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As far as the Qatar blockade goes, I think we all know the real target: Al Jazeera.

Tony Burman lays out that case:
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Some articles that you might want to look at.

First, the redoubt-building going on here in Canada (buried in a long profile on Murdoch's sons...and why would any sane Canadian government want this family setting up a doomsday retreat here?

Then two items from NPR that speak to motive:
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As a sidebar to some of the recent confusion centred around several continuing stories in the news services: There's a "developing story" blurb that NPR tacks onto fast-moving stuff from time to time to caution readers/viewers/listeners with that I like for situations just like this one. Might be that it ought to become part of journalistic "best practice"...?
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...of pizza. Details in this article at

The Poynter Institute is among the news services - and teachers of journalistic skills - that I keep bookmarked on my web browser and visit less often than I really should. Especially in these times. Recommended reading.
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I'm adding Ricochet Media to my "Canadian News/Opinions" bookmark list. Seems like a good choice alongside, iPolitics, and so on.

Books I'm working on reading: 100 Days of Cree by Neal McLeod with Arok Wolvengrey, for indigenous language studies. The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D for psychological self-awareness and ability to get along with others.

Elizabeth May on an "Age of Consequences":

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Is anyone able to view that site right now? Anyone at all?
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Having read the CBC coverage of the verdict against Mohamed Fahmy and his colleagues Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed...I find my anger and fear burning a bit brighter tonight.
Ranting after the cut. )

And I think I'll leave it at that. Hoping to get back to less important topics before I call it a night. Comics or space opera, or maybe the Saskatchewan Roughriders...
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Russell McOrmond discusses the consequences of bad intellectual-property law for people in the real worlds. Digital Rights Management tech can and does get manipulated into backfiring.

Canadaland pursues the connections between the HarperGov and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Awaiting further revelations with some interest.

The CBC's Janyce McGregor explains why Canada probably shouldn't be quick to get rid of supply management in agriculture, whatever complaints various groups inside and outside of Canada may have about it. Would that such thinking had been heeded where the Canadian Wheat Board was concerned.
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Noticed a friend of mine from several writing workshops appearing on CBC News, but not for the writing work he's normally known across the country for. No, this time, he joined the ranks of the prey of the Parliament Hill Bird! Yikes!
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The best news-stand in the Glebe, no more, it seems. I bought comics, and newspapers. Magazines about architecture, computers, urban infrastructure, sports...books about the neighbourhoods of old Ottawa too, there, as well as mysteries and crime dramas by the Ladies' Killing Circle authors.

No more, it seems...

Hoping for a happy surprise anyway...
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Looking at this on the one hand:

[FORUM] Do you think Kazakhstan will be next after Ukraine?

And on the other, the first two tweets in this posting:

Mulling it all over...and thinking that - as I replied to the latter - Russia Today, Fox News, and Quebecor/Sun Media are all doing similar things right now for similar reasons. RT is the only one explicitly backed by a national government, but there is a similarilty to all three.
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Thanks to [ profile] rfmcdpei for this heads-up re: a forced switch of editorial endorsement over at the Globe and Mail!

Perhaps, given their announced target market as of October 2013, though, this should not be quite so much a surprise?

One more reason why I don't subscribe to that paper anymore, I suppose, never mind whether I could afford it or not.


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