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...and had an encounter with a grasshopper - has to have been at least a month since the last time I saw one in the neighbourhood! - and three bunnies. "Bunnies" as in "actual very young rabbits". If those three almost had heart attacks running away from me and my lawn mower, I can confirm that they were not alone in that. Seeing them running away...?

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You might be interested in this, depending on your mental health needs.

News report courtesy of CBC News Sudbury...
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Am I really the first Dreamwidth user to list Treknology as an interest?


Feb. 14th, 2017 10:44 pm
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Yeah. The big story just broke about DT's team being in contact with FSB in the months leading up to 8 Nov 2016. New York Times.

Avalanche time.

Justin Trudeau may be glad to be well clear of Washington right now.

And on such a note, I am going to try to sleep.

Good night, and good luck...
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...[personal profile] radiantfracture ! Good to see you here, and hopefully we can have some productive backchat over the months and years ahead!
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I now have, at this writing, 1,500 tags from which to choose for my blog entries. Exactly that.

This was a minor surprise.
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I just found out from David Brin over on Facebook that this is an unofficial thing, coinciding with Isaac Asimov's birthday.

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I plugged the search term into MyFonts today. Some interesting - and unexpected - results came back.

Miyagi for one. Stencil for another. For a third, Secret Service Typewriter.

Sure, there's a lot of stuff you would expect to find as well. But these three stood out as "out of expected place".

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Rehired six weeks later. Same place as before. Contract runs for eleven weeks, barring either early completion or extensions, either of which could happen.

So, barring a lotto win tonight, I'll be signing the paperwork tomorrow morning and starting back at my desk (or a smaller replacement - long story there) Monday morning. Consequently, I may be less talkative here on LJ for the next three months. Just so you know.

But I'll probably want to talk about other stuff after I get back from the dental checkup this afternoon.
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You may imagine my surprise upon reading this item by Peter Simpson for the Ottawa Citizen. I didn't know things had gotten that troubled. There were certainly warning signs such as the Orléans store closure and the reduction in on-shelf stock that I should have taken as being Important.

Disclosure: I have been a customer on an irregular basis ever since moving to Ottawa-Gatineau in 1985, and am nowhere near using up the supplies I've bought from Wallacks yet. When they're on top of their game (which has been normally the case) they have a solid product selection for artists working in non-digital media formats.
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Apparently, animating storyboards is now a Standard Operating Practice in the movie/TV business.

Example: The Mary Sue provides links to such videos for Captain America: the Winter Soldier.
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No, that was not a mistaken choice of words for a subject header. By way of explanation:

I'd have figured that guy for a movie gig first.
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About that ending?

I should've seen that coming.

Not Whitehall, mind you. What happened just before that.
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Looking back at what I know of the character of Peggy Carter, it's a bit of a surprise to see her achieve such commercial stature with Marvel's film and TV operations. And yet, such commercial success for a property deemed "obscure" by modern lights is hardly unknown to comics, is it?

(I use that phrasing for a reason. When Peggy was introduced in 1966, she was as high-profile as Pepper Potts, Sue Richards, or Betty Brant. No longer, at least in the comics, though...)

Take a look at DC's Animal Man. When Grant Morrison and Chas Truog turned their attention to Buddy Baker back in the late 1980's, "A-Man" was about as obscure as it got. Sure, there was that gathering of "Forgotten Heroes" in DC Comics Presents a year or two before the first Crisis maxi-series. But did anyone expect the book that Morrison and Truog started to last a decade and become a cornerstone of one of DC's most acclaimed lines of product?

Hope, yes. Expect? Probably not.

And yet it did.

Not quite sure how it happened, but there were enough happy coincidences to make it work.

And now it looks to be happening again, to Marvel's benefit.

Curious to see where and how this goes...
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I've agreed to try to design a font.

For a proposed Vietnamese alphabet.

It happened on's Facebook group. The original designer wants the Vietnamese language to end its dependence upon the Latin alphabet for various reasons of his own, and while I don't expect this to become a widespread thing if I manage to build it to his liking, I want the practice with TypeTool 3. It's been too long since I last worked with it.

Any and all positive vibes sent my way for this project are definitely welcome.
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Not sure how much of a surprise this was to me this morning as I read my e-mail and stuff before going off to work:

Considering that Marvel actually showed Northstar's marriage on-camera in Astonishing X-Men last year, I am surprised that this version of Batwoman wasn't to be accorded the same treatment.
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I tried ordering dinner from them tonight. Number's out of service. Twitter account's still there, albeit quiet for half a month and capped off by a tweet from Ottawa City Councillor Bob Monette mourning the end of the restaurant.



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