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Considering how Pyongyang occasionally makes noises about how mainland China is a "bad ally", and the fact that Beijing's a LOT closer to NK than the USA and Canada are...mainland China isn't a patron anymore. They're an extortion target.
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Saša Petricic's analysis for CBC News:
Forget the 'farce' bluster, China received the tribunal ruling it dreaded -
Hague tribunal's ruling could push China to be even more assertive in South China Sea, expert says

From The Guardian:
Beijing rejects tribunal's ruling in South China Sea case
Xi Jinping says China’s ‘territorial sovereignty and marine rights’ in the seas will not be affected

What else could the bosses in Beijing hope expect? Surrender from Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and so on?

That wasn't going to happen.
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We had a bit of a blow-up at a press conference here in Ottawa last week involving Global Affairs Minister Stephane Dion and mainland China's Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi with iPolitics reporter Amanda Connolly. Something to do with whose idea of proper behaviour on the part of reporters should dominate press conferences held in Canada.

In my opinion: one of the more insightful commentaries on the incident and its immediate consequences was written up by CBC's Terry Milewski.

A word he taught me via that essay in the link that I need to remember: hòuyánwúchǐ. Apparently, it's roughly equivalent to the Yiddish word chutzpah.
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Just leaving this here:

Not saying I'm going to skip the movie. But I want it known that I've noticed this aspect of things too.

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Even if the people of mainland Zhong Guo - what anglophones still call "China" - and her satellite states are required to officially forget...I will not.

Nor will others who live outside her borders.

Wishing the people of those lands well in the years to come. Prosperity, peace of mind and heart, and truth to you all...
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Noticing that this month, my home website on National Capital FreeNet seems...inordinately popular with web surfers in mainland China. Not sure as to why that is.

The nation next in line with the most traceable visits to my NCF home page so far this month is the Russian Federation.

Usually, it's Canada, USA and a random European country in the top three slots.

Strongly inclined to worry over this.
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Xuelong (Snow Dragon) by Adolfo Arranz
Xuelong (Snow Dragon), a photo by Adolfo Arranz on Flickr.

Interesting. And we get all cranky - except for the Prime Minister's Office, right? - when the US does this sort of thing in the Northwest Passage.

Or did the people behind the Xuelong expedition clear this with Moskva(and other affected nations) first?

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It seems to have been a day for political thought of one sort or another. Certainly, my travels downtown this morning and afternoon are evidence enough of this trend.

Some additional detail and opinionation follow... )


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