Labour Day

Sep. 4th, 2017 09:51 pm
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I did get to see the parade, didn't walk the whole route from City Hall to McNabb Park this year. I did manage to photograph - I hope - every contingent in the parade itself, and expect to have a selection of pix from that trip uploaded to Flickr within the next week or two.

More later...
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Ottawa Comiccon is this weekend, and among the actors named as guests at that event are the following:
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Alex Kingston
  • John Barrowman
We have enough "names" present in Ottawa-Gatineau as of this morning that we could have filmed an episode of Doctor Who entirely on location hereabouts. A script worth performing and a production team were unavailable, however.

Missed opportunity.

Much like the CBC letting the series escape to Space Channel...
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...for Dreamwidth users in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Naturally, it's called [community profile] ottawa_gatineau
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Devyn Barrie for asks: When it comes to police (in Ottawa), whose jurisdiction is it anyway? And it took a beaver on a freeway to get them asking.

From CBC's Sunday Edition: Michael Enright on the Gumpians vs. the Trumpians.
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Worrying. Ottawa's about to dispense with paper bus passes in a couple of months, whether we like the idea or not...and I just e-mailed my city councillor about it.

Update 15 April 2017: My councillor just got back to me about it, and they're checking with people at OC Transpo about IT security measures and suchlike. More as it develops.
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Just before leaving the current day job for the weekend, I heard from Alan Neal on CBC Radio's All in a Day the following good news: Amal el-Mohtar, a local SF&F author, is a Hugo Award nominee!

Confirmation from the author...

Wishing her the best of luck!
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Are there any such groups hereabouts?
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The first place that ever sold me Mac gear was the Mac Group. Back then, they were a second-story walkup in an office building off of Gladstone, near the city's traffic management centre and the O-Train tracks. I still have that machine.

They're apparently gone now. Three moves later, and the website's gone, the phone number is "this cellular number is currently unassigned" and their Facebook page has been left fallow for two years, apparently.

Last I visited them, they were in a second-story walk-up off of Nelson near the Rideau Library.

I miss them.
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[syndicated profile] spacingottawa_feed is now a thing here on Dreamwidth. If you're interested in urban infrastructure in Ottawa-Gatineau...
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I went to the event described in this article:

I couldn't not go. Not with the news of acts of vandalism across the city, and the ongoing concerns about the US political situation that many see as one of the triggers of these crimes. It helped me with my anxiety issues for several good hours.

I hope that I was of help to others by being there.

Something I was reminded of this morning, via the CBC's Sunday Edition. You won't agree with all the choices of the authors on that list and that's right and proper, but maybe it'll start a discussion of equally helpful alternatives or additions.
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My concern and complaint is that it is planned to make the usage of Presto in place of all other forms of bus pass and payment inescapable. As someone whose employment situation is Precarious at best (capitalization intended), I fear for my ability to pay for bus transit without needing access to the Internet at all times. I cannot and must not rely upon being able to afford such technologies, whether by desktop, laptop, tablet or "cleverphone".

Also, the paper bus pass as I have used it this past quarter-century allows for the chance that if lost, it can be returned directly to me via Canada Post. I am not convinced that the security of Presto is as valuable as this. I like the additional security of photo ID.

That you believe your plans too far along to be halted or dismantled now is understood. That your plans should not seek to go in this direction should be understood by those in charge at OC Transpo and at City Hall.

I intend to post this on my weblog "On the DEWLine" at Livejournal.
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And now we have twelve candidate-sites for the next Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Personally, I'm good with options 2 through 7.
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Finally getting around to a project for the "Street Names" series that's been nagging at my backbrain for a few months now. A little bit of historical advocacy and opinionation on my part, to be honest. Further details as soon as I'm able to announce.

In the meantime, I continue to recommend the rest of the content of Spacing Ottawa as a source of inspiration for discussion and debate about how we should continue to (re)build the Ottawa-Gatineau region.
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Noting a few other things for the record...

Starting with the city's announcement of an environmental assessment as a prelude to possibly extending the Confederation Line of the O-Train network to the Canadian Tire Centre(AKA Corel Centre AKA Palladium). If this goes all the way to actually building the tracks and running the trains, there'll be a lot of happier hockey and music fans in this city. Especially out here on the eastern end, owing to the current transit times via the 4xx-series bus routes that feed that stadium on game and concert nights. And even if the Ottawa Senators do end up moving from Kanata's Palladium Drive to Lebreton Flats as many hope, the convenience will still be there for many on the western end of the line.

(Sidebar 1: And I can't see the CTC not still being useful for all manner of major public events for the next couple of decades in any case. Provided the facility is properly cared for by whoever owns it. Yes, that's a piece of advice to the owners I want to see heeded.)

(Sidebar 2: As soon as I see a link to City Hall's page(s) on the matter, I'll set that up here.)

Back to those Unrealistic Expectations held by OC Transpo management.

They're hoping to be rid of paper tickets and bus passes forever, with all regular users forced into the Presto card system. Effective next year.

Not a welcome idea. I want those physical proofs of payment, partly as souvenirs in their own right, partly as tax paperwork documentation. Because tax credits for public transit usage. And because the Presto system requires using the internet to pay the monthly fare. I don't know that I'll be able to maintain my own access to the internet until I'm physically unable to use public transit anymore (hopefully due to extreme old age). More to the point, there are many other people across this city who share such financial uncertainties for any combination of reasons. And even if we can figure that out, internet access can be denied to entire populations due to accident or malice. We've seen an example of the kinds of unexpected infrastructure issues that can pop up today with the Rideau Street Sinkhole Incident.

Better to leave transit users the option of paying for hardcopy bus passes for the long term. Much better.

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We now have a clearer sense of how OC Transpo plans to act over the next two years or so as they bring the Confederation Line of the O-Train network online. Some of which makes sense, and some of which strikes me as problematic.

Renumbering of routes, fine. There'll be some weeks of confusion over that, no matter the amount of publicity ahead of time. It can be reduced but won't be completely eliminated. We can cope with this.

Fare reductions for monthly bus passes strike this chronically underemployed citizen as an outright boon. Even though I wonder about the consequences of ending Express routes, it's a financial improvement.

Here's a thing that disturbs me, though, and I ask CBC News to forgive me the direct quotation:

The arrival of light rail in 2018 will save the transit service $14 to $15 million per year in operational costs, Manconi said, because each train will do the job of eight articulated buses, requiring fewer operators.

"There will be a reduction of the workforce. We're just finalizing those numbers now," said Manconi. "We're going to work collaboratively with the union and respect how we do that with our employees and look at various options."

I don't think they fully understand the consequences that many of us are hoping for. Specifically, I'd like to see more trip frequency for local routes within the various neighbourhoods across the city. Also, better connections between neighbourhoods that won't be as well served by usage of the LRT "spinal" routes that we will have starting in 2018. Say, if you want to get from Stittsville to Manotick, or from Orléans to Alta Vista but not by taking the O-Train.

So I can't see a reduction in the work force - drivers, mechanics, etc. - as really being a tolerable option. Logistically or politically. Admittedly, this is an instinctive response on my part, so I expect to see additional information that might answer such concerns.


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