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Just finished watching the last quarter of the "Invasion!" crossover via Legends of Tomorrow. It was definitely fun, and I've read about some of the stuff that ended up edited out for broadcast time constraints. Sorry about not seeing those sidebar scenes on the screen.

And yet, I'm grateful for what we got.

The new US President on Earth-Arrowverse? Just seeing her left me in tears...and seeing Donnelly Rhodes on the TV screen one more time...grateful for that.
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My thanks to John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, Bob Greenberger, Karl Kesel...and there are others as well. But those four got the ball rolling back in 1986 and without that, the movie wouldn't be today.
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Perception was kind enough to upload a case study of their work on Batman v Superman this week. That case study includes a map of the Metropolis-Gotham region as envisioned for the movies DC and WB have been making.

That map clearly does not hew to the maps of the two cities as published in the comics over the last couple of decades. Granted, the production team had the right to plant the two super-cities ten miles and a harbour apart from each other. Speaking for myself alone, I'd hoped that Byrne's Six Boroughs as originally drawn up for Metropolis in 1986, as well as the islands of Eliot Brown's 2000 map of Gotham could've made the cut.

Oh well...this is its own thing to begin with.

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Mr. Scheurer is one of the people who worked on designs for BvS. Apparently, he had a big hand in the look and feel of the "Snyderverse" version of Gotham City.

You might want to have a look.

Thanks to for the pointer.

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Note to Warner Bros.: If you're going to put "" on the license plates of Gothamites' cars, trucks, buses, etc. in your movies, maybe it might be a good thing to actually have a site for people to visit using that URL?
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Had a thought...

...that is certainly in speculative/spoiler turf... )

And I'll just leave that there behind the cut. I'll probably edit that out in about a month after original posting, if that's alright.  
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A conclusion I've reached after watching this week's episode...

Something I'd be glad to start seeing on The Flash?

In the credits: "Based on the series created by Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert and Carmine Infantino".

Could that happen at some point in 2016?

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Just had a leaf-through at the local public library, specifically the first post-Flashpoint Flash collection, Move Forward, featuring Francis Manapul's material.

I have a vague feeling we covered this or elsewhere...but anyway:

Did Manapul really go and replace all the existing Keystone-Central neighbourhood names with names of cities and neighbourhoods from the Greater Toronto Area? I had to take off my glasses and squint and I'm still not sure that I actually saw names like Vaughan, Pickering, Scarborough, and so forth on the map that showed up in that hardcover.

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For your education and possible amusement:

KC Carlson waxes nostalgic on Tenzil Kem, Matter-Eater Lad, Senator to the planetary Congress of Bismoll, semi-secret agent and lobbyist at several iterations of the DC Universe, anyway!

One of the best things Paul Levitz ever did was set Tenzil up for his new careers by getting him cured of his neurological/chemical issues, by my lights. Keith Giffen and Tom and Mary Bierbaum proved that. Anyway, go read the linked opinion piece.

I'll be back later with other stuff.
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Not sure how much of a surprise this was to me this morning as I read my e-mail and stuff before going off to work:

Considering that Marvel actually showed Northstar's marriage on-camera in Astonishing X-Men last year, I am surprised that this version of Batwoman wasn't to be accorded the same treatment.
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Well, thanks to Darren Doyle over at, we now have a font based on E. Nelson Bridwell's Silver Age written Kryptonian.

Been wanting to finish my own version of that alphabet for a few years now as a proper font. Maybe I can make some time for it over the next few weekends?
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...but I was re-reading Blue Beetle: End Game this past weekend. Finally.

John Rogers, Rafael Albuquerque, Justin Peniston, Jai Nitz, Andy Kuhn, Mike Norton, Trevor Scott?

Take a bow.

You did good with Jaime Reyes.

Thank you.
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Seems Neil DeGrasse Tyson's been asked to weigh in for DC's current editorial purposes which star and where in our sky we can find it.

I remember back in the late 1980's that John Byrne referred to an unidentified red dwarf located "50 light-years away", partly out of respect for the 50th anniversary of the Superman franchise's founding. I don't think the star in question was ever specifically nailed down by name or catalogue number, although a number of amateur and professional astronomers have come up with usable maps and lists and posted or otherwise published them so that the public - science-fiction, fantasy and super-hero writers among them - could have their own fun with the material.

Before Byrne, there was Elliot S! Maggin with his statement about Antares in either Miracle Monday or Last Son of Krypton. Not sure which novel it was.

And did Mark Waid say something in Birthright about the Andromeda Galaxy?
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Wondering what Amtrak would name a direct route between Gotham City and Chicago. They name all the other train routes they operate, after all. Some names inherited from pre-Amtrak operators of the routes in question, of course...

Opinions are welcome.
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So...downtown having lunch at the moment.

Coping with the latest second-hand reports of the post-Flashpoint DCU, still not reading the line as presently constituted. That reaction remains based in the second-hand reports, some of those reports coming from other readers of this LJ.

Expect me to keep filing additional reviews of particular bits of their pre-Flashpoint stuff that I still carry affection for as a reader. There's a couple of things I'm kicking around essays for at the moment. One's perhaps obscure, the other in the wake of the Nolanverse Bat-movies...not so much, perhaps.

Something I might be buying...there's this thing from Alex Ross. Maybe.

Brian Wood's new thing via Dark Horse, The Massive? That, I've been buying. More on that in a future entry.

More thoughts on other stuff later in the day...
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Looking back at this entry on Pete Woods' mapping out of Metropolis for the purposes of Geoff Johns, James Robinson and company a couple of years back...particularly in the context of this YouTube video Pete uploaded for other artists to work from.

The whole thing still seems a bit inconsistent with what was previously established, but I must give kudos to the effort that Pete put into this project. This took a lot of work to nail down as much as he did. 

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A retrospective of five of Alpha Flight's HQs over the decades.

The same blogger's opinion on which five DCU cities should be annexed by Canada, if you can believe it. Read this for the entertainment value. (And is DC still serious about retroactively making Booster Gold one of us post-Flashpoint, people? Really?)

(Also...if the DCU characters were to be all Canadianized? Smallville? In Saskatchewan. No arguments on this one, readers of mine.)

Is it possible for a mystery bookstore to self-resurrect in Ottawa? Linda Wiken saith "YES!" Effective this very weekend, in fact!

More later on...

Update 19 June 2014: The blog entries linked to here have - along with the blog itself - been rendered private by the owner. Didn't know until today that this had happened, nor am I aware of when and why. Apologies for this. 
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Some of you may be aware that up until Flashpoint, I was a regular reader of most of the DC Universe line of titles. In fact, I was a particular fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes. That title was a Superman spinoff of sorts, featuring what started out as a club for teenaged superheroes from across the known portion of the Milky Way galaxy in the 30th and 31st Centuries.

It's been through many changes over the decades, and some of the ones I enjoyed most came during the 1989-1994 stretch as co-created by Keith Giffen, Tom and Mary Bierbaum, Al Gordon, Jason Pearson and Stuart Immonen (among others). I know there's a lot of argument over the quality level amongst the hardcore LSH fans to this day, but I still stand with Keith, Tom and Mary (known to some of you here on LJ through Tom's writings at [ profile] itsokimasenator.

Why do I raise this subject now?

Well, DC Comics recently had an idea that I do approve of about their digital comics sales plans: they've started re-releasing that LSH run, beginning with # 1-4.

I already have my hardcopy editions and I plan to hold onto them for as long as I can. But for those of you who want to show your support anew for that run and those creators? Those of you who might be curious and looking for a harder sort of "social sci-fi" than usual to go with your superheroics? Where the consequences of doing the right thing can be unpredictable despite the best of motives and the most careful effort of your heroes?

This might be something to add to your hard drive's legitimate collection.

Just a thought.
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We have a new map for Nolan's movie version of the southern half of Gotham City:

The map appears after the cut! )
Noticing the differences in neighbourhood names compared to Nolan's first two films.

Also: I expect there's a larger version of this map covering the whole of their version of the Gotham Islands somewhere. I'll be interested to see it in print.  


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