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So this is growing ever more horrific. I say again: we should not have to endure living in a world where Global Evil Conspiracy Theories are actual facts proven/provable by credible journalists.

And there's a Canadian connection, in Victoria, BC. AggregateIQ by corporate name.

The people who try to organize such conspiracies ought to be serving time. Though, for what and under whose jail system...?

A further note: I would count the Guardian's people uncovering this info as a good thing. It's now out in the public realm, where we can figure out what useful things can be done about it.
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There's been lots of ink, bandwidth and blood spilled over the millennia on this question, but this video makes for an entertaining attempt at an answer, yes?

And as a watcher of several comic-book continuities for the last three decades, this question has perhaps more relevance than even your average watcher of international politics. ;-)
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There's a video included with that CBC News link below. You may want to watch.

March 5th Update: Some follow-up from the <b>Prince Albert Herald</b>:
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(Author's Note: I don't recall posting this...must've messed up with ScribeFire somehow.)


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