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On fictional user interface design for film and TV:

On Brexit's campaign against anti-corruption efforts (and yes, I wrote that as intended):

Art Note

Oct. 10th, 2016 08:00 pm
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Trying to install some page templates in Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio). Not finding the how-to guide very quickly.
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Perception was kind enough to upload a case study of their work on Batman v Superman this week. That case study includes a map of the Metropolis-Gotham region as envisioned for the movies DC and WB have been making.

That map clearly does not hew to the maps of the two cities as published in the comics over the last couple of decades. Granted, the production team had the right to plant the two super-cities ten miles and a harbour apart from each other. Speaking for myself alone, I'd hoped that Byrne's Six Boroughs as originally drawn up for Metropolis in 1986, as well as the islands of Eliot Brown's 2000 map of Gotham could've made the cut.

Oh well...this is its own thing to begin with.

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Call for advice re: language-switching in interface design. Assuming a multilingual crew, and the desirability to be able to switch a given console between users' languages at need/whim, has anyone figured out a good visual shorthand for specific languages? Say, if I want hot buttons for the six official languages of the United Nations plus a handful of the more heavily used alternatives (and one button for "all the rest that our OS programmers could anticipate agent-crew using")?

Also noting: Stratum family fonts are great for text in languages using the Latin alphabet, but limited to that writing system.


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