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Ottawa Comiccon is this weekend, and among the actors named as guests at that event are the following:
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Alex Kingston
  • John Barrowman
We have enough "names" present in Ottawa-Gatineau as of this morning that we could have filmed an episode of Doctor Who entirely on location hereabouts. A script worth performing and a production team were unavailable, however.

Missed opportunity.

Much like the CBC letting the series escape to Space Channel...


Feb. 27th, 2017 09:36 pm
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Needed to clean off almost 100 CDs after getting home from the doctor's office after work. In trying to avoid a puddle, I stepped on what I thought was solid snow and earth and landed in a slough. Water, and bits of plants from that soaked through the storage case I was using to take the CDs between work and home.

And this accident happened en route TO the doctor.
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Apparently, a WHOIS search quickly reveals some anonymous domain-squatting going on here. WB has grounds for some legitimate annoyance here, if I may venture a non-lawyerish opinion on the subject.
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Job alerts that I've subscribed with other purposes in mind - say, "clerk - Ottawa" - getting clogged with notices from Uber looking for drivers. Or for "newsperson" and getting notices of jobs at banks.

Not appropriate. Maybe I need to do some additional editing on my saved searches' parameters?
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Seems as if it'll work if I add an image to an so with my idea for a SHIELD flag here: SHIELDFlagPrototype-UN-616-1

But it doesn't work if I try to upload directly to a scrapbook directory anymore.

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Is anyone having trouble uploading pix to LJ Scrapbook via Safari for Mac?
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I've noticed over this weekend that LJ has developed a tic. Or a habit. Not sure what the right word for it is, but here it is: after a certain - variable - amount of "inactive" time, LJ will kick you out and you have to log back in again. This was not always the case, and the practice as presently coded into the website is an annoyance to me.

The suspicion exists that I am not alone in either the experience or the annoyance.

Anyone else?
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Okay, so here's the issue: my regular MacBook Pro has a cooling fan problem. The replacement's been ordered, but I fully expect that to take a week to arrive via the post office. Possibly longer, but miracles have been known to happen despite the war of sabotage waged by the right-wing parties of the USA and Canada against our respective postal services. (Yes, I wrote that. I believe it to be true. If they sue me over it, they won't get much in either a judgement or settlement because what I have ain't worth much. Even on eBay.)

That aside, the day-job search will be slower than usual in the meantime, since the backup machine has its own issues. Hardware bottlenecks in particular - I suspect RAM and CPU limits of a ten-year-old machine - mean checking LJ out for job leads, gossip, and mental health news/advice (among many other things) will be...problematic for that next week. This can't be helped. So I'm likely to be logging into LJ from public library terminals in the meantime.

Just so you know.

More as it develops...
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I've been getting spammed with e-mails proclaiming themselves as "Notices to Appear" from someone pretending to be from what seems over a hundred law firms online.

Who knew that "" was a real thing, though, until I looked up the URL after one of the latest spam infestations? Not I.

More on other topics anon!
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I just got one of those "in order to help you improve your experience, what do you mostly use our services for?" interruption screens in the midst of my log-in to GMail.

Nosy overmuch, Google-People?

And don't remind me to believe that "privacy is dead". It's not. We're just in the process of reworking what works well enough for most of us most of the time. I'm still old/young enough to understand that.

That, if nothing else.

(The rest of you that I've been doing business with for internet services, please take note. Wherever on Earth you happen to be at the moment, okay?)
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Yeah, just experienced the New Method of writing outgoing mail for myself tonight.

My reaction?

Not pleased. The old method was just fine. I don't see the need for the change.

We'll leave it at that.
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Hearing one of your calls on my smartphone when I am trying to budget my phone usage time carefully and get dinged for incoming calls is a good way to earn my emnity.
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  • Allergy season.

  • Union-busting.

  • Pravda-fication of beloved public broadcasting services.

  • Willful ignoring of pedestrian crosswalks by car-drivers militant.

  • Lack of sleep.

  • Lack of free time.

  • Exhaustion.

To be revised.

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A bunch of little things:

The Hallmark/Davis Agency store at Place d'Orléans Mall is shutting down after this week. Purged via rent hike, apparently. Not the first store I've liked doing business with to suffer such a fate this year either. Nicholas Hoare Books, Collected Works Bookstore and Mayfair Theatre Orléans both got nailed over rent issues of one sort or another. No conspiracy theory involved, but it's just plain annoying.

Lost a glove today. Probably en route to the day job. Recent and expected weather being as it is, this may not be much of an inconvenience, but again: just plain annoying.

Two of my friendlisters are down with ailments of one kind or another. Long-term continuing issues in both cases, let's call it. Hoping for better days for both of them. Soon, please?

Speaking of medical stuff: had you heard? Ontario's delisting the annual checkup from the list of medicare-covered services. Retroactive to New Year's Day 2013. What the Frak?

Cell phones: trying to check my account's status on the cell service provider's website is a bit of a pain. Long story, not sharing as it's too close to sleep time.

More as it comes to mind...
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Ever accidentally (a) hung up on someone with one of those touch-screen-equipped phones and (b) called someone else?


Jan. 25th, 2013 06:07 am
dewline: (empathy) looking more and more like a "nice to be able to go to" luxury item.

After all, it's a long-term career-building necessity. And I'm a temp worker right now.

Therefore: luxury item.
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Apparently, they've come up with a new brainstorm:

Couples' Pages!
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Seems like some of the computer issues are solved as of tonight with [ profile] leroux's help. Not done with the backing-up yet, though, so I'm putting Time Machine through its paces for the first time tonight, for real. Just in case. If things improve further, I may consider a reinstall of the OS.

I do not like the flickering of the display that's cropped up.

Yes, still using the old iBook to post entries such as this tonight. And it's expected that this will continue for at least another day or two. Or three.

Could also do without the continued sinus issues, of course. *Whine*

Yep, lots of First- or Second-World problems for this lad, tonight...
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With specific allowance for co-ownership by the company that makes Spam® the luncheon meat to the tune of 50% (should that company express any interest/concern over the matter at all)?

I am claiming the phrase "Russophonic TobaccoPorn Spammers".

Discussion of other topics will resume later today!
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Okay. The Discovery launch has been postponed yet again. Until Tuesday.

This makes it hard on a spaceflight fan. It truly does.

I spoke of smaller annoyances than that. Or perhaps not so small, per Heather Mallick's latest column at CBC Web News. She comments on an organization whose members' thinking on a number of subjects truly vexes me...which I will leave to her to name.

Also on the annoyance list of the day...well, more like a concern. Here's an opinion piece on the recent federal heritage committee report re: media concentration and the state of the CBC.


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