May. 26th, 2017 05:44 am
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Well, there went that hope for this hockey season.

More later, if I can focus the brain and energy enough after work tonight.
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1. The seventh game of the playoff series between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins starts tonight shortly after 8 PM EST.

2. Today is the 40th anniversary of the launch of Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) at the movie theatres.

The phrase "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'" comes to mind, and I expect I'm not alone in that.
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One: tonight's Doctor Who is an argument for labour unions if ever I've watched it.

Two: pleased by the Sens' game one results.
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I understand the Red Wings are moving out of Joe Louis Arena, which is then scheduled for demolition. The successor name is currently set to be named Little Caesar's Arena, after the US-based pizza chain.

This does not sit at all well with me.

Come on, Detroit. You know what the right name for that rink ought to be.

Gordie Howe Memorial Arena.

Don't mess this up. Please.

Yes, I'm grovelling here.

Update: I'm reading about the petition already underway on this issue. Thank you kindly. 
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To be blunt: I believe that CBC had its financial hands tied over the past decade with malice aforethought by the previous governing party, and the Rogers takeover of the Hockey Night in Canada brand was a consequence much desired by our most recent former Prime Minister. If not Rogers, then Bell. If not Bell, then Telus. But I believe that the fix was in to tear the brand out of CBC's hands.
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So, someone came up with an idea for a SHIELD-themed hockey jersey. They're not going to try selling it because of legal considerations, but aside from the comment I posted on that page...I have no complaints about the design. ;-)

One thing that it leaves me thinking about: house leagues. My Dad's old office had a "house" league for curling enthusiasts (and both my parents curled, FYI). Given the size of SHIELD as oft-depicted in the comics, I find it easy to imagine there being enough hockey fans in SHIELD to be able to put together a "house" league for that sport. (And curling, too, now that I think about it!)

The logistics of organizing games are...entertainingly problematic, shall we say?
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A good ending, and the Swedes - as with those who preceded them - fought well to the last second.

More on other matters as the day continues...
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Pleased with the news about womens' curling and womens' hockey, displeased with the news from Venezuela, Thailand, Ukraine and other places, and finding it difficult to think useful thoughts.

Also, remembering Dwayne McDuffie on his birthday today. Wishing he was still with us.
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How often do goalies get into fights these days?

dewline: (Sketching) looks as if we've another NHL lockout in progress and the next season is going to go the way a largish chunk of 2004-'05 did.

I've got two thoughts about that.

First, the CBC's response via Hockey Night in Canada? Divert all coverage to all the other hockey leagues in Canada. Or as close to "all" as logistically possible. AHL, LHNA, Canadian Women's Hockey League, the Canadian major-junior get the idea. We've got enough going on from coast to coast to coast right now that Hockey Night can manage well without the NHL and NHLPA. And we, the hockey-fannish public can use the additional education on what else is out there.

Second, I've heard stories about the two guys currently responsible for the Stanley Cup and their opinion on awarding the Cup to a worthy team outside of the NHL structure: that Brian O'Neill in particular openly stated that to do so would be to "demean" the trophy.


I know that the Stanley Cup predates the NHL. It was originally created as a "challenge" cup, for amateur teams to compete for. Whoever had it, they had to accept challenges for amateur hockey supremacy within Canada from whatever teams met the standards of the day on an annual basis. I've visited one of the institutions that won the Cup in the pre-NHL days: the Montréal Amateur Athletic Association. I saw the banners they used to hang in the front lobby in the days before they rebranded themselves and put said banners into long-term storage.


I agree with the Toronto Star editorial stance on this matter. Return to the pre-NHL tradition of the Stanley Cup, if only for one season. Award the Cup to a worthy non-NHL team for once. The League and Players' Association like can use the reminder of this particular history lesson.

Anyone else?
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This is new to me. [ profile] tombierbaum might be able to set me straight, though...?

Thanks to [ profile] coudal for pointing the blog out to me!

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Okay. So I'm going downtown again this morning to honour the occasion. There's a parade organized by a coalition of various unions' locals set to start at noon at Ottawa City Hall and run from there to McNabb Park. It seems proper to be there for this. Also, I'd recommend reading John Doyle's latest for the Globe and Mail on TV drama and comedy and the lack of material covering certain aspects of modern working life. On either side of the US-Canada border.

Preparations for CAN-CON 2011 continue and I'm confirmed to participate in several panel discussions there. I do not have a dealers' room table this year, but may consider it for next year's edition depending on scheduling and other factors yet to be figured out.

About yesterday's CFL (Canadian-rules football) match between Saskatchewan and Winnipeg(nicknamed the "Labour Day Classic"): I'm glad to see Saskatchewan break their losing streak. It was long overdue. But I remain disturbed by the anger that got vented at several points in the game. One Winnipeg player was ejected from the game, and towards the end of the final quarter, I was shocked by hostilities that reminded me of the bench-clearing brawls that often marked NHL playoff games in the mid-1970's. Scary.

And over to you for the moment. I'll be back later today.
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Today, hockey fen in Canada - particularly in Winnipeg - got some long-awaited good news. A perceived injustice lasting fifteen years has now been put to rights, or so they hope and celebrate.

Today, hockey fen in the States - particularly in Atlanta - got some long-feared bad news. And in their case, it's not the first time such news got delivered to their doorstep.

Let's show a bit of respect for the people who had to pay for our dreams coming true with the loss of some of theirs. They've put a lot into building first the Flames and then the Thrashers, after all.
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Don Cherry disappointed me the other day.

Don, speaking as both a hockey fan and one of the "artsy people"? You blew it. Big time.

A confession I've already made to the Toronto Star's Facebook people: I got a lot of drawing practice as a kid in grade school - we're talking grades 1-3 level here - drawing people playing hockey. The figure work wasn't much improved over "stick figure" levels and their chins were almost nonexistent. But this is what inspired me as a kid to draw like a comics-artist-in-training fiend. NHL hockey.

Just sad, Don. Really...sad.
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First, to the friends and acquaintances at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, I hope you're having fun! Even better if you're making good money off the show!

Second, to everyone in Canada reading this, wishing you the best of our Thanksgiving weekend!

Third, to any other Saskatchewan Roughrider fans reading this, here's to trouncing the Argos tonight!

Fourth, to the Ottawa Senators fans, the same goes vis-a-vis the Maple Leafs!

More later as it comes to me...unless you beat me to the mark, of course...
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Progress report: Kagemono project is now 40 % done. Pencils on page three begin tonight after supper.

Other items of interest...

Vicky Smallman comments on the perceived value of lawn signs to modern political campaigners, and on how the Ottawa election may yet go to at least one dog at Spacing Ottawa.

Looks like we've got a 15-planets-reported week at Including those seven orbiting HD 10180! More info at here.

Hockey Night in Canada
has set its 2010-'11 schedule.

More as it occurs to any or all of us...

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...and now it looks like the Sens are turning it around tonight. The game will likely end before most of you see this, so the perils of predicting with a hopeful heart are definitely in full effect here.

Oh well. What are you going to do, right?

Moving along: my keeping an eye on the [syndicated profile] strange_maps_feed feed has led me to a new treasure in mythical and other alternative geographies: the Lost States Flickr Blog. There's apparently a book of the same ilk as the Flickr account, so expect me to look into that too.

Still putting together designs for the space opera OGN proposal.

Back to you...
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Originally uploaded by dwight_ew
I found it on the front doors of the Maple Leaf Gardens.


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