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Another weekend done. Actually managed to get at least half an hour of sketchbook time in during the weekend.

More after work, if I can get my brain to focus.
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Inspired by watching Legends of Tomorrow on TV. Pencil sketch.
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I admit to being out of practice.
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Rob McClennan's got links to photos taken at the Fair. You may want a look at what some of those of us running tables there have been up to over the years.
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Bar Chatter by dwight_ew
Bar Chatter, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

Want something like this on your own home's walls?

Yes, I'm still taking commissions.

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Memorables from Little Mosque on the Prairie's latest installment on CBC TV, "The Archdeacon Cometh":

- Rev. Duncan McGee: "Christianity didn't survive two thousand years by being charitable."

- Amir Raashid: "The question is one of ethics."
Yasir Hamoudi: "The question is 'can we get away with it?'"

- Just about any exchange between Fatima Dinssa and Fred Tupper. Comedy gold, those barbs they were slinging back and forth.

Moving on...I've posted something from my sketchbooks inspired by Eddy Newell's work on Black Lightning with Tony Isabella. I like that costume design. Apologies to Ed Benes and Brad Metzler, but I do like it still.

I am unsurprised by the way Marvel ended Civil War this week. The old Samuel Delany saw about inconclusive endings still works for me here. Still uneasy about Omega Flight. Like Puck said to Sasquatch a long time ago, a lot of people busted their buns to get Alpha Flight back again. They want to read Alpha Flight.


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