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...and yes, Hidden Figures was a Damn Fine Movie.

I was both educated and entertained as a direct consequence of watching _Hidden Figures_ tonight. It is my pleasure to note that, at Silver City Gloucester (as I still call it despite Cineplex and Scotiabank plastering the latter's name all over the building), the screening room in which I watched was filled almost to bursting. Maybe 10-15 seats left empty.

Two things about other matters whilst I further marshal my thoughts on that subject:

1. Mark Hamill's let the Trumpster loose again. Enjoy or not, as you will.

2. Frank Jacobs has noted "a masterclass in accidental nation-building" in the matter of San Escobar. Interesting, as a consequence of Poland facing similar issues as the USA, Hungary, the Philippines, and so on.
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Seriously. This is a map he'd claim justified the existence of the internet to begin with.

Explanations courtesy of Frank Jacobs at the Strange Maps blog.
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To my eyes, it's a "snapshot" map explaining a particular point in regional history. How these disputes end up resolving...?

*shrugs from a place of uncertainty*

Originally posted by [ profile] strangemaps at A Real Map of the Middle East

Years of war in the Middle East have erased old borders. Here is what the map currently looks like. 

Read More

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Today, here in Ottawa-Gatineau, we got thoroughly soaked. Rainfall warning, thunderstorm warning, special weather get the idea here.

Rewatched Star Trek XIII (AKA "Beyond") today in 2D format while the lightning played outside. Compliments again to designer Sean Hargreaves for their part in that movie.

If there's one question I'd put to Messrs. Pegg and Jung in their role as writers, it's this: if you were using ST: Star Charts as your reference maps, where would you want the Yorktown Base/Altamid neighbourhood to fit into those maps?

Job search note: despite currently being employed, I am still actively looking. Alerts subscribed to via the federal job bank,, Workopolis, and a few other outfits.
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Perception was kind enough to upload a case study of their work on Batman v Superman this week. That case study includes a map of the Metropolis-Gotham region as envisioned for the movies DC and WB have been making.

That map clearly does not hew to the maps of the two cities as published in the comics over the last couple of decades. Granted, the production team had the right to plant the two super-cities ten miles and a harbour apart from each other. Speaking for myself alone, I'd hoped that Byrne's Six Boroughs as originally drawn up for Metropolis in 1986, as well as the islands of Eliot Brown's 2000 map of Gotham could've made the cut.

Oh well...this is its own thing to begin with.

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According to CTV's Atlantic News web service, today is National Superhero Day.

Speaking of celebrations: tomorrow will be a big day for independent bookstores in Canada and the USA.

The Intercept reports on...interventions in the communications of convicts' families on social media. The potential consequences for all involved seem Problematic at best to my eyes. That the examples under discussion are in Texas does not make the matter less relevant.

On mapping the now and the possible future, there is a book that I now want: Connectography.
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To give a sense of what was/is possible with the version of Gotham City I came to believe in as a result of working with Matt Brady on the Daily Planet Guide to Gotham...I found a map of the outline of Manhattan Island, and scaled it to match that of Eliot Brown's map.


The Gotham Islands may be shorter on the north-south axis, but far wider on the east-west axis. So there's still room for at least twenty numbered avenues, and my research into references in both visuals and dialogue in comics published between 1983 and 2011 have explicitly referred to a 33rd Avenue (Robin v.4 # 162).

Numbered streets...might be more difficult to manage, given that north-south axis mileage. We have references of those ranging from 2nd Street("A Lonely Place of Dying", where it meets 2nd Avenue at Apollo Square) to 242nd (Batgirl v.3 # 6).

There's probably several ways for a competent cartographer or graphic designer to render all of that somewhat consistant.

Note - 2 Jan 2016: I will have to find new homes for a few graphics once I torch my LJ account. Like this one. Good thing my Flickr account is still active.
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For this morning's entertainment, something I stumbled across with the help of the Evening Standard. I've seen episodes of only a near-literal handful of the shows referenced in this map, but it's a fascinating document in any case. I think I've seen similar maps for The Fugitive (original series), for SF&F-specific shows filmed across North America, and for TV shows and movies filmed in the Vancouver and Toronto regions as well.
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Tonight's topic of interest: wondering what lies on what Trekkers would call the border between Beta and Delta Quadrants of our Galaxy. I don't need exact coordinates of specific object to within a tenth of a light-year, but a general sense of what "landmarks" of interest to astronomers there are in that area.
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This does look familiar. How about you?

Originally posted by [ profile] strangemaps at Familiarity Breeds Cartography: A Map of Every City
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Other people are getting far worse than this across the planet. Which annoys me on a continuing basis, but there's stuff closer to home that bugs me in a more immediate way and not for the first time either.

Ice pellets.

It's a petty annoyance, for which I apologize for venting about here. But it's there. I'll be going out to de-ice the driveway in a few minutes after I finish with the map infographics tutorial video series I'm watching on YouTube at the moment...
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Spoilers highly probable here, so...Some stuff about mapping post-climate derangement in a Doctor Who story... )

Anyway, there's my nerdiness for the afternoon. Back to job searching. Unless you think this qualifies me for a job with your TV or movie project? (Doubtful, but miracles happen in other areas of life.)
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There was this on Wired.

Not the first time it's been done. The newspaper comics of the 1970's did it. So we know where Zack Snyder's getting some of his inspiration.

I just wish they'd stick with Eliot Brown's map in toto for Gotham, like they decided to stick with John Byrne's Six Boroughs for Metropolis in Man of Steel. As it is, we've seen from photos taken at location shoot sites that they cribbed the location names from that map, and are using a modified map of Detroit for Gotham to plant those names on.
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Wondering what's important enough to draw SHIELD's attention to Mary's Harbour, in Labrador. Or in Manitoba...?

Linking to a screen map of one of Coulson's maps...
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Random stuff is random.

I don't work nights, but I do wonder about similar consequences resulting from other ways of achieving lack of sleep.

There's a project in Toronto devoted to rethinking Toronto's history and culture...through its street names. It's got me wondering about Ottawa now.

Re: Alternative maps of Canada...the Huffington Post noticed something of interest happening on Reddit devoted to that subject. What changes would you make to our national map if you were of a mind?
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I keep thinking there's been a rough map marking out territories held by whom within the Marvel version of our galaxy. That it was published in a book written by Jonathan Hickman, and that it was relatively recent. Within, say, the last five years.

Google Image Search avails me naught.

Anyone? Am I misremembering this?
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I hope I'm not breaking the rules by doing this, but I need to do some more outreach, particularly by making note of a "portfolio" of sorts hiding in my Flickr sets:

For map designs:

More general computer-assisted design work (with some duplication from the first two sets):

I'm linking to this to show some range of skills available, if anyone here needs any extra help with projects that aren't particularly time-sensitive between now and the end of May. It's my hope that after the end of May, I can include those time-sensitive projects as well.

Hoping this is useful to at least one of you reading this LJ...


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