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Yes, I saw some of his 007 work.

But for me? His Saintly adventures on the silver screens of our living rooms are worthy of our better attentions.

Vaya con dios, Sir Roger.


Mar. 21st, 2015 10:44 pm
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Well, as beginnings of spring go, this one in Ottawa-Gatineau's been perverse. Not for the first time, either. [ profile] jkahane noted that himself today. Yesterday, we had sunny and 5˚C. Almost perfect, seasonally speaking.


Well, we got something dancing on both sides of the freezing mark, and lots of unwanted snow. Unwanted in the urban portions, that is.

Our city's farm-owners will have their own ideas on the subject, and they'll have their reasoning well-marshalled. Given some of the strains they've been facing in recent years, I'm not inclined to whine overmuch about the situation.

Got some writing and sketching time in today as well as shopping and reading, which was good. Added Alias the Saint to my bookshelves last night after work, which was also good.

More as it comes to mind...
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Back at work two days now and I've finally started doing actual work. Certain paperwork, real and virtual, needed squaring away. Still surprised by the short notice of this rehire, but I can't afford to snub it. Ten weeks, right?


Looking forward to CAN-CON a week from tomorrow. Also, the Book Fair however shortly after that. And looking forward to having a realistic chance of finally filling out my Saint collection. Starting with the full text of Enter the Saint.

More and hopefully more coherent chatter later on in the weekend.
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It's my pleasure to inform Mr. Barer - as well as other fans of the Saint more closely located in my acquaintance here on Livejournal and elsewhere - that a copy of his book, The Saint - A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television as published in 1993 is now in the collection of the Ottawa Public Library, and that at present, said book is sitting next to my laptop computer.

It already looks fairly thorough at first glance, and I look forward to further study and enjoyment as time permits.
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Tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of Leslie Charteris' death.

The remembrance of that news was prompted by Ian Dickerson's discovery of a Hungarian article noting the fact.

Digging up one of my Saint books later today or tonight to mark the occasion.

(At least the novels are coming back into print again.)
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Some of you may recall an interest in the various iterations of the Robin Hood of Modern Crime. Yes?

Well, feast your eyes upon this bit of Saintly video promotion.

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One: principal photography began today on the newest TV adaptation of The Saint. Roger Moore is one of the people leading the team on the other side of the cameras this time 'round, with Adam Rayner playing Mr. Templar and Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm. At least one other role from the original canon has been cast as a certainty. If you've read the Holy Terror's original American adventures, you will have heard of NYPD inspector John Henry Fernack.

The other thing noticed is that Star Trek XII's latest trailer went live today. "Into Darkness" looks like it's going to be...interesting.

We'll see about both projects in due course...
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So...there's confirmation via Facebook from several long-time Saint Fans Who Should Know Such Things that The Saint in New Orleans is a definite "go".


I was kind of hoping for that Toronto deal to go through as previously announced, but so long as we get a good show out of what's being made now? I'll deal.

Still...The Saint in Toronto ain't a bad movie title either.

Maybe someday...?
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I had an opportunity, thanks to the local library, to lay hands on the above-named epistle, nearly fifteen years after first publication. The first new Saint story in over a decade, assuming we count the adaptation of a movie script that, after the same author got done his novelizing job, was almost thoroughly eviscerated of any references to the novels and short stories that inspired it by the time it reached the movie theatres. I think perhaps one Biblical quote that tied into The Last Hero managed to survive the filming, but I digress.

Some spoilers to follow... )
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Keeping an eye on the inbox today as I inks myself some more page art this afternoon.

Meanwhile, for fellow fen of [ profile] dduane - particularly those of you in the Ottawa-Gatineau area - I refer you to Perfect Books for her latest book, Omnitopia Dawn.

Also, trying to get a handle on news regarding the next TV incarnation of the Saint, and somewhat confused by what I've been reading today. Any clues you can forward would be deeply appreciated.
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Some quick notes:

For any Winnipeggers lurking here, if you want music about your hometown, go check out the other Mike Ford for the lyrics of Canada Needs You Volume Two. It sounds a lot better when the CD's playing than you might think. (Same goes for Montrealers, Newfoundlanders, anyone who was at Clayoquot Sound, and a slew of others...)

In case you're wondering, Christmas was kind enough. Mostly clothes, gift cards for bookstores, and some snacks. It'll do nicely.

A belated note: I've started up chat and photo-posting on DEWLiners for anyone interested.

As a longtime Saint fan, I've been wanting to see the tales of Simon Templar getting back into print. Seems as if it's about to finally happen. Anyone up for cueing up Edwin Astley's anthem for Roger Moore?

Back to you...


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