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I rewatched Atomic Blonde on Friday night. It made a bit more sense on the second viewing, which was good. It's not only a whodunnit, but a how- and why- as well as being a period spy/action drama. Not sure that we need a sequel to it, but that's an argument we can have in the comments.
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Another long weekend over and done.

Didn't get a lot done to be honest. Some shopping errands, some photography, checking in with several friends...oh, and saw Atomic Blonde at the advice of several of you on Saturday night. Not a bad show.
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I took a vacation day today. Mental health reasons, shopping reasons, family reasons, exercise reasons. Not going into the details of them, just making note that the reasons exist.

I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. I had fun watching that for a lot of reasons. Sure, it's mildly annoying that this is the third version of the character to hit the movie theatres in the last decade. But since it firmly locks this version into the MCU, and for a lot of other reasons, I can be good with it.

In fact, I am very good with it. Some of those reasons for that mood?

Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag.

(Feeling sad that Dwayne McDuffie didn't live to see that.)

Seeing Midtown High reworked as a specialty high school dealing in science and tech.

(I still felt uncomfortable with some of the high school stuff being no different from my day in the real world. *sigh* )

Spider-Man being part of the fabric of the Borough of Queens.

The first big twist midway through the show.

The surprise ending. Was NOT expecting that.

(Not the Avengers angle. The thing after that. Come back after you've seen it yourself and we'll talk about that.)

This is not a complete list of the good stuff.
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Saw Wonder Woman today. Good movie.

The one minor annoyance? Seeing the current-as-of-today US Treasury Secretary's name listed as an "executive producer" in the end credits (but not the main-on-end credits).
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1. I just finished reading Babylon's Ashes from The Expanse series of novels, so I'm mostly caught up on the prose version. Excepting the various short stories, of course. Yet to start watching the first season DVD set, though, and would like to watch at least the first two episodes before the weekend's over.

2. The plan today includes finally watching Wonder Woman at a movie theatre.

3. Coping with assorted aches and pains in a low-volume continuing way. Welcome to normal human aging, Dwight.

4. Stuff you might want to listen to:

Alan Alda on Q

Josh Freed on The Current about queues

Clifford V. Johnson, Ph. D. on science depictions in movies and TV, which I particularly recommend for the interview's Agent Carter connection...
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Tonight, CTV - one of the privately-owned TV networks here in Canada - aired Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I have to wonder about the timing, given the last three months in the real worlds. How long ago would the scheduling choice for this particular night have been made?
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...and Doctor Strange was as good as I'd hoped it would be. Yes, a tad formulaic, but at times like these days, there's a not-so-strange comfort in that aspect of it. Some good visual nods to Ditko's original design work in the 1960's comics work there. If anyone here has an opinion on the 3D-formatted edition, I'd be glad to read that, good or ill.

I've read on Facebook from several sources that William Christopher AKA Father Francis Mulcahy from M*A*S*H has died. He won't have been the last to die this year, but that hurts a lot of people across the planet anyway, because he and his colleagues on that series helped keep a lot of people from hurting worse than we already were for a couple of decades. Even after the series ended on CBS, because re-runs and later on, tapes and DVDs (and I assume iTunes and the like are keeping the effect going too now).

Thank you, Mr. Christopher.

There might be more later in the evening...
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About the first: I'm not making any of those. Because I don't know if I'll end breaking them, whether by accident or necessity, before next year is out.

About the second: I'm going to close out this year by finally seeing Doctor Strange tonight. It's the last movie I've yet to see by design this year, having taken care of Rogue One the other week.

So those are some of my plans for the foreseeable future.
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"Our offices from Los Angeles to Denver all heard...stories. A motorcyclist with a skull on fire, wandering from town to town, over the decades. Corpses, and catatonic survivors left behind, and horrific crimes exposed to the light of day. The investigators and prosecutors were so busy focusing on what was exposed, they never went looking for whoever it was did the exposing. And the whispered stories in the bars of a dozen states..."

I don't expect the scriptwriters to lift what I wrote as a comment to one of my Facebook friendlisters about this, since - owing to television production realities - the episode introducing this iteration of the character is likely already "in the can" with CoSA likely doing the needed VFX as I typed these words.

But with Doctor Strange on its way to the cinema houses this fall, it doesn't surprise me to see Agents of SHIELD going to the supernatural places in parallel...
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Just pointing this tweet out. Your amusement value may vary here.

Remembering Everhart's line of questioning in the first Iron Man movie...
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Had a thought...

...that is certainly in speculative/spoiler turf... )

And I'll just leave that there behind the cut. I'll probably edit that out in about a month after original posting, if that's alright.  
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I saw it tonight.

Comments in detail... )


I'm probably going to do another post later on, dealing with more trivia-minded issues...

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Watched that movie at Landmark Orléans 10 last night. It was a good show all around. The production team stuck pretty close to the spirit and broad strokes of the novel, allowing for "show, don't tell" doctrine to work out properly. The hard science was used as written. Performances were pretty darned good.

Oh, and I want to buy schematics for the Hermes, the Ares habs, rovers, MAVs, etc.. Please?
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Because there's this other thing that's been announced today...and I'm not sure what I make of it.

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Should I be afraid now? Considering who's now got the movie rights?
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These search terms have come up empty for me:
  • Matt Hatton
  • Beth Garswood
  • graphic design
  • Superman Returns
I know those two names are connected with that discipline and that movie through The Art of Superman Returns by Daniel Wallace. They are credited with the post-New Krypton map of Earth "if Lex Luthor gets his way" in that book. I'd like to find out if they were responsible for other maps commissioned for use on-screen in that same film.

Are they still working in the field?


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