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Since the series is going to air on Space Channel here in Canada - thank the Great Bird, the Prophets, the Grand Material Continuum, Surak and Kahless for that! - I do plan to watch the series. I do not like this "streaming-subscription" business model.

Noting the first four episode titles per
  • The Vulcan Hello
  • Battle at the Binary Stars
  • Context is for Kings
  • The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

Some attention-getters as episode titles go, yes?
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Taking my cameras to the parade on Monday means charging up the battery pack on the current main workhorse camera, a Canon T5 - that's done - and three sets of AA batteries for the old Canon S5 IS, which is in progress now. I hope I've picked the right sets of AA batteries to recharge, because if I haven't and the workhorse's battery pack craps out?

Admittedly, that's an unlikely prospect. But one should always be prepared for that. Right?
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I was already planning to wake up at about 5 AM. Did NOT need the headache that actually woke me up about 30 minutes early.
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Frontier City by Shawn Micallef, one of the regulars contributing to Spacing's Toronto office.

The Revenge of Analog by David Sax. A discussion of the renewed value of actual, physical artifacts. Tapes, vinyl LPs, CDs, books, actual maps on actual get the idea.
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So, I've added a few more people to my circles here. This is good, friendly company being a happy consequence of rebuilding and renovating the internet presence of late. Thanks to you all for dropping by, and that includes the ones who quietly watch.

I should work up a good self-reintroduction, and probably will over the next day or two. Just...not tonight, okay?
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It looks and feels like progress towards having a "reading page" - I still want to say "friendlist" - with content dominated by fellow users rather than feeds from outside weblogs...particularly today. Wondering if later tonight or early tomorrow would be good for a self-reintroduction posting?
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They've got a new user agreement in place, a "non-valid" English translation of the Russian version, which SUP is claiming is the only valid version now.

So I'm done with LJ.
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Question: given the recent move of the Livejournal servers to Moscow, shall I shut down the Ottawa Fandom Community on LJ? Or try to migrate it to Dreamwidth?

Alternatively: There's some additional activity there, but the last time anyone other than me posted there was 2012. So, if anyone who's planning to hold onto their LJ account wants to keep it going, I'll transfer ownership.

Maybe [personal profile] ed_rex?
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I'm going out for therapy-through-shopping today. Not watching the news channels nor listening to the radio coverage. Tomorrow, it'll be back to semi-normal.
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..and I'm still alive. I'm still in Ottawa-Gatineau, which still exists in a still-independent Canada. For now.

I can make no guarantees about the future of myself, my cities and my country, of course. Not at the moment. But if there's a way for me to contribute to the survival of all three, I hope to be able to act on knowing it. If that reads as needlessly apocalyptic, I apologize in hope to everyone reading these words past at least 2018.

I note with some continuing interest in labour issues an interview with Unifor President Jerry Dias in yesterday's Toronto Star. Interest, and some hope, as I think we're not done with the issues Dias refers to just yet, in Canada or elsewhere. There are improvements that can be made to increase the satisfaction of workers and shareholders alike.

Also from the same newspaper, an article on the state of books and bookstores, in Canada and elsewhere that leaves me with some hope for the future of that business. I would be somewhat content to find myself as a staff person in a bookstore in the near future. I doubt that I'd like everything the work involves, but that's a peril of any line work. I could still console myself easily with being a productive person by helping others learn and be entertained. And if anyone wants to make the attempt in Ottawa east of the Greenbelt, let me know? The bus connections within this part of the city aren't perfect, but the price of bus passes is getting better for me.

Today's plans involve laundry, listening to The Sunday Edition and Cross-Country Checkup on CBC Radio One, and maybe some other chores as well. More as it develops, I'm sure.

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About the first: I'm not making any of those. Because I don't know if I'll end breaking them, whether by accident or necessity, before next year is out.

About the second: I'm going to close out this year by finally seeing Doctor Strange tonight. It's the last movie I've yet to see by design this year, having taken care of Rogue One the other week.

So those are some of my plans for the foreseeable future.
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Something to remember to keep doing as part of pursuing any of my goals.
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I'm the same "DEWLine" as on Livejournal, FYI.

Just signed onto Dreamwidth today. With developments of concern over at Livejournal during the final days of December 2016, it seems a good idea to set up a fallback position. This is it for the moment.
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I'm giving serious thought to seeing Miss Sloane next. Probably Rogue One after that. Then, Doctor Strange.

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Okay, so you've watched the video of that interview, right?

One of those stories, "Lost in Space", that he and Candy Palmater discussed had a premise that got me thinking. Conclusion I reached: someone, someday, is going to be the first of each of their peoples to go to space. Be they Haida, Inuit, nêhiyawak/Cree, Omàmiwininiwak/Algonquin, Mikmaq...each of them is going to have a first space traveller someday.

Mr. Hayden Taylor might get them thinking that way too. And planning ahead for it. Not a bad thing.
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Going to work as normal, but leaving early for the Eye Institute quarterly check-up. After that, dilation drops or not, I expect to go back to the office and do what I can for the rest of the work day. I promised as much.

Meantime, installing more brushes in MangaStudio/Clip Studio Paint tonight. Where to "file" the skin and hair "brushes"?
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I stuck close to home. Partly due to family gathering underway, partly finances, partly installing new brushes in Clip Studio/Manga Studio. The money situation is expected to improve somewhat shortly, but until it arrives, I've got other things to do as well.

Listening to Cross-Country Checkup on Radio One right now...
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Halfway done, and while yesterday was certainly busy - as will tomorrow with the parade - today is as yet uncertain. I might go to the ByMUG meeting, or stick close to home. Not sure yet.
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Some BBC Envy in play there, maybe?

I've mentioned thoughts of mine on the subject of funding the Ceeb before, right? The entry's four years old, but the idea of just putting a "Point of first sale" levy on everything capable of receiving, storing, replaying, retransmitting, copying, printing out CBC content and leaving the garage sales, second-hand stores, pawn shops and whatever else out of it still strikes me as a logical and relatively non-intrusive one as opposed to the BBC's annual license fee system.

I do like the idea of expanding the range of coverage of the news division, not to mention making the CBC a cultural ambassador-brand to the rest of the planet. It's as good a goal as promoting national unity within Canada.

Will return to this topic again at some point, no doubt.

At least it'll be on a more hopeful note next time.
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And now we have twelve candidate-sites for the next Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Personally, I'm good with options 2 through 7.


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