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Ashby, like Spider Robinson and others since his arrival, is an ex-American (or in her case, in the process of becoming so). I've been paying some degree of attention to her opinion columns in the Ottawa Citizen, particularly in the last few months.

This column is one of the root causes of my worry about "annexation or blitzkrieg?".

And then there's this one about how we use - and react to how others use - the Internet.

You may want to look at some of her other columns.
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Had a thought...

...that is certainly in speculative/spoiler turf... )

And I'll just leave that there behind the cut. I'll probably edit that out in about a month after original posting, if that's alright.  
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I saw this image in the Toronto Star a few days ago, and thought the photographer lucked out on the timing of the shutter during that speech in Richmond Hill, Ontario. See for yourself. Source is credited in the resultant image.

Op-Ed Photoshopping re: Canadian politics after the cut )
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The idea that the ones that make the most sense to me are published in Toronto and not Ottawa is troubling to some extent. Examples?

Tim Harper on the true cost of federal budget-balancing for one. Carol Goar on the false dichotomy between environmentally responsible vs. fiscally responsible behaviour for another.

Mind you, we do have Shannon Gormley...
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...and I had fun.

That's all.

How about the rest of you?
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Some quick thoughts early in the morning...Read more... )
More as it comes to mind.

Whether that mind is mine or one or more of yours...?
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Looking at this:

Much as I like the idea of ILM spreading more work around to the rest of the planet (including to friends and friendly acquaintances in Vancouver), the idea that they might leave California behind...disturbs me deeply. It strikes me as Offensive on some primal level.

Just saying.
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* From Next City: The Battle Over San Francisco's Bus Stops. Not sure that Ottawa-Gatineau has yet fallen into a similar trap, but we would do well to take preventative measures.
* From Ethan Cox at the National Post (not one of my normally-preferred news+opinion sources, admittedly): How to Save Canada Post. The idea he closes out with is particularly intriguing.
* CBC/Radio's VP for brand, communications and corporate affairs Bill Chambers: CBC/Radio-Canada still has a job to do. And I agree fervently with him on this point.

More on other topics as the day continues, hopefully.

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Some linkages of interest, which I thank [ profile] james_nicoll for pointing out and prompting others to point out in the course of the conversation he triggered:

Steven Attewell: Steve Rogers Isn’t Just Any Hero

The Infamous Brad: It Would Be Remarkable if Steve Rogers and Tony Stark Did Get Along Things I’d Like To Write Someday, #247654932

Considering that we're halfway between Avengers and Winter Soldier, it seems like a good time to put linkages to these three opinions on the same page and let everyone who cares to do so cut loose with their own POVs. Which of these works for you, which doesn't and either way, why?
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There's been lots of ink, bandwidth and blood spilled over the millennia on this question, but this video makes for an entertaining attempt at an answer, yes?

And as a watcher of several comic-book continuities for the last three decades, this question has perhaps more relevance than even your average watcher of international politics. ;-)
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Specifically, the reading list recommended to him by his supervising officer per last week's episode. He told Skye that he was reading "one of about a hundred" such books as part of his ongoing training process.

Which makes sense. Intelligence/law-enforcement officers should be expected to undertake a certain amount of this stuff.

I wonder what titles are on that list given to Agent Ward.

Any suggestions? Some will likely be specific to the Marvel Cinema'Verse, but others might have analogues in the real world's bookstores.
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Something I've been cobbling together as a collection of inspirational music if I want to get into a frame of mind for writing or illustrating such things. Alphabetical in order of Title, followed by cover artist (if used, and where known) and original composer of record:

The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai - Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra - Michael Boddicker
Airwolf - Sylvester Levay/Derek Wadsworth/Daniel Caine Orchestra - Sylvester Levay
All My Friends Are Superheroes - Courtney Farquhar
Batman Beyond Main Title - Kristopher Carter
Batman Theme - Danny Elfman
Battle Without Honor or Humanity (from "Kill Bill") - cover artist unknown - Tomoyasu Hotei
Drops Of Jupiter - Train - Charlie Colin, Jimmy Stafford, Pat Monahan, Rob Hotchkiss & Scott Underwood
Enterprising Young Men - Michael Giacchino
The Equaliser Busy Equalising - Stewart Copeland
Justice League Unlimited - Michael McCuistion
Main Titles - Spider-Man - Danny Elfman
The Night Starts Here - Stars
Superman March - John Williams; Boston Pops Orchestra
Theme from the Saint - 1997 - Orbital - Edwin Astley
UNIT Rocks - Murray Gold
What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? - Hans Zimmer
When Heroes Go Down - Suzanne Vega

Have you got a playlist of your own for this sort of thing?
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This is where the urbanist and the comics nerd present in many of us may well collide with consequences as yet undecided.

Wondering if any of you had seen this item yet:

It's about four years old as this entry is written, and it seems to have inspired Kieron Gillen's next Iron Man comics story arc, "Iron Metropolitan":

Right now, I'm trading e-mails back and forth with Kieron on the subject. Would it be a safe guess to say that many of us would consider any city we lived in becoming like Mega-City One from Judge Dredd or Transmetropolitan's City a failure mode?
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Saw the advance screening at the Coliseum here in Ottawa tonight.

I'm going to keep it brief.

Performances from the actors were solid. Good choices by the casting people.

Combat scenes were Intense. Between that and the dialogue, which - sad to say - was entirely realistic where kids and teenagers talking to one another was concerned, I'd be inclined to make very certain that parents or other trusted adults see this one either before or with the kids they plan to take. Saying more than that goes into spoiler turf.

The foreshadows of future instalments are quiet, not drawing too much attention unless you're actively looking for them.

I like this version of Lois Lane as scripted and performed. Very much.

Oh, and one other thing: don't watch the 3D edition if you can avoid it. Your eyesight will thank you for it.

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What the Hell Facebook management just did to the page layout THIS time???

And why Google Profile's looking to try to mimic Facebook.

And why Flickr's under orders to try to mimic Facebook's layout now, too.

I don't NEED Flickr and Google to behave like Facebook clones.
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Today's hardcopy edition of the Ottawa Citizen got me wondering if I was looking at the Ottawa Sun by mistake, given the commentaries in the first newspaper of Michael Den Tandt on Thomas Mulcair and Robert Sibley on federal immigration policy.

Some people seem deeply offended by the idea of living in a just society. And they're getting bolder about saying so.
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I'm "hearing" some appalling things tonight about how it was handled. Many of which simply affirmed my sense that watching Republic of Doyle's latest installment instead - as is my normal Sunday night practice - was the best choice.

Then, I read this particular appalling thing:

That's just bloody rude, that kind of interruption. And the context makes it worse.

Speaking as someone who studied animation, who enjoys film and TV in a general sense, who appreciates the work that VFX houses do to make the stuff I watch that much more enjoyable. This was just Rude and Wrong.

And something troubles me now. It's this question: Should I have watched the Awards Show, at least to bear some kind of witness?
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So...downtown having lunch at the moment.

Coping with the latest second-hand reports of the post-Flashpoint DCU, still not reading the line as presently constituted. That reaction remains based in the second-hand reports, some of those reports coming from other readers of this LJ.

Expect me to keep filing additional reviews of particular bits of their pre-Flashpoint stuff that I still carry affection for as a reader. There's a couple of things I'm kicking around essays for at the moment. One's perhaps obscure, the other in the wake of the Nolanverse Bat-movies...not so much, perhaps.

Something I might be buying...there's this thing from Alex Ross. Maybe.

Brian Wood's new thing via Dark Horse, The Massive? That, I've been buying. More on that in a future entry.

More thoughts on other stuff later in the day...
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Answering Andrew Barton's "Reaching Back for Century 21":

You took a look back at the way we used to view the possibilities of the future and compared it to how those same possibilities are being reshaped before our eyes. And how the problems of the present fuel the longing for a more optimistic framing of those future possibilities.

And then you got right to the thing that nags at me most about this past decade in particular, if you'll permit me to quote:

"The whole "welcome to the future" optimism that accompanied the turning of the millennium was dealt a rather thorough body blow by the collapse of the dot-com economy, the war on terror, and the ongoing global financial crisis. In 2012, no matter where you look it seems like things are getting worse, and the road ahead is pitch black."

And I remember: there were and are people offended by the prospect that the future could be brighter for everyone. Including people they despise with a fanatic's will to despise.

Some of them triggered the 9-11 Atrocities. Others took advantage of them to make things worse for other people. Same with the Financial Crisis in Progress. By accident, by design...not sure that it matters either way. The advantage was still taken.

The idea that there's someone out there with enough clout and a genuine, unholy hope of bringing about a new Great Depression because they believe they'll either get something they want out of the consequences...or at least prevent other people from getting what they want as a result?

Frightening as all Hell.


It offends me to my core.

I want the campaign to prevent those better futures stopped cold. I know that I'm already damned in the eyes of those specific circles of human society for that specific desire. That also frightens and angers me. Because there's consequences of those people making that decision about people like you and me. Quoth the Fourth Doctor in "The Face of Evil":

"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."


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