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"Hotumn" continues in Ottawa-Gatineau. Sweat from scalp to soles is normal-abnormal right now. Sleep continues to be a luxury item by virtue of being a medical necessity.

The Invictus Games are underway in Toronto, as are the German elections, the continuing weather/climate turmoil in the Caribbean Islands, the post-quake trauma in several regions of Mexico...and on it goes. This world continues to be a busy place, defying anyone's ability to fully understand it at any one moment. I can still live with that.

The Big Event for me as a science fiction fan tonight is Star Trek: Discovery's opening episode, "The Vulcan Hello". I can't say that I'm pleased with the idea of the series being available by subscription-streaming over the Net everywhere else on the planet, but at least Canada's managed to avoid that for now via Space Channel.

Also, I'm still getting used to this being the first Trek branch-series filmed on soundstages outside the USA. In Toronto, of all places. Just over four hours away from me by passenger train. This wasn't a thing I'd ever really expected to happen. Sure, I'd imagined branch series created for every language in which Trek is watched these days in the places where those languages were most presently in use. Which was probably less than practical, even nowadays.

Not sure yet about the design aesthetics of the series, but we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to those maps they've been talking about in Lorca's ready room...


Feb. 20th, 2017 10:01 pm
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In case anyone's wondering: Ottawa-Gatineau's been enjoying a warm spell this past weekend. And it looks set to continue to the end of this week as well.

More later...
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Michael Enright speaks of a divide between nations, of music, of grief and joy.

Can-Con 2016 is wrapping up in Ottawa today. It's been fun, it's been a learning experience. And I should have left for home last night at least a half-hour earlier than I actually did.
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Today, here in Ottawa-Gatineau, we got thoroughly soaked. Rainfall warning, thunderstorm warning, special weather get the idea here.

Rewatched Star Trek XIII (AKA "Beyond") today in 2D format while the lightning played outside. Compliments again to designer Sean Hargreaves for their part in that movie.

If there's one question I'd put to Messrs. Pegg and Jung in their role as writers, it's this: if you were using ST: Star Charts as your reference maps, where would you want the Yorktown Base/Altamid neighbourhood to fit into those maps?

Job search note: despite currently being employed, I am still actively looking. Alerts subscribed to via the federal job bank,, Workopolis, and a few other outfits.
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Ten weeks to go.

We've almost gotten a bit of everything this week in terms of local weather, although the snow seems to have been unenthusiastic about showing up. This being mid-March, perhaps we should not be surprised by that.

More later, as it's too early in the morning and not enough time before I leave for the office to chat much.
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Much as I disagree with Henri, I feel obligated to share his assessment of spring, recorded in 2014 by the "Theiving Filmmaker" Will Braden, as an effort to acknowledge the considered opinions of dissidents regarding the season about to begin once more.

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For now at least. I understand somewhat better now why the makers of the family snowblower machine prefer that we not run it during rainfall immediately following a snowfall. Thankfully, the understanding has not required the destruction of the snowblower, but I'm going to give the machine another once-over later on today to make sure that the slush does not make further trouble for the rest of the machine in future usage.

Despite taking a new contract at an old job, I'll still be looking for better opportunities in the meantime. None of the alerts I've subscribed at Workopolis, Monster, or elsewhere will be cancelled. I simply can't afford it.

I hope to make time for further practice with my software and at the classic drafting table in the weeks ahead as well. I've got to get back in the game, not necessarily to become a rich(er) artist, but simply a more competent one. Again.

The details in those two paragraphs are general, broad-strokes goals for the next few months.

More on other matters of interest later...
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I'm going out to shovel the front walk. We had snow overnight, and now it's going to be raining on and off today.

Is that irony?


Feb. 13th, 2016 10:29 pm
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Spent maybe 30 minutes out of the house today. Grocery errand, really.

It hurt.

No, I don't really care for noticing the difference between actual temperature and perceived temperature after wind chill. Not tonight.
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Rain. In January. Again.

So I still got stuff done today.

Driveway shovelled.
New external hard drive.
New (used) cleverphone.
Groceries bought.
Library business squared away.

Oh, and I finally got the Hadfield autobiography today. Since I got it at the used bookstore attached to my local public library, that might count as a "cheat"...?
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Yesterday, I went to see that movie. Despite having one particular aspect of it spoiled for me by someone on my friendlist here, it was a good show. It looks like they took what pieces suited them from the old version of the Extended Universe, which bothers me less than some might say it ought to - and built something new upon the older movies.

Beyond that, I'll leave further discussion of the movie itself to the comments. Spoilers, it may be expected, can be discussed safely enough there.

[ profile] rfmcdpei has been noting over the last 24 hours or so about the weather and climate derangement and observing how up until overnight it's all been affecting Toronto. The effects have been similar in Ottawa, as [ profile] kallisti has noted in venues other than LJ. We finally started getting snow in amounts that look like it'll stay awhile. Environment Canada has a Freezing Rain warning in effect as I type this, so perhaps we might expect further complications to the situation to arrive later today.

Remembering what the weather was like in 2002 at this time of year, in the days between Christmas and Gregorian New Year's when my family was arranging for and carrying out my father's funeral...I am struck by the (probably imperfect) memory of how little snow there was at that point on the ground. I'd been doing a lot of shovelling and sweeping off of snow in the weeks leading up to the morning of his death - Christmas morning - but on those days immediately following, not anywhere near so much.

It seems to me that the pattern's continued ever since. And it's slowly getting more disturbing. Maybe the damage is already too far gone, but the work to at least slow down the pace of it getting worse should still continue. Because we might yet turn things around for future generations, or at worst buy them the time to bring their own genius to the problems.
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Other people are getting far worse than this across the planet. Which annoys me on a continuing basis, but there's stuff closer to home that bugs me in a more immediate way and not for the first time either.

Ice pellets.

It's a petty annoyance, for which I apologize for venting about here. But it's there. I'll be going out to de-ice the driveway in a few minutes after I finish with the map infographics tutorial video series I'm watching on YouTube at the moment...
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So. Allergy flareup to go with breakfast this morning. We had a thunderstorm that did not relieve the heat/humidity situation in Ottawa-Gatineau overnight. And Yvonne Craig, the first person to play the character we've known as Batgirl and Oracle - she only played the former incarnation because it was the late 1960's - is dead at 78.

Not the best of starts to this particular day. 
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Done with Facebook for now. Will do some more drawing after listening to "The Canadian Dream" and "Brother Down" by Sam Roberts. Call it a musical antidote to Harperlandish vibes of the day, magnified by the "heat warning" day we had here in Ottawa.
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...and I managed to get some shopping, laundry, and lawn-moving done anyway. I suppose I timed it well enough, avoiding the worst of it starting at 3 PM local time.

About scanner-printer combination devices: What's currently considered the best of such gear as can scan 11"x17" original boards? Opinions?

CBC's Cross-Country Checkup asks for your favourite summer reading recommendations this afternoon, heedless of the risk of trespassing on The Next Chapter's turf. Perhaps that's because The Next Chapter's on summer vacation and one of their past columnists, Randy Boyagoda, is part of the crew answering the phones today.
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It's started out with fog on my street, and while that's now faded as of 8 AM EST, I am wary of undertaking much shopping again. Glad I went to the concert honouring Oscar Peterson's 90th birthday at Elgin and Albert yesterday afternoon, let there be no doubt about that. But as I went about my shopping afterwards, let us just say that the walking was not comfortable. 
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So, mostly okay at the dentist. There's a "shadow" on the x-rays from last year that has yet to be looked at, but they're leaving it to me to set an appointment date. Which, under the new work circumstances, will likely have to be a Saturday morning if it's to be soon.

Oh well.

Weather is tolerable in terms of heat and humidity for Ottawa-Gatineau, but it's still early summer. We had some rain last night, but it lasted maybe six or eight hours. The sky was already clearing by 7 AM today.

Yes, I am staying in Ottawa-Gatineau. Not going to San Diego ever again for several reasons (including the news from earlier today). Can't be helped.

More on other topics later...
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I'm bracing to restart my job search tomorrow. My once-and-likely-future employers were making noises along the lines of "might be back in August, maybe in October, almost definitely next February". I intend to operate on the assumption that they won't be able to rehire me until they either phone or e-mail otherwise. Only makes sense, right?'s been going from one extreme of frost warnings last night to the other with 28℃ being the expected high temperature today. This is meteorological whiplash in action to some extent, although Ottawa-Gatineau hasn't been getting it nearly as badly as certain other regions of the planet in recent days.

Some stuff of interest in recent days:

A whole new look at Love Boat-type cruise line operations and the hazards the crew and passengers alike face, courtesy of

The Toronto Star just wrapped up a four-parter on the Precariate, those of us with less-than-stable work lives. (There's a fourth article in the series I can't yet find a link for.)

More later on other stuff...
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I saw my first ladybug and first housefly of the new season. Spring is indeed now underway.

Time to figure out my allergy response for the season, I suppose...


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