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Listening to Cross-Country Checkup and its discussion on the consequences of the cancellation of the Energy East pipeline project.

Speaking for myself, whatever one thinks of climate derangement, I'm grateful for my lungs' sake for the cancellation decision.
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There are people not content with proposing that Canada Post start providing banking services again (as they used to do until 1968)...
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Do any of you know if gasoline or similar fuels are still being sold with lead additives of any sort anywhere outside of the US and Canada?
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This might solve a few NIMBY-type issues in a few places...or a lot of places.


Thanks to [ profile] saskboy_wp for the clue-in.
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[ profile] coffeeem points out that the capacity for anthropomorphizing is subtler than we might be comfortable admitting to. Particularly where a gadget like the Sandia Hand is concerned.

[ profile] rfmcdpei notes some of the technological limits still in play in the search for planets - life-bearing or not - that might be orbiting Barnard's Star. In passing, Alpha Centauri B is also discussed.

[ profile] james_nicoll draws our attention to a region of the Greater Magellanic Cloud that may not be a good place for humans - or any other kind of life we might consider possible - to call home.

[ profile] justinbeach argues against setting up ethanol plants anywhere, never mind his new home base of Oshawa. Your opinion may well vary. I'm wary, keeping in mind the possibility that there may be no good decision to take here.

Other stuff on other topics to follow...
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A friendly acquaintance of mine (and several others on my friendlist here at LJ) recently posted some interesting observations about the possible consequences of Obama's decision on the Keystone XL pipeline project.

I suspect that Alex is right on several points here, but I'd be interested in your perspective on his POV. Anyone?
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Personal opinion of one citizen, namely me:

It's not the first time we've seen this sort of misbehaviour out of our federal cabinet ministers, no matter which party they happen to be affiliated with at the time of their rudeness. But this case seems particularly Offensive to me:

Joe Oliver, our federal minister for natural resources, has gotten himself into a Mess with some of his latest remarks about critics and opponents of the various pipeline proposals for getting oil from the Alberta Tarsands to their several possible markets.

Slamming one and all with the "radical" label without regard to the reasons behind their critiques and opposition is, to my own mind, an Act of Rudeness. One for which he ought to apologize.

Not that I expect an apology. He is sending the message his Prime Minister wants delivered, after all.
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Go and look.

The war against the future continues onward. If it's allowed.
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And the big day itself is here for us.

Meantime...stumbled across the blog of one of my three most-favourite Blackhawk writers, Martin Pasko, the other day. (The other two being Messrs. Ostrander and Evanier.) Good to see he's still writing professionally, particularly his having worked with Bob Greenberger on the new Essential Superman Encyclopedia. Us continuity/trivia nutters cannot thrive properly without such toys of reference!

Good to see so many happy stories coming out of NYCC from so many of you, reading my blog or not. Gives me hope for a sane, comics-heavy future, I tell you.

Apparently, there are wind turbine blades being trafficked in North Dakota. Intriguing, this. I want to know the story behind that.

Speaking of other happy news: Robert J. Elisberg says something about his vision of the USA worth keeping in mind. Sounds not unlike a certain set of Canadian ideals, come to think it over.

More as it comes to mind...
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Summerside, PEI - a town I visited two summers ago - has got a wind farm going now.

Looks promising, judging by this CBC News item!

One more gift of the Season to the world at large...
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Stumbled across this one thanks to another discussion over at [ profile] james_nicoll's LJ. Chicken feathers for hydrogen fuel storage tech.

How seriously should we all take this particular item?


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