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On fictional user interface design for film and TV:

On Brexit's campaign against anti-corruption efforts (and yes, I wrote that as intended):
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1. This is from September 2016, but I note this for curiosity's sake. I didn't know our Mint did coins for other countries, nor did I know they were in the transit token game, and that where Toronto's moving away from them, Winnipeg's moving towards them.

2. Hoping the documentary this discusses - made by the same people who did Helvetica - gets into the main cinema chains, not just the repertory movie houses.
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Perception was kind enough to upload a case study of their work on Batman v Superman this week. That case study includes a map of the Metropolis-Gotham region as envisioned for the movies DC and WB have been making.

That map clearly does not hew to the maps of the two cities as published in the comics over the last couple of decades. Granted, the production team had the right to plant the two super-cities ten miles and a harbour apart from each other. Speaking for myself alone, I'd hoped that Byrne's Six Boroughs as originally drawn up for Metropolis in 1986, as well as the islands of Eliot Brown's 2000 map of Gotham could've made the cut.

Oh well...this is its own thing to begin with.

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So there's this article on Fast Company's design section today that Todd Maffin pointed out via the CBC Fan Club's Google Plus feed. It's about the CBC's logo redesign from 1974, as engineered by the team led by one Burton Kramer. The reworking of the visual style of CBC's brand was hitting the airwaves back when I was getting settled into Regina after my father got transferred from Selkirk. Space: 1999 was also premiering on the Ceeb around the same time here in Canada. So, small wonder that, between those factors and others, I started getting hooked on typography and graphic design around that point, despite not having clue one what those things were until I got into high school and one of my arts teachers introduced me to Letraset catalogues.

Anyway. Back on point.

To quote:

"Now, following the unlikely trend of republishing vintage standards manuals, a group of design-loving Canadians are trying to bring Kramer's 1974 CBC Graphic Standards Manual to Kickstarter."

The details of the Kickstarter campaign are here. CBC is interested, according to the guy working on pulling this together - a gentlebeing named Adrian Jean - but they want to know how widespread that interest is. first. I've already signed onto the pledge (despite not being sure that I'll be able to put up the money when the time comes), and I'm hopeful that interest will go well beyond the extent needed for a "limited edition" reprint. This is a piece of Canadian cultural and graphic design history we're talking about here. I want to see this in regular bookstores, in public and school libraries, far and wide, across the country.

How about it?

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According to CTV's Atlantic News web service, today is National Superhero Day.

Speaking of celebrations: tomorrow will be a big day for independent bookstores in Canada and the USA.

The Intercept reports on...interventions in the communications of convicts' families on social media. The potential consequences for all involved seem Problematic at best to my eyes. That the examples under discussion are in Texas does not make the matter less relevant.

On mapping the now and the possible future, there is a book that I now want: Connectography.
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More practice time with Manga Studio today. Actually feels like I'm getting somewhere with this. It's slow, but that's alright.
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For this morning's entertainment, something I stumbled across with the help of the Evening Standard. I've seen episodes of only a near-literal handful of the shows referenced in this map, but it's a fascinating document in any case. I think I've seen similar maps for The Fugitive (original series), for SF&F-specific shows filmed across North America, and for TV shows and movies filmed in the Vancouver and Toronto regions as well.
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So, here's what I ended up with by dealing with those three questions in one exercise:

Friendlist Residency
Note: if you're on my Facebook friendlist and you live in Gatineau, Québec? You should be part of the blue pie slice.
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Inspired by the news that the script for Infinity War I and II is cleared to use 67 characters from the various comics series:

Admittedly, the running time on the label design is a guesstimate on my part. I rummaged through my DVD collection and went with something in the range that arose from that.
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It amuses me to keep playing with this. I learn things from this project. It won't earn me any money (unless someone with hiring power thinks this is evidence that I will be Useful), but learning from the work is fun and useful anyway. "Fan art" is good practice.

As ever, if Disney/Marvel wants me to take it down, I'm not exactly lacking in ways to be reached.

As for the rest of you, if you've any suggestions on stuff I should add/remove before locking this down, please do post in the comments.

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Other people are getting far worse than this across the planet. Which annoys me on a continuing basis, but there's stuff closer to home that bugs me in a more immediate way and not for the first time either.

Ice pellets.

It's a petty annoyance, for which I apologize for venting about here. But it's there. I'll be going out to de-ice the driveway in a few minutes after I finish with the map infographics tutorial video series I'm watching on YouTube at the moment...
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Spoilers highly probable here, so...Some stuff about mapping post-climate derangement in a Doctor Who story... )

Anyway, there's my nerdiness for the afternoon. Back to job searching. Unless you think this qualifies me for a job with your TV or movie project? (Doubtful, but miracles happen in other areas of life.)
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Call for advice re: language-switching in interface design. Assuming a multilingual crew, and the desirability to be able to switch a given console between users' languages at need/whim, has anyone figured out a good visual shorthand for specific languages? Say, if I want hot buttons for the six official languages of the United Nations plus a handful of the more heavily used alternatives (and one button for "all the rest that our OS programmers could anticipate agent-crew using")?

Also noting: Stratum family fonts are great for text in languages using the Latin alphabet, but limited to that writing system.
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Seeing as the Bay's in the process of taking down all the "old" signage featuring "the Bay/la Baie" wordmark with the stylized "B" looking like a ribbon and replacing it with a wordmark more appropriate to the side of a passenger rail car circa 1900 or so - check, particularly their "Railroad Roman" family to see what I mean - I was wondering about this: back in 1965, when the Bay was unveiling that earlier wordmark, there must have been TV ads promoting the then-new corporate identity. Has any of the footage from those ads survived into the present?
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This may be subject to revision by the various TV series and/or movies. If it does get revised anywhere in the next five years, it'll be in the Black Panther movie set for 2018.

But if I've read the SHIELD Academy-issue periodic table from the Agents of SHIELD first-season episode "Seeds" correctly, Vibranium should be element 119. Period 8, Group 1.

Here's a reproduction of someone else's scan of that graphic. (Sorry that there isn't a better version available.)


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