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Considering how Pyongyang occasionally makes noises about how mainland China is a "bad ally", and the fact that Beijing's a LOT closer to NK than the USA and Canada are...mainland China isn't a patron anymore. They're an extortion target.


May. 26th, 2017 05:44 am
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Well, there went that hope for this hockey season.

More later, if I can focus the brain and energy enough after work tonight.
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Going back to work tomorrow and my lungs are still bugging me.
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They've got a new user agreement in place, a "non-valid" English translation of the Russian version, which SUP is claiming is the only valid version now.

So I'm done with LJ.
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He got me thinking about religion and spirituality in different ways.

And now he's gone.


Nov. 17th, 2016 09:30 pm
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Just got a big one about my regularly irregular employer these past 24 that leads me to believe that I'm pretty much done at those offices for the foreseeable future.

Which means I've got a lot more scrambling to do, some of which got done tonight after I got home from my afternoon errands. More to follow tomorrow...
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Between this and the second singer from The Voice to be felled by gunfire in a week, and the mass murder in Orlando...among many other's not been a good week, has it?
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I've been reading about the shootings at Pulse Orlando this morning.

If you lost someone there, I'm sorry for your pain. 
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Not naming names here, but someone's been burned big-time today.
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I'm sorry to read the election news via iPolitics and CBC this morning. 
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John Steed has indeed left the Ministry.

Reported by Macnee's own website. Confirmed by BBC and CBC news staff.

Granted, at 93, he had a good run. I would have liked to personally thank him for the fun he brought to my childhood via the television. But one cannot have everything...
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Details here, what there are of them:

The first camera I've ever owned was a film camera from that chain of photography shops. It was a Christmas present from my parents. I cannot for the life of me remember the exact year, but I still have the bundles of photos and developed film as well as the camera.
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I'd long intended to take the ride on the Rideau Canal with one of this company's boats. Now, it seems, thanks to Parks Canada's marching orders, that's never going to happen. One more thing crossed off my bucket list by someone else's plans being carried out, I suppose.

Joni Mitchell was right.
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To the people of Russia in general and of Moskva/Moscow in particular: I'm sorry.

To see a library suffer like this at all? Horrific.

Я настолько огорченн.
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Here's the why of it:

These people just had to go and do something not only mean, cruel and Wrong on its face, they had to play into the local Wrong-Headed Head-of-Government's hands by doing it, didn't they?

I don't want anyone dead of this. Not police, not hostages and certainly not hostage-takers. Because I want them to be treated according to the spirit and letter of the law...and learn from this that their First Mistake was to think that a crime of this sort was a good idea in the first place.

Waiting to be damned as naïve by PM Abbott's fellow believers for saying that...


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