Jan. 8th, 2017

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Inspired by watching Legends of Tomorrow on TV. Pencil sketch.
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I wonder if this could have been the anthem for Star Trek: Enterprise, had it gotten that fifth season...

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So...back when I went to animation school, the college had a lab attached to it stocked with Commodore Amiga 2000 machines as its workhorses of choice. They had what was then a full suite of software tailored to the work we were doing. Scanning, clean-up of the artwork, scriptwriting, and so on...we could do just about everything that could be done with computers in animation back then on those machines. Having Commodore go to pieces two years after I graduated didn't help much, so I found myself staying with the office work and courtroom art contracts I'd fallen into to pay the bills of the moment.

So I find this article on Ars Technica today. I am both pleased to see the operating system and new machines using continuing today...and sorry that I wasn't able to get into being part of the continuing user base back then.


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