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Another long weekend over and done.

Didn't get a lot done to be honest. Some shopping errands, some photography, checking in with several friends...oh, and saw Atomic Blonde at the advice of several of you on Saturday night. Not a bad show.
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...and had an encounter with a grasshopper - has to have been at least a month since the last time I saw one in the neighbourhood! - and three bunnies. "Bunnies" as in "actual very young rabbits". If those three almost had heart attacks running away from me and my lawn mower, I can confirm that they were not alone in that. Seeing them running away...?

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Tried to nail down some further resources for mental self-care.
Got a haircut.
Checked in with several friends.
Applied for a half-dozen jobs (so far today).
Did continuing battle with bigots in the comments sections of several articles hosted on iPolitics-dot-ca.
Got some shopping done.

A productive day. So far.
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Got some shopping and a haircut done today. It had been a month or two since the last one, so it was starting to be time again. Also, for research purposes, managed to get ImagineFX # 137 in the mail this week. It's the one with the Ken Lashley-drawn image of T'Challa on the cover.

Looked into a new "halfway between point-and-shoot and SLR" camera today at a couple of places, as well as a new, slimmer "lightbox" gadget to either support or replace the 20-year-old classic lightbox. Looked at, but decided they'd best wait until the latest dental stuff's out of the way.

More later...

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I stuck close to home. Partly due to family gathering underway, partly finances, partly installing new brushes in Clip Studio/Manga Studio. The money situation is expected to improve somewhat shortly, but until it arrives, I've got other things to do as well.

Listening to Cross-Country Checkup on Radio One right now...
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Rain. In January. Again.

So I still got stuff done today.

Driveway shovelled.
New external hard drive.
New (used) cleverphone.
Groceries bought.
Library business squared away.

Oh, and I finally got the Hadfield autobiography today. Since I got it at the used bookstore attached to my local public library, that might count as a "cheat"...?
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Driveway cleared.
Laundry done.
Newspaper and groceries acquired.
Birthday present for relative now being sketched out.

A good morning and early afternoon so far.
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So...starting another week of job-hunting, chores, research, and so on.

Christmas week? Just another week full of all of the above. Also, remembering Dad anew, because 2002.

More on other stuff later...
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Chores accomplished today:

  • shopping

  • job-hunting, with applications filed

  • font design self-schooling in Typetool 3

  • research on typography, news, graphic design, pop culture

So far, so good.
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...and I managed to get some shopping, laundry, and lawn-moving done anyway. I suppose I timed it well enough, avoiding the worst of it starting at 3 PM local time.

About scanner-printer combination devices: What's currently considered the best of such gear as can scan 11"x17" original boards? Opinions?

CBC's Cross-Country Checkup asks for your favourite summer reading recommendations this afternoon, heedless of the risk of trespassing on The Next Chapter's turf. Perhaps that's because The Next Chapter's on summer vacation and one of their past columnists, Randy Boyagoda, is part of the crew answering the phones today.
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Today, I start with a couple of thoughts.

One: Vacuuming needs be done this morning.

Two: Railfest 33 over at Algonquin College sounds interesting. Hoping to attend at least part of the fun there today.

Three: Angela Merkel is Wrong.

More thoughts on other topics later...
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Okay. I'm drawing pages for [ profile] jasonfranks at the moment. Also, checking job boards for opportunities in the day-job world, helping out with gardening chores, and researching some of the topics I hope to be able to discuss in at least a semi-informed fashion at Can-Con. I was invited two nights ago by the organizers to sit on several panel discussions at that particular science-fiction/fantasy convention this year, and I said "yes".

Seems like a very good idea to learn what I can as fast as possible so that my opinions will be informed ones.
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Managed to get a longbox's worth of used books of assorted subjects, formats and sizes into the local library for them to find new homes for over the last week or so. A chunk of unwanted paper has been funnelled into the recycle bin, and some other books I've been wanting find to re-read have been rediscovered as a result. The basement sanctum is starting resume something resembling an orderly shape.

And another page of Local Hero is at least halfway drawn as of tonight. Took the better part of three days to fit in enough minutes around my other chores, errands, appointments and day-job hunting to get that far.

But at least I'm getting there.

More on other stuff later...


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