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...of people to add to my Reading Page here.
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Noting my copy of that issue of that magazine as being among today's casualties. Help?
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Just did some editing to restore legibility to my home website at NCF. I haven't been happy with it for a few weeks, for whatever that's worth. So hopefully, it's fixed now.

Also, looking to update the page devoted to local comics shops in Ottawa-Gatineau.
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Passing this along in case of anyone on my own friendlist who might have room in their lives for these two.

Originally posted by [ profile] james_nicoll at Any catless people in Southern Ontario who can help these cats?

From Facebook:

Meet NINA & MISTY~Beautiful MAIN Coon loving Cats.(London ON) LADY OWNER has DIED .... they need a loving caring person to take care of them..... so to all my fb friends, we need your help...we are two beautiful 14 yr old cats female (spayed) who need a home together..... or we will be put down and we have a lot of healthy life left in us both still, we are indoor cats only, we are kind, loving, and easy to look after so if you can open up your heart & home to us we would be forever grateful thank you I am trying to help a friend of a friend out, they need a home with no other pets. Or if you know someone who can help please let me know a gift certificate for food supply comes with these pretty gals, they deserve to live, they are so loving..... Thank you~! Please pass along and share because seriously time is critical .

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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You've all heard about the new Marvel movie based on the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, right?

One of the creators of one of the star characters is in need of ongoing help paying medical bills, and this is one of the ways you can help him out. There are other ways and I hope to pass the word about those as well. If you beat me to the punch by posting those links yourselves, I won't complain. At all.
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Apparently, a lot of pieces of Denys' original work disappeared in transit. Details here:

Considering that Denys co-created or visually influenced a tonne of my favourite characters over the last couple of decades in particular - including the Milestone/Dakotaverse roster - I would be pleased indeed to see these pieces returned to whence they came. Intact.
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Some of you on my LJ friendlist have family back in the Philippines. Some of you live there (still, I hope).

I'm going to see what I can do this week about heeding at least some of Tammy Pierce's advice re: the situation there.

For Canadians, here's our branch of the Red Cross, and here's the home page for OXFAM Canada.

Other stuff can wait a little while.
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I have sad news: that corpse that was found near South Keys Mall earlier today?

It was indeed the lady we've been hoping to find. Police press release link here for the details.

So now it's a search for evidence and/or witnesses. If you know anything about this that you suspect the police don't yet already know, I urge you to call, write or e-mail per the contact info in the above-linked press release.

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NOTE: Comments closed for this posting for reasons made sadly clear in the next.

...and while I don't recall having met this particular missing person, she's dear to at least one of my friendly acquaintances. So just in case this is of any help in finding her, preferably safe and well again...

Missing Person Poster here! )

If you've spotted this person wherever you are, please use the included contact info!
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149|365   collected works. by ssstevieb
149|365 collected works., a photo by ssstevieb on Flickr.

You've seen the CBC report. You've read the Citizen coverage, right?

Well, this is me trying to spread the word about one of my favourite hangouts in the city. My writing workshop, Pen and Paper, the one that [ profile] themoo37 runs and a few others on my friendlist also attend as time permits is endangered. They're in need of a rescue and as they've been good to me and friends of mine...well, this is me looking for help in helping them out. Whether it's one big buyer taking over the place, or a bunch of smaller investors not looking to take over but to help keep a good thing going...I don't think it'll matter to Christopher Smith and Craig Poile overmuch so long as it works.

The store's own website is here, if you want a look.

Soon, please?
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...because I've got dental bills to pay down and gifts to buy!

You've seen some of my pencil sketches and ink work if you've looked at the Flickr and Picasa galleries linked over on your right. I'm offering a chance to commission an original sketch!

Name your character or portrait subject. Penciled or inked, your choice. Price will be dependent on which medium and what size you want the sketch drawn on! Sketch card, 8.5 x 11, 9 x 12, and 11 x 17 are all options here.

How about it, people? Help me out here?

Contact me at "williams(dot)dwight(at-symbol)gmail(dot)com" with the subject header "Commissions", and let's get talking!
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A couple of them made a mess at the War Museum, and while I might prefer it be renamed the "Military History Museum" or some such thing, the place doesn't deserve the kind of disrespect it got from these two...persons.

Go have a look at the link. See if you recognize them. If you do, please call the police.

Thanks much for hearing me out.
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Karl Kesel's family is in an interesting place right now.

An adopted baby, weaned off of methadone addiction. This was an indirect consequence of his birth mother trying to get clear of an even worse addiction once she found out she was expecting a child. And now there are bills to pay.

I'm not sure that I'm in a position to help directly, but I've enjoyed Karl's work in print over the past couple of decades. So I'm passing the word along. Details are in the link to the CBR article. Do what you can, please, even if it's only further spreading the word yourselves...?

More on other topics later in the day...
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Just saw this report at CBC. Wondering if my NYC-based friends can link me to local news coverage online...?
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You know about my satellite blog over at Blogger/Blogspot, right? There's a link over in the sidebar to your right-hand side. If some of you would mind dropping in over there and posting a comment if you're of a mind to do so...?

It's getting annoying to deal with an attempted spam-post on an average of once a day currently.

More on other stuff hereabouts later...
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We've been lucky here in Ottawa. We have the Bytowne, the Mayfair's first digs in the Wyoming Park section of Old Ottawa South(IE: the part to the west of Bank Street), as well as their new digs at the Orleans Town Centre mall out here in my part of town. We've managed to save some of our old cinema treasures from wrecking balls.

There are people in South Korea less fortunate in this regard.

I'd be interested in suggestions on how to remedy this.
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Most of you have heard of, right?

Well, there's a Canadian arm of that operation, and they could use some major-league help right about now.

Details care of The Torontoist:


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