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Been trying to get back to illustration practice, but maintaining focus these days is difficult outside of the day job. And even there, focus is a continuing issue. Maybe tomorrow night?
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Inspired by watching Legends of Tomorrow on TV. Pencil sketch.
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I admit to being out of practice.
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More practice time with Manga Studio today. Actually feels like I'm getting somewhere with this. It's slow, but that's alright.
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"Marvel Movies" version here. Explanation in detail on the Flickr page at the other end of the link.

Thor - Pencil Test 1
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It amuses me to keep playing with this. I learn things from this project. It won't earn me any money (unless someone with hiring power thinks this is evidence that I will be Useful), but learning from the work is fun and useful anyway. "Fan art" is good practice.

As ever, if Disney/Marvel wants me to take it down, I'm not exactly lacking in ways to be reached.

As for the rest of you, if you've any suggestions on stuff I should add/remove before locking this down, please do post in the comments.

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One of my favourites of the old guard SHIELD comics characters. She's gone missing in the course of the changing of the guard these last few years since Secret Warriors ended, but I hope Marvel's got long-term plans for her. (As in "not killing her off"?)

Val di Fontaine
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Continuing the practice...getting the guidelines for the deck lines into place, streamlining the dorsal radome, adding transverse bulkheads (but not prepared to die over specific placement)...

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This has been gnawing at my brain for a while now. If a classic Kirby-style Helicarrier is as long as a Nimitz-class CVN, what should the innards look like in a "Master Systems Display"-type cutaway, such as you'll see on the TNG/DS9/VOY-era Star Trek shows?

So I took scans of Eliot Brown's work - other people had put them up years earlier - and started running with them.

The dorsal radome encasing the "island" needs work to make it symmetrical, and there's a lot of work after that to get it to the level of an Okuda or a Hansen...


Note to Disney/Marvel legal staff: If you'd rather, I'll take this down. I hope you'll leave it be, as I need the mental exercise of this project.
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Making a little more progress on that Legion-era map from "Earth-TMK"!

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Attended my first ever InDesign User Group session tonight. We got some explanation on how to link other programs' files into *.indd projects so that updates in their software-of-origin can be automatically reflected in the InDesign file as one goes. It is basic stuff and while you can do this with other software suites, where CS4's abilities are concerned...learning how to do anything the Adobe way after years of Corel is all still fairly new to me.

I'll be attending the November Comix Jam tomorrow night at the Shanghai Restaurant. Suzanne Marsden's announced that this'll be the last one of 2009, so...

Noticing that CBC's TV arm has improved its Nielsen performance of late. I'm glad to see it, and I'm also fully convinced that the privately-owned TV networks' leaders will never forgive this "sin" by the Crown-owned broadcaster against them. At least no more than they have any of the previous instances.

My favourite retail-bought calendar is getting the go-signal for a 2011 edition: Star Trek: Ships of the Line. Word straight from one of the participating artists, Doug Drexler! *happy dance!*

Sitting down to shut up for a minute...
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...but not until later tonight, possibly tomorrow morning. I've got stuff to do this afternoon before I can post it.
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Je veut practiquer le français. Je l 'étuderai dans l'école secondaire en Saskatchewan, mais quand j'arriverai en Ottawa...jamais de practice! C'est mon erreur, oui?

Pour cette raison, ce "blog"? C'est une avantage que je veut exploiter, sans merci.

(Hoping I got the grammar and noun genders right! And figuring out the alt-codes for the accents in the age of Unicode ain't exactly easy anymore either!)


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