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Wondering what the rules are where you live re: having a food-growing garden in your front yard...?
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So. More weirdness...which doesn't seem quite so weird now that I think it over a minute.

Consider: Marie Bilodeau was talking on Facebook earlier tonight about a major lack in our food services sector: ice cream delivered to your home, as you'd expect pizza or Chinese food.

She's absolutely right. This is a missed opportunity for someone in this city of ours.
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A BBC Four Video pointed out to me via a recent thread on [ profile] davidbrin's weblog:


Looked at this way, we're so blessedly close to an Ideal World right now...and yet we've got these details over here pointed out by [ profile] krugmanfeed to deal with too.

More on other topics in a bit.
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Winding down here. Long day's journey, and all of that.

Went from Software Freedom Day stuff at Carleton - which turned out to be small-scale, but informative and confusing by turns without losing its entertainment value - to Centretown's Bridgehead Coffeehouse for tea, roast chicken and potato salad and software updates, and thence to home again.

(One thing to be hoped for in the fall is that Bridgehead doesn't drop their summer drinks menu this time around, including something called a "vanilla crush". Milk, crushed ice, vanilla extract...mmmm. I expect that they will, however, partly for keeping things seasonal and to some extent ecologically responsible, too.)

I got some photography done today, too...which you can look at if you want... )

Happy sidebar note: [ profile] hawkward, I hope your birthday was a good one today!

And over to the rest of you...


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