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Considering how Pyongyang occasionally makes noises about how mainland China is a "bad ally", and the fact that Beijing's a LOT closer to NK than the USA and Canada are...mainland China isn't a patron anymore. They're an extortion target.
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A definite sense of progress on this front. You look at all of this data in one place, and the sense of progress is there. No backsliding here. Not really...

Details from The Transport Politic under the cut )
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Every so often, you come across a map that makes you stop, think, scratch your brain-casing for half a minute - or perhaps five minutes - and leaves you either more or less confused about your place in the worlds.

One such map came to my attention two days ago, by way of one of my acquaintances at the National Capital Freenet. Pointing to an article in the Tyee, that attention was drawn to a map done up for an author named Colin Woodward, so that he could present his case that North America from Mexico's southern border up to the Arctic Sea was not quite made up of three nations, but rather eleven cultural groups.

And this puts me back to discussions I've had with [ profile] joe_szilagyi, [ profile] james_nicoll and a couple of other people about the possible futures of North America in general, and of the USA and Canada in particular. Some of those discussions were echoes of the Ex Unum Pluribus project, others of the US of Canada/Jesusland map.

I'm not really convinced that either of those latter two options are going to happen. Certainly not as proposed. If the like happens, it'll be by a series of incidents and accidents will only look inevitable after the fact in the eyes of historians.

Still, it's useful on occasion to look at where you are, but through other people's eyes. Especially as a student of speculative fiction.  
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Whether or not this is a good trend, I'm not entirely sure yet. But [ profile] rfmcdpei noticed a couple of links and maps and such that caught my attention.

Those of you of a geographical mindset, and an eye on fictional works, might want a look-see at this stuff, too.


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