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Worrying. Ottawa's about to dispense with paper bus passes in a couple of months, whether we like the idea or not...and I just e-mailed my city councillor about it.

Update 15 April 2017: My councillor just got back to me about it, and they're checking with people at OC Transpo about IT security measures and suchlike. More as it develops.
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And now we have twelve candidate-sites for the next Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Personally, I'm good with options 2 through 7.
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Under books, Cool Beer Labels by Belson and Speeg. I'm not a beer drinker, but I do pay attention to stuff about design.

Public consultations by the City of Ottawa re: future transit infrastructure plans. Useful for those of us watching the LRT expansion process.

Stupidity in DRM: Kitty litter boxes. Yeah, really. If you thought DRM in toner cartridges for printers and for coffee machines was a pain...?

From Daily Kos: the backstory of the SR-71. X-Men fandom will have a particular affection for this design, since for several decades one of its offshoots was the signature aircraft of that superhero team.

More on other stuff later...
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This morning, I noticed one of those traffic-tracking gadgets strapped to a light standard near the corner of Apollo and Merkley in middle Fallingbrook in Orléans. Not sure what the city's transportation planners and builders have in mind for the data it's gathering, but the consequences might be useful.

Has anyone among the Ottawans reading this weblog spotted similar gadgets elsewhere across town in recent days?
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From this morning's hardcopy edition of the Ottawa Citizen, by David Reevely:

A couple of reactions...

1. As I told Reevely on Facebook, having read the article, I'm surprised that the movie-screening rooms at Place de Ville are still intact after two decades, given that so much else of the underground mall there as originally built is now given over to governmental offices and meeting spaces.

2. I see that Diane Deans has reached a similar opinion to mine re: the downtown core and the expected influx of new residents adding to the need for cinema screening rooms. Could there be an impetus sufficient to rescue World Exchange, revive Rideau Centre *and* Place de Ville, and preserve Lansdowne, Mayfair and Bytowne?
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Someone's started up a website devoted to getting solutions to walking safety issues done ASAP here in Ottawa:

Looks like a good start to the project!
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Seeing as I have several oxen - at however many removes here - at risk of being gored here...I have to wonder what the Hell is going on?

Details at this CBC article:

I've read reports of similar horrifying recommendations for the transit system at [ profile] octranspo within the last week or so, and I don't doubt that the rest of the civic infrastructure may be in no small peril here...
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I went to Orleans Town Centre on Centrum - across the street from the Empire Theatres 6-screen place that used to be a Cineplex - last night to attend the public consultation on City Hall's latest effort to get a sane budget to run the city with for the next fiscal year. The four councillors who between them represent Orleans to City Hall and City Hall to Orleans in turn were all there: Messrs. Bellemare, Bloess, Monette and Jellett.

If anyone wasn't there who should've been, it was our new mayor. He should've had to account to those of us living and working out here for his trying to keep a word he shouldn't have given in the first place: that "zero means zero" when it comes to tax increases at City Hall. Our conversations, questions, answers and so on were all conducted in the shadow of Mr. O'Brien's unwise promise as it was.

As ever, it was definitely a useful exercise, and I got to thank Mr. Monette for his prompt reply to a question I had regarding the city's proposed Arts Initiative, something that's been in the works for several years. It was swift, it was clear, and I even halfway understood it. I thought he deserved public thanks for that particular e-mail. Also, I like his stance on public libraries as an Essential Service that ought to be open seven days a year.

A Federal-Level Postscript: Take a look at this posting by Prof. Michael Geist on Net Neutrality in Canada. It matters, believe me.
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One of my friendly acquaintances in local arts, Rob McLennan, recently posted something almost - but not quite - a rant on the state of arts funding here in Ottawa(the city, not the federal institution).

As you'll note in the comments following Rob's essay, I found a lot of what he wrote made sense to some extent. Not my choice of language, but there's cause for some shared concern there.

If you check my flist here regularly, you'll have also noticed announcements from the organizers of C-ACE at [ profile] cace_discuss. C-ACE is a local comics convention that has been building up steam over the last half-decade. That steam may be about to run out. Most distressing. And as far as I know, they've not done much in the way of asking for governmental help with their show. They want to be as self-reliant as they can. Admirable, if impractical in the context of Canada's history with the arts in general. But we can debate that later.

Yes, I'm thinking that the two events are to some extent linked. So's this one from Ottawa City Hall, courtesy of CBC News' Ottawa Bureau. I'm not entirely certain how to connect these particular dots, save in a thematic sense.

And today, I read a letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen from one of our more notable artists, Jennifer Dickson. She not only went after several generations of city councils, but we who've elected them as well. I'll post a link to that LOC as soon as I can find it, because I think she's kicked up the argument a notch. Whether it's a useful kick or not, I don't know.


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