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I've just seen word on Facebook from Elliot S! Maggin and Paul Kupperberg. We've lost Len Wein today.

Details as we're able to get them...


Jul. 16th, 2017 05:29 pm
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George Romero is dead.

Martin Landau is dead.

The first woman to play the Doctor has been introduced as such to the worlds.

Seems like a day for milestones in science fiction and fantasy, yes?
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I knew him going back to the Usenet days on rec.arts.comics.* and I found out yesterday that he'd died over the weekend.

Still taking that news in, to be honest. And I'm still holding something for a friend of his, and we never got around to setting the delivery up.
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Laundry's done, and I'm just taking in the news and other chatter right now. Not sure I have enough brain for much else this afternoon.

Noting, however, the passing of Adam West. His version of the Batman was among the earliest I knew of. He was scheduled to visit Ottawa-Gatineau back in May of 2017 for a local convention, but cancelled at almost the last minute. I suppose we now know why that cancellation happened. Sad news about a man who entertained so many over the decades.
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And we've lost Chuck Berry and Berni Wrightson so far this weekend, among many others whose lives I know far less of.

Update 19 March 2017: Add Jimmy Breslin to that list. :-(
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We lost the man who gave us the Vinyl Cafe stories today.

I said he was the most ruthless storyteller we've yet produced as a country, and I stand by that. It was never a complaint, and I am glad to have been able to thank him via Canada Post while I still had the chance for all of that.

I miss him anyway.
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The reaving continues, it seems...

(Confirmed by CBC, BBC and too many other news services.)
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So I'm finding myself reading this retrospective/interview with Hugo Weaving on his career to date. Some comic book movie-watchers pay attention to a particular item re: The First Avenger.

Much respect to Mr. Weaving, and the Skull's first apparant MCU demise did seem ambiguously staged by design.

But maybe it's all the comebacks and "last stands" his character's comics counterpart has made over the decades since being revived in the 1960's, particularly the one in the latter group staged by J.M. deMatteis, Paul Neary and company in the 1980's. Frankly, I am feeling increasingly cheated by every revival of the Skull in the comics. The latest "How would the Skull take the "what would you do about Hitler if you could time-travel to his childhood" question and turn it on its head?" plotline now running in Steve Rogers: Captain America...even more disturbing in its way.

Anyway. I think I'd prefer to leave Weaving's performance in The First Avenger stand as its own thing.

Just a thought.
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Got to meet the man once in my life that I can remember. 2009, Montréal.

He did good work. Some of you will remember him as a friend, or at worst - I hope - a friendly competitor. Glad he was here.

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So this was the news dropped on us last night via the Canadian Media Guild's news feed:

Disturbing timing, although it's not as if this wasn't on the "intended results" list of those engineering the cuts to the federal share of CBC's annual budgets. As far as I know, CBC never owned the current Ottawa Broadcast Centre's home building. Despite the place being designed to serve the needs of the Ceeb, if the landlord wanted them out...?

Meanwhile, the coughing jags are still dropping further in frequency, although it seems like the severity level tries to compensate for that at times with more enthusiasm than I want.

*winces at the memory*

I'm still going back to work this morning, though.

At least the weather's been holding steady.

To those of you who were fans of Babe Ruth, my condolences on your loss today.

More on other stuff later...
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John Steed has indeed left the Ministry.

Reported by Macnee's own website. Confirmed by BBC and CBC news staff.

Granted, at 93, he had a good run. I would have liked to personally thank him for the fun he brought to my childhood via the television. But one cannot have everything...
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I just got the word in e-mail from Leslie Wilson at WritersFest. We've lost the festival's signature bookseller, David Dollin. Some of you who live in Ottawa will remember him working for years with the local Nicholas Hoare Books location on Sussex Drive across the street from the National Gallery. I'd bought more than a few tomes from him in both of his roles.

Details here.

OIWF is hosting a Celebration of Mr. Dollin's life.
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Found out over the radio this afternoon.
He had a long life and prosperity of several kinds.
May he now know peace and satisfaction.
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For me, it was Popeye. No apologies to anyone for that. He did the best he could with it, and I had fun watching it.

And now the man is gone.


I just get home from watching Guardians of the Galaxy a second time at the cinema. And this is one of the headlines of the evening.

He deserved a better exit.

I would've liked to thank him for Popeye before he left...
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Mourning the death of his family's last surviving goldfish this morning. "Goldie" - sadly I had a poor imagination for such namings - expired in its barrel overnight, causes suspected to include old age: it was close to 20 years old if a day.
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We have lost a giant today.


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