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You might be interested in this, depending on your mental health needs.

News report courtesy of CBC News Sudbury...
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Seriously. This is a map he'd claim justified the existence of the internet to begin with.

Explanations courtesy of Frank Jacobs at the Strange Maps blog.
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As obtained from a catalogue entry on Amazon-dot-whatever...and I actually saw one of these in my Ottawa neighbourhood. Honest!


"Santasaurus Rex" is my nickname for the thing. If anyone actually has it trademarked, my apologies.
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Noticed a friend of mine from several writing workshops appearing on CBC News, but not for the writing work he's normally known across the country for. No, this time, he joined the ranks of the prey of the Parliament Hill Bird! Yikes!
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As I say to Mr. Hines directly in the original post's comments: I would object to specifying Snoopy as an incarnation of the Doctor. Otherwise, the theory as presented is entertainingly sound.

For your amusement, then...

Originally posted by [ profile] jimhines at Doctor Snoopy

I decided to go with a lighter blog post for today. Feel free to debate and discuss.


Proposal: Snoopy is actually a Time Lord. Probably the Doctor.


  1. Snoopy was first sighted on Earth in October of 1950, and was around for far longer than any known beagle. Also, his appearance changed over time. (But he’s always been a white male!)

    Snoopy 1950Snoopy Modern

  2. His dog house is canonically bigger on the inside.

    Snoopy Doghouse

  3. And it flies. (Though it doesn’t always take him where he intended to go.)

    Snoopy - Lost

  4. He is known to have traveled in space.

    Snoopy - Moon

  5. He has a companion, one he understands and communicates with despite their different languages. (TARDIS translation circuit?)

    Snoopy + Woodstock

  6. He owned a Van Gogh. (The link between Van Gogh and the Doctor has been well-established.)

    Snoopy Van Gogh

  7. He’s been known to wear bow ties.

    Snoopy - Bow Tie

Conclusion: Time Lord!

Doctor Snoopy

Snoopy as Doctor Who, by Kieron O’Gorman. Click the pic for the original artwork.

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

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These people in the cast could script their own spinoff series, no one else needed.

Proof of argument:
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She's been doing a good job as a fill-in host on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning today.

Yes, that Kathleen Edwards.
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I went to see Paul Dewar speak at First Baptist Church on the legacies of Tommy Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr. tonight. Officially, the program guide for the Martin Ivison Lecture Series this year referred only to Douglas, but Dewar felt that both were of a kind in terms of the influence they had as men of faith on their respective societies.

My motive for going was partly historical study, partly political-mindedness and partly to visit places I'd never been before; First Baptist of Ottawa is one of the old standing places in town, and it's seen a lot over the decades.

After the main remarks and Q & A session, I went with many of the rest of the attendees to the basement for refreshments and informal conversation. It's at this point where [ profile] ttallan will be interested.

Mr. Dewar happened to notice a button I'd bought from Tara at CAN-CON over the weekend. I was wearing it on one of the shoulder straps of my backpack. It's got the character "Mal" from Galaxion and a most particular quote from his science lab. Check the last panel of p. 44 to find it if you're not already a reader of the series:

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research."

Anyway, Mr. Dewar noticed the quotation, and promptly suggested that Stephen Harper should get one of the buttons. I wasn't even remotely interested in faulting the suggestion.
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I must admit to some small confusion over receiving several notifications of replies to my postings and comments twice over during the last day or so. If it weren't for the complaints of those about not receiving any such notices from their accounts at all over the same period, I'd likely be even more confused.

Oh well. Technology, huh? Human inventions, human frailties.
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A few months back, I saw this entry on [ profile] cartographica, devoted to baseball fandom.

Would anyone be interested in seeing and/or assembling something along similar lines for pro hockey fandoms?
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Sep. 19th, 2006 09:14 am
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I shall go along with this meme o'the day, me hearties, whilst putting pen to parchment -- and a fine parchment it is -- in hopes of stirrin' souls to the spirit o' true justice with the finest ink of the times inspiring such visions, delivered by way o' the business end o' the King's pistols for once, odd as that may sound to pirates' ears.


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