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...of people to add to my Reading Page here.
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I knew him going back to the Usenet days on rec.arts.comics.* and I found out yesterday that he'd died over the weekend.

Still taking that news in, to be honest. And I'm still holding something for a friend of his, and we never got around to setting the delivery up.
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Happy birthday today, and many happier birthdays in the years to come, to [personal profile] devilc!

It's still good to know you, and I'm glad of that. Take care, okay?
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...going out to [personal profile] dianeduane and [personal profile] m_danson, seeing as your Occasions of Note fall a day apart from each other.

Hoping your days have been kind to each of you.
dewline: (celebration) [personal profile] jkcarrier!

Many happier birthdays to you!
dewline: (celebration) [personal profile] julian today!

Happier birthdays to you in the years to come, friend!
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[ profile] artbroken !

I may be leaving LJ behind, but not forgetting the friends and acquaintances I've made there...and yes, I know it's a couple of days early, but just in case...
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Could each of you reading this recommend to me one other Dreamwidth user that I should get acquainted with?
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...[personal profile] radiantfracture ! Good to see you here, and hopefully we can have some productive backchat over the months and years ahead!
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To [personal profile] mycroftca !  Good to see you too over here!

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To [personal profile] liabrown! We've known each other a long time as fellow comics fen, so it's good to see you over here now!
dewline: (salut) [personal profile] rfmcdonald ! We've known each other from LJ and FB for years and years, but good to get reacquainted hereabouts!
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To [personal profile] m_danson joining the party here, such as it presently is! Glad to see you!
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Happier birthdays to you in the years to come, Mari! 
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Noticed that Star-Lord # 1 has gotten to the stores today, so I'm hoping this is a good week for you overall! Happier birthdays to you in future!
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Hoping it's a good one today!
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Good to see both you and Galaxion going strong!


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