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People who live in or declare allegiance to what I call Canada are a mixture of people who come from all sorts of different places, different ways of thinking. From people who insist they're not Canadian because their allegiance is to a nation that pre-dates European contact to people who see themselves as Canadian no matter where else on Earth they may live and work...this was a collection of stories that filled me with joy, sadness, fear, hope...and wonder above all else.
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If you grow up in a civil service family, everything to do with government comes back to your sense of identity sooner or later. Like it or not, want it or not. You are raised and trained in those terms. Your parents may not even realize it.
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"I can see my lifetime piling up", by Melissa Mesku.

I don't rent a storage unit. Thankfully, for reasons that discussing would require an invasion of others' privacy, I haven't had to cross that river yet. But someday, I'll have to. And questions I don't want to hear or ask will crop up again.

I have an excuse for the accumulation, several excuses in fact. You've all read about several of them over the years. But I wonder how well they really hold up from time to time, and more often as I keep aging.
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Okay, for some of you just getting used to my meanderings here, there's some explanation possibly needed. Regulars can and should feel free to skip this post.

With that out of the way... )
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Self-Portrait- 1 January 2011
With apologies one more time to Matt Dusk. That song's a good one.

Seeing as we've got a few new faces here on the friendlist since January 2011...

Details for those who don't already know after the cut )
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Inspired by [ profile] ms_danson and others across the Livejournal service.
Running the list of self-descriptives after the cut! )This is not a complete list. It cannot hope to be complete in my lifetime.
It will be revised on occasion as the years go by.


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