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Seriously. This is a map he'd claim justified the existence of the internet to begin with.

Explanations courtesy of Frank Jacobs at the Strange Maps blog.
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Found via Gawker Media's Foxtrot Alpha blog on military news and opinions (usually from a US perspective):

For the record: among the musicians that brought my father joy during his life was the Swedish band ABBA. I think he would've enjoyed this interpretation.
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Some friends of mine in ByMUG will be pleased with this.

Future stations and ships will, one suspects, have their own "sweet spots" for such projects.
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Taking a break from the job search and networking for a few minutes...

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Yeah, so you know I'd want to look at this from my postings about Helicarriers and starships...

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Ideally, similar to the old Discman devices. Must be capable of operating as radio and CD player. MP3s burnt to CD will be a bonus. 
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Apparently, there's this arcade on the river near Petrie Island out here in east Ottawa. Photos and audio by All in a Day host Alan Neal.

If you happen to be in Orléans over the weekend and have an interest in old-style video games, you might want to hurry over there.
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As I say to Mr. Hines directly in the original post's comments: I would object to specifying Snoopy as an incarnation of the Doctor. Otherwise, the theory as presented is entertainingly sound.

For your amusement, then...

Originally posted by [ profile] jimhines at Doctor Snoopy

I decided to go with a lighter blog post for today. Feel free to debate and discuss.


Proposal: Snoopy is actually a Time Lord. Probably the Doctor.


  1. Snoopy was first sighted on Earth in October of 1950, and was around for far longer than any known beagle. Also, his appearance changed over time. (But he’s always been a white male!)

    Snoopy 1950Snoopy Modern

  2. His dog house is canonically bigger on the inside.

    Snoopy Doghouse

  3. And it flies. (Though it doesn’t always take him where he intended to go.)

    Snoopy - Lost

  4. He is known to have traveled in space.

    Snoopy - Moon

  5. He has a companion, one he understands and communicates with despite their different languages. (TARDIS translation circuit?)

    Snoopy + Woodstock

  6. He owned a Van Gogh. (The link between Van Gogh and the Doctor has been well-established.)

    Snoopy Van Gogh

  7. He’s been known to wear bow ties.

    Snoopy - Bow Tie

Conclusion: Time Lord!

Doctor Snoopy

Snoopy as Doctor Who, by Kieron O’Gorman. Click the pic for the original artwork.

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

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Just noticed that it's been 20 years since Paul Gross and Mark Ruffalo worked together on the Due South episode "A Cop, A Mountie and a Baby".

Yes, that Mark Ruffalo.

And now there's reports of Marvel Studios maybe - maybe! - considering an Alpha Flight movie based on trademark filings from back in December 2013...and I'm getting weird vibes stumbling across the reminder of this historical fact from 1994.

It almost certainly amounts to bupkis in terms of any plans on Marvel's part. I'm likely doing what nerds often do: seeing patterns by accident.

But entertaining patterns, right?
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For your entertainment. You might recognize a few of these from various pop culture venues.

Subject to change, as ever...
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CBC Music's Tom Allen gives us a bit of musical history...presented in a somewhat unorthodox yet still logical fashion. Thanks to [ profile] robertjsawyer via his Facebook postings for this one.

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* The once and possibly future Chancellor Martok is now a legitimate politician on Earth.

* Two links of interest to people who like to look at "megaproject"-type technical art. In this case, we're talking about a proposal for mobile cities being discussed in both links:

I don't know that I'd want to see this sort of thing roaming around on Earth, but maybe we might find a use for the idea on Mars or elsewhere in Sol system. I'd imagine that [ profile] kgillen might be wanting a look at this in the wake of his "Iron Metropolitan" project in the pages of Iron Man.
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So this looks interesting:

More on other stuff to follow in between resume submissions...
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These people in the cast could script their own spinoff series, no one else needed.

Proof of argument:
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If there's one thing my friendlist here, the one over on Facebook, and contacts elsewhere across the Web have confirmed in my mind, it's this: comics are for everyone what wants 'em.

Or at least, they ought to be.

That includes women, people of "other" sexual identities, people from across the ethnic spectrum, across the religious spectrum, across the age ranges, et cetera.

What bugs me is that some people whom I thought knew this at least as well as I did, if not better than I do...well, it seems they don't know it very well. Or if they did, they've forgotten the fact.

Worse, it's not even a surprise. More like a nagging bout of anger at something that should've been behind us all by now.

Fortunately, other people are already calling that first bunch out on that point.

MyDearPeabody, keep on calling them out on it.

It's going to be part of how we keep growing the industry pie back to where it ought to be.

More on other stuff later.
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Yeah. I saw the news from BBC. Gonna miss Mr. Smith.


Idris Elba vs. Helen Mirren.

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She's been doing a good job as a fill-in host on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning today.

Yes, that Kathleen Edwards.


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