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Good morning, and good luck.

1. As an exploration of depictions of the divine to start this morning, and of indigenous perceptions of divinity...

2. RIP Stephen Furst, of St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5 fame.
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Laundry's done, and I'm just taking in the news and other chatter right now. Not sure I have enough brain for much else this afternoon.

Noting, however, the passing of Adam West. His version of the Batman was among the earliest I knew of. He was scheduled to visit Ottawa-Gatineau back in May of 2017 for a local convention, but cancelled at almost the last minute. I suppose we now know why that cancellation happened. Sad news about a man who entertained so many over the decades.
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Yes, I saw some of his 007 work.

But for me? His Saintly adventures on the silver screens of our living rooms are worthy of our better attentions.

Vaya con dios, Sir Roger.
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You know how for years, people wanted Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill play out the dialogue of The Killing Joke, and eventually we got that direct-to-video movie out of that desire of the audience?

Well, there's the first ten(?) pages of Jessica Jones # 8 from Marvel this past month. Two characters, Jones herself and Maria Hill, in Jessica's bathroom. Spoiler-free as I can make it, it's a combination plot-infodump, airing of grievances, confessionals, and contract negotiations between the two characters.

I would like to see/hear Krysten Ritter and Cobie Smulders play out that scene in character.
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...and yes, Hidden Figures was a Damn Fine Movie.

I was both educated and entertained as a direct consequence of watching _Hidden Figures_ tonight. It is my pleasure to note that, at Silver City Gloucester (as I still call it despite Cineplex and Scotiabank plastering the latter's name all over the building), the screening room in which I watched was filled almost to bursting. Maybe 10-15 seats left empty.

Two things about other matters whilst I further marshal my thoughts on that subject:

1. Mark Hamill's let the Trumpster loose again. Enjoy or not, as you will.

2. Frank Jacobs has noted "a masterclass in accidental nation-building" in the matter of San Escobar. Interesting, as a consequence of Poland facing similar issues as the USA, Hungary, the Philippines, and so on.
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...and Doctor Strange was as good as I'd hoped it would be. Yes, a tad formulaic, but at times like these days, there's a not-so-strange comfort in that aspect of it. Some good visual nods to Ditko's original design work in the 1960's comics work there. If anyone here has an opinion on the 3D-formatted edition, I'd be glad to read that, good or ill.

I've read on Facebook from several sources that William Christopher AKA Father Francis Mulcahy from M*A*S*H has died. He won't have been the last to die this year, but that hurts a lot of people across the planet anyway, because he and his colleagues on that series helped keep a lot of people from hurting worse than we already were for a couple of decades. Even after the series ended on CBS, because re-runs and later on, tapes and DVDs (and I assume iTunes and the like are keeping the effect going too now).

Thank you, Mr. Christopher.

There might be more later in the evening...
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In case anyone's wondering: I heard about her heart attack. I think the timing is rotten for her and for everyone else who cares one way or another about her. Including me, a complete stranger to her.

I hope she gets past this. Because a lot of people are going to need her. And she's going to need help too.

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From the Guardian: Mark Ruffalo - yes, the actor - on his visit to Standing Rock, ND. Interesting sidebar he mentions in passing: there's a Navajo-based company making solar panels.

Same newspaper: Apparently, there's a fight going on within the FBI over the 2016 USA presidential election at the moment.

On surveillance in Canada: Montréal police vs. journalists on the one hand (with commentary on the matter coming from, among others, Edward Snowden via videolink to McGill University), and CSIS accumulating metadata on a second hand. We'll assume there's additional arms waiting to be revealed, although I don't expect a reveal of HYDRA-style plotters behind any of our scenes. If anyone in Ottawa raises anything akin to the Skull and Tentacles on a flagpole anywhere near Parliament Hill, that will be a real shock. (Also, Disney will unleash something more fearsome than any army upon the perpetrators: intellectual property lawyers. And that will be the end of that scheme.)

Speaking of actors again: Emma Watson and a bunch of accomplices are trying to get conversations about literature going via the London Underground. I think we have enough notable authors scattered across Ottawa-Gatineau and beyond in both official languages and a couple of indigenous languages as well to get something similar going as well once the expansion of the O-Train network is truly underway. Mark Bourrie, the Ladies' Killing Circle, Jay Odjick, Marie Bilodeau, S.M. Carriere, Alex Binkley  and I expect there are others I'm forgetting (but not [ profile] ed_rex!)...and as for actors? We're growing that community, too.

On street names: Remember Ottawa's Central Park district near the Experimental Farm, with streets named in a New York theme? As a comics fan, I was tickled to see one of those side streets named for Gotham, but the people who live on Trump Avenue are getting annoyed at the heightened notoriety. The people running Ashcroft Development and Ottawa City Hall at the time the development was first approved might have some belated second thoughts about the naming, no? "Hillary" as an alternative, however, is already taken by a street in the Guildwood Estates area.

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So I'm finding myself reading this retrospective/interview with Hugo Weaving on his career to date. Some comic book movie-watchers pay attention to a particular item re: The First Avenger.

Much respect to Mr. Weaving, and the Skull's first apparant MCU demise did seem ambiguously staged by design.

But maybe it's all the comebacks and "last stands" his character's comics counterpart has made over the decades since being revived in the 1960's, particularly the one in the latter group staged by J.M. deMatteis, Paul Neary and company in the 1980's. Frankly, I am feeling increasingly cheated by every revival of the Skull in the comics. The latest "How would the Skull take the "what would you do about Hitler if you could time-travel to his childhood" question and turn it on its head?" plotline now running in Steve Rogers: Captain America...even more disturbing in its way.

Anyway. I think I'd prefer to leave Weaving's performance in The First Avenger stand as its own thing.

Just a thought.
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I've yet to see her work beyond cameos in more recent shows for TV and film, but this lady was the first to bring the character to live action.

I've no doubt she'll be missed.

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This was indeed my first movie to watch in 2016 at the cinema.

It builds upon the GQ article "Game Brain" by Jeanne Marie Laskas, dealing with brain damage as suffered by NFL players and documented in the research of Dr. Bennet Omalu.

Frankly, it hits a little too close to home. There was a point in my childhood where I was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers - yes, that goes against the grain of my CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders fandom, but I was in grade school then - and Mike Webster was the offensive center in those days.

Something else: Webster was played by - of all people! - David Morse. AKA "Dr. Jack Morrison" from St. Elsewhere...a show I watched fairly closely from the tail end of its first season right up to the Snow Globe Moment. Morse's performance, as much as Will Smith's, is an example of the chameleon skill one needs to disappear into any given role as an actor.

This movie is one more link in the chain of consequences working themselves out across North America as a result of Dr. Omalu's work on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The consequences have already reached from the NFL to the CFL and NHL as well as well as the leagues supplying those three organizations with their talent. Possibly other pro sports organizations as well.

I needed to see this. The ending is an uncertain one, and the topic sombre, but it matters.

I'll close with this note to Dr. Omalu on the off-chance that he should see this: thank you. You said a thing that we - humanity - needed to hear, however unpleasant it was.
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I enjoyed the audio by itself, last week. They just uploaded the video over the weekend.

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John Steed has indeed left the Ministry.

Reported by Macnee's own website. Confirmed by BBC and CBC news staff.

Granted, at 93, he had a good run. I would have liked to personally thank him for the fun he brought to my childhood via the television. But one cannot have everything...
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Elizabeth May and Ming-Na Wen. Conversing with each other in the same room. On whatever topics seem agreeable to them both.

It's an idea that amuses me. Also, I might learn from it.
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"Culturally, we live in an occupied country." - Eric Peterson to Candy Palmater during interview on Q today.
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No, that was not a mistaken choice of words for a subject header. By way of explanation:

I'd have figured that guy for a movie gig first.
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For me, it was Popeye. No apologies to anyone for that. He did the best he could with it, and I had fun watching it.

And now the man is gone.


I just get home from watching Guardians of the Galaxy a second time at the cinema. And this is one of the headlines of the evening.

He deserved a better exit.

I would've liked to thank him for Popeye before he left...


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