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I have to wonder if - with today's installment of Candorville - Lemont (and series author Darrin Bell) isn't being a tad too optimistic with panel five about the indigenous peoples of North America if the American Revolution hadn't come off as it did in reality. We'd still have people who thought like Sir John A. Macdonald and Duncan Campbell Scott and Philip Sheridan did, although the specific people in power enforcing such atrocities as settlers' law would likely be different.

As for the rest of it?
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Good morning, and good luck.

As we consider how to spend what we can of today that's not set aside for anything else on this International Women's Day, here's an opinion piece filed with CBC News by Rosemary Westwood for our shared consideration:
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A question for the Leonard Cohen fans in the room: if you were to pick from the cover versions of "Who By Fire?" available to us all, which would you consider the best possible at present? You're quite welcome to change your minds later, or to object to the question itself if you've a mind to do so.
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Let that baseball team rebrand themselves as the Capes.


Because that city is where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first created the Superman franchise in its earliest form.

"The Cleveland Capes".

How does it sound?
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So I'm not alone in noticing the obvious.

I don't count the Ultron bodies, though. Single artificial intelligence directing them all, right?

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Had a thought...

...that is certainly in speculative/spoiler turf... )

And I'll just leave that there behind the cut. I'll probably edit that out in about a month after original posting, if that's alright.  
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Thanks to [ profile] rfmcdpei for reminding me that this is a reality:

[ profile] davidbrin has pointed out such issues more than once on his own weblog, of course, but the reminders are still useful. Especially where a law like the USA's Clayton Act is concerned. And since the USA has a federal election underway, maybe some renewed attention to the Clayton Act's enforcement - or lack of it - is due as part of the debates?
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Listening to this profile/interview from Ideas at the moment.

Food for thought. Long-term thought.
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The books we read all use a calendar system that puts events in the timeline on either side of the Battle of Yavin from A New Hope. I am becoming increasing convinced that the characters themselves are not using any such calendar-dating convention within the events of their lives.

What are some workable alternatives?
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It's a rare occasion when I find myself in disagreement with Rick Mercer, and even then, he usually makes a certain degree of sense.

This time, though, Scott Vrooman speaks more sensibly.

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Maybe this is something for Law and the Multiverse, the Legal Geeks and/or Bob Ingersoll. Or their Canadian counterparts, if such are willing to step up.

Is Laura "X-23" Kinney, the current Wolverine, legally entitled to Canadian citizenship?

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Had fun watching the latest installment of the series this week, including the genuinely disturbing content. Might be the Black Widow backstory, might be the Howlers, might be a few other things.

How about the rest of you?


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