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As a past courtroom artist, I find this article on more than a tad intriguing. I know that journalism in general is facing some challenging times (in positive and negative ways) and yet - perhaps because of several of my favourite fictional characters - I've long felt an affinity to that profession, whatever I'm actually doing to pay my bills at the time...
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As a sidebar to some of the recent confusion centred around several continuing stories in the news services: There's a "developing story" blurb that NPR tacks onto fast-moving stuff from time to time to caution readers/viewers/listeners with that I like for situations just like this one. Might be that it ought to become part of journalistic "best practice"...?
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I watch "Pyre" on The Expanse earlier tonight.

Now, this interview with Marty Baron:

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Noting that this is being observed in a number of different quarters today. Not nearly as widely as many of us believe it ought to be, and thankfully, not as narrowly as some of us still dare to hope for.

But there's still work to be done to properly frustrate the latter group...
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Russell McOrmond discusses the consequences of bad intellectual-property law for people in the real worlds. Digital Rights Management tech can and does get manipulated into backfiring.

Canadaland pursues the connections between the HarperGov and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Awaiting further revelations with some interest.

The CBC's Janyce McGregor explains why Canada probably shouldn't be quick to get rid of supply management in agriculture, whatever complaints various groups inside and outside of Canada may have about it. Would that such thinking had been heeded where the Canadian Wheat Board was concerned.
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I'm listening to this on the radio as I type this. Thanks to the crew at The Current for this. I'll be interested in the follow-through.

Thanks also to Mark Bourrie, Anna Maria Tremonti and Stephen Maher for the term "scrum monkey"!
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An understandable reaction on Mr. Salutin's part, yes?

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Apparently, there are people looking to make this happen for real.

Given the last few decades of Petro-Dependency, Alberta getting into this game at whatever speed they can would be a Very Good Thing to my mind. However, I can't spare a lot of cash myself right now. I do, however, have this nice little blogging platform with which to spread the word to (a) those who can investigate the project further and - once confirmed that this is a Real Thing in Progress - to (b) those have more cash than I to spend who share my thinking can do something helpful about it.

If this is not a Real Thing in Progress (and there's a chance that someone's indeed out on an internet lark), I'd like to be able to say to my nieces and nephews and their kids and grandkids that I helped in some small way to make it real.

As far as group (a) goes, I know several people reading this weblog are journalists and reporters of some experience and skill. I think I can rely upon you to investigate the matter. Once that's squared away, we can move to group (b).
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...instead of comic books, I'll have to risk bankrupting myself getting some of the stuff in this Master Glass video from the Toronto Star!

Oh well...

Sidebar: I should have expected that there'd be stores specializing in outfitting photojournalists. If you're writing for Peter Parker or Jimmy Olsen, people, this is your heads-up!
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What do they have in common?

Utility belts.

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Fair warning: this looks to be bandwidth-intensive.

If you're willing to be patient with the load-up, and you're interested in animated mapping exercises, recent NYC history and geography and/or civic politics, this bit of linkage courtesy of the New York Times will repay your patience handsomely.
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Listening to a podcast from Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing with David Weber at the moment, and when he reminds his audience that space opera doesn't have to involve any military forces, I started thinking:

What examples of space opera focused on journalism/reportage do you know of? Which ones would you recommend seeking out?



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