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Good morning, and good luck.

1. As an exploration of depictions of the divine to start this morning, and of indigenous perceptions of divinity...

2. RIP Stephen Furst, of St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5 fame.
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1. I just finished reading Babylon's Ashes from The Expanse series of novels, so I'm mostly caught up on the prose version. Excepting the various short stories, of course. Yet to start watching the first season DVD set, though, and would like to watch at least the first two episodes before the weekend's over.

2. The plan today includes finally watching Wonder Woman at a movie theatre.

3. Coping with assorted aches and pains in a low-volume continuing way. Welcome to normal human aging, Dwight.

4. Stuff you might want to listen to:

Alan Alda on Q

Josh Freed on The Current about queues

Clifford V. Johnson, Ph. D. on science depictions in movies and TV, which I particularly recommend for the interview's Agent Carter connection...
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You might be interested in this, depending on your mental health needs.

News report courtesy of CBC News Sudbury...
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The ultimate answer to “government is useless”

I may quibble on specific details, as an informed Canadian might, but I have no quarrel with it as a whole. I present the link for discussion in what I hope will be an informed way.

Art Note

Oct. 10th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Trying to install some page templates in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). Not finding the how-to guide very quickly.
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I'm adding Ricochet Media to my "Canadian News/Opinions" bookmark list. Seems like a good choice alongside, iPolitics, and so on.

Books I'm working on reading: 100 Days of Cree by Neal McLeod with Arok Wolvengrey, for indigenous language studies. The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D for psychological self-awareness and ability to get along with others.

Elizabeth May on an "Age of Consequences":

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The Pelling Lab is based out of the University of Ottawa, and they may be able to save you some grief in terms of downsizing when it comes to stuff that uses electricity if you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Details here:

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Listening to this profile/interview from Ideas at the moment.

Food for thought. Long-term thought.
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Other people are getting far worse than this across the planet. Which annoys me on a continuing basis, but there's stuff closer to home that bugs me in a more immediate way and not for the first time either.

Ice pellets.

It's a petty annoyance, for which I apologize for venting about here. But it's there. I'll be going out to de-ice the driveway in a few minutes after I finish with the map infographics tutorial video series I'm watching on YouTube at the moment...
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If you're interested in font design, and you've got close to an hour to spend...

It's part of the fontlabvideos channel on YouTube. I use Typetool 3 - a matter of budget-control vs. the instructor's usage of FontLab Studio 5. He can afford the high-end stuff. I couldn't when I made the decision of which program to buy for the Mac, and from what I'm learning, Typetool may be a little overpowered for my skill level anyway.

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For those of you not versed in the street maps of Ottawa the city, here's a bit more context. I started from Donald Plaza Mall and wound my way through the eastern reaches of Overbrook and Vanier to arrive at Myths, Legends and Heroes, the main comics shop in that part of Ottawa-Gatineau, and cheated with the help of OC Transpo to cover some side streets considered part of the Forbes/Cummings district sandwiched between Manor Park and old Cyrville.

My feet were annoyed with me for a few hours thereafter, but it was worth it to get a walkers' eye view of those parts of town.

All of this is going to be put to work on the "Street Names" project for Spacing Ottawa at some point, of course, and if I can cross that other item off my bucket list, there will be a proper book about street names across the city of Ottawa as well. Might be in tandem with a modern-style historical atlas, might not. The omens and cards are unclear on this point.  We do need one, and I'm not sure that Derek Hayes' approach might be the best for the purpose. There's one or two others that come to mind and they strike me as better-suited. Preferably purpose-designed maps. 
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Monseigneur Lemieux
Vincent Massey
de Lévis
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Street names photographed for the files:

  • Telesat

  • James Naismith (what there is of it)

  • Presland

  • Renouf

  • Whitton

  • Lola

  • Hart

  • Prince Albert

  • Queen Mary

  • King George

  • Glynn

  • Columbus

  • Donald

  • Père Charlebois

  • Eve

  • Beaudry

  • Quill

  • Vera

  • Ontario

  • Stevens

  • Washington

  • Carlotta

  • McArthur

  • Selkirk

Hoping to upload the pix within a week or so.
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Something that a friend of mine pointed out to me elsewhere on the Net: employers in the US are taking longer than they used to in order to fill their vacancies.

Follow-up question of some interest: what are the stats for Canada at the moment on this point?
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Stumbled across this via earlier tonight:

Interesting stuff. Figuring I'll be taking another look-see later in the weekend.
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Thanks again, Greg. This time, for pointing this thing out to one and all. Something I need to keep bookmarked. Same goes for anyone else looking for this kind of work, even though I'm making trouble for myself saying it.
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Courtesy of The National on CBC. Call it part of ongoing research into urban issues.

If the video linkage doesn't work, let me know...?


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