard are welcome, and if you happen to be from outside that region and want to drop in, just do it anyway.

One caveat: Ruby King likes to have a family-friendly reputation, and I'd like them to keep that reputation. So please assume that we're going to draw attention - pun unintended - from kids and their parents alike here, okay?
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...courtesy of [ profile] coudal: Destination Typeface.

In which your victim - er, gift-recipient - gets a "bus destination sign roll"-style banner featuring all their favourite typefaces...or alternatively, the default list shown in the photos on that page.

Update 7 Feb 2017: As part of the sprucing-up process of getting the links fixed up after moving to Dreamwidth, it seems the link above to the Schtickers site is gone. RIP. :-(
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...we go from the mud to the stars, or at least far enough to look back at Earth with no small amount of wonder.

I got this link from Mike and Denise Okuda over at Facebook.

Worth the money spent to get those cameras up there and the images back down here again. No doubt.
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Okay, one more time.

I'm running a table at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair this afternoon. Noon to 5 PM. Jack Purcell Centre, just off of Elgin Street in Centretown, on a side street sandwiched between Starbucks Coffee and the Elgin Street Public School.

The Ashcan Samplers are going on sale again, and I'll do sketches on commission for whoever puts up $10 per. Live portraits or your favourite fictional character(s). Bring reference if you're asking for the latter, please?

Hope to see you there if you're in Ottawa today!
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Next weekend, I'll be running a table at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair's Fall 2011 edition. Expect me to have copies of my Ashcan Samplers available once more, although I have to apologize for not having a 2011 edition ready to go! Things on other fronts have simply been too busy for that this year.

Sketch commissions are also welcome as always!

If you're in Ottawa-Gatineau that weekend, I hope to see you there!

More on other topics later this week...
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Since [ profile] budgie_uk raised the question, I'll follow up: I've some newly-published work of my own out there in the wide world.

"Written in the Stars", with script by [ profile] jasonfranks , has just been released via Blackglass Press and as part of the new collection, Kagemono: Flowers and Skulls.

Fair warning: the Kagemono volumes are horror anthology comics, which means they've got stories that could trauma-trigger old issues for the unwary and unaware reader.

If you're willing to take that chance, or if you just want a few good stories with an edge to them, then feel free to click on the relevant links  for Blackglass Press or, depending on your preference.

Looking forward to your reactions...


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